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Chapter 281: Extracting a Mystical Power
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After staying in Gray Cloud Town for three days, Ling Han began his travel.

Ling Han temporarily had no plans to expose the Black Tower, so the party hired two carriages, wobbling on the way as they headed to the border of the Rain Country. The speed wasn't fast, but it was unimportant since Ling Han was not in a rush.

In the party, Ling Han, Liu Yu Tong, Li Si Chan, and Hu Niu were in one carriage, while Guang Yuan, Zhu Wu Jiu, Can Ye, and Zhu He Xin were in the other. As for why Ling Han sat on the same carriage as the two beauties, Guang Yuan and the others naturally understood.

Actually, they didn't understand at all. Ling Han and the others spent most of their time in the Black Tower. The space there was ten thousand times more comfortable than the carriage.

Ling Han already built a gorgeous residence inside the Black Tower. Similar to the floating palace inside the Devil Sky Mystery Realm, this residence also floated in the air, but wasn't supported by formations—since it was in a separate dimension Ling Han had a complete control of, it was of course no problem to directly erase gravity in a designated area.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chang loved to live in here, making them feel a mistress' secret delight. However, Hu Niu would always pick the right time to break their illusions, reminding them that "Ling Han belongs to Niu."

This space was originally extremely monotonous, but Ling Han rearranged it, creating mountains and rivers in this endless plain. At this moment, he sat by the side of a lake, holding an eyeball.

Trivial matters were resolved; he should begin to cultivate the Eye of Truth.

He pressed the eyeball against his left eye, activating a surge of consciousness that entered the eyeball. Suddenly, blowing up with a bang inside his consciousness, mysterious scenes formed one after another.

This was the Eye of Truth's magical effect.

He "saw" that the Eye of Truth could see through an enemy's weak points, own flaws, labyrinths, thick slab stones, and, in the last scene, he even saw a martial artist's eye shine, obliterating a star in the sky!

He was suddenly startled, and his consciousness left the eyeball like tidal water—everything returned.

This eyeball was definitely from a Heaven Tier warrior's body, but the glowing Eye of Truth that could destroy even a star completely surpassed the Heaven Tier's limits.

In other words, a warrior of the Shattering Void Tier or even the almighty God Tier that cultivated the Eye of Truth could blow up stars with a glance.

This was the true potential of the Eye of Truth!

Ling Han sighed. In his previous life, he lived in his own world, knowing only to refine pills. He completely didn't know the world was actually so vast that it surpassed his imagination.

The Heaven Tier… really wasn't much.

Fortunately, his body was obliterated by the Black Tower, passing through millennia and living once again. This time, he would live an extremely exciting life, battling all the formidable cultivators in the world and trampling over all geniuses.

He pressed the eyeball close again, starting to extract the martial intent within.

This was the only way to acquire Mystical Powers not inherited via his family's bloodline.

The Imperial Family had the eyeball for countless years, yet they couldn't learn the Mystical Power because they didn't have the ability to activate the fragmented martial intent; however, Ling Han was different, he had a shred of the Heaven Tier divine sense

To say the least, he also had the Black Tower, and he was like a god in there.

Hong , inside Ling Han's consciousness, countless lines of fabric shone, forming characters; not one character had meaning, for they weren't written word or patterns.

This was martial intent's manifestation, which couldn't be expressed with language or words, surpassing them. Otherwise, how could a human obtain the Mystical Power a beast possessed?

Ling Han was like a sponge, continuously absorbing this martial intent, understanding and permeating it with his Heaven Tier comprehension.

On his body, several flashes of gemlike light propagated—this was because a Mystical Power's level was high, making heaven and earth resonate.

For now, it took him a day and a night.

Fortunately, he had already said not to call them if they didn't go out, thus the carriage was not disturbed all this time; neither Guang Yuan nor the coachman knocked on the door.

However, it was tough on Guang Yuan and the others, who were addicted to the ingredients Ling Han had prepared before. Now that Ling Han wasn't coming out, they could only eat roadside tavern food, which naturally tasted completely different—the texture was like chewing wax, angering them to the point that they almost smashed the store.

Ling Han let the three girls out so as to avoid attracting suspicions. He stayed in the tower to continue comprehending the Eye of Truth.

Thirteen days later, this eyeball suddenly turned into ash.

Ling Han already acquired the Eye of Truth's legacy, extracting all the martial intent within. Thus, this eyeball naturally could no longer be preserved. Mystical Powers were all like this, only inheritable by one person… or giving birth to more.

'Unfortunately, this eyeball was shot by an arrow, which erased much of the martial intent. I didn't acquire the full inheritance.' Ling Han sighed, appearing extremely regretful.

'The good thing is that this part was the highest level of the inheritance, and I can't unleash it fully now. Besides, when I reach the Shattering Void Tier, or even the God Tier, I might have the chance to acquired the complete Eye of Truth.

Now, my Eye of Truth should be somewhat refined, right?'

Ling Han opened his right eye, and in his gaze, large stars rushed forth, then exploded one by one. This was very surprising; he focused his eye and looked into the distance, only to find that his eyesight increased by a whole lot. Not only could he see further, but also clearer; regardless of size, the field the view emerged in his consciousness.

Combined with his Heaven Tier divine sense, useless information was discarded, and only the useful details were sent to his consciousness for his reference.

He raised his hand to see that the details of his skin were infinitely enlarged. He could clearly see the pores on his skin, and with a closer look, he could indistinctly see the blood rushing underneath.

However, only a short while later, he felt his eye ache, causing him to hurriedly deactivate the Eye of Truth. His right eye immediately returned to normal; other than the massive increase in vision, there was no other difference.

He revealed a faint smile. The Eye of Truth was already refined, and only needed to be gradually strengthened afterwards.

'However, activation of the Eye of Truth expends Power of the Soul and not Origin Power, strange.' Ling Han shook his head. In his previous life, he had only heard of Mystical Powers, but never cultivated one. Therefore, he didn't know whether that was unique to the Eye of Truth or if all Mystical Powers were activated through Power of the Soul.

He stopped thinking, and as his figure swayed, he was already outside the Black Tower.

They were almost at the Star Brilliance Palace Hall.

The vast lands were separated into five large regions, which were north, south, east, and west, and middle state.

As the name implies, middle state was situated in the middle of the vast lands and was where martial arts were the most prosperous; then came the four large regions: north, south, east, and west. Out of the four regions, north region's martial arts level was the weakest; a Spiritual Infant Tier warrior could rule the roost unlike the other three regions, where at least a Heaven Tier cultivator kept watch.

The Nine Nations of the Desolate North were in the northernmost part of the vast lands. Outside of the Rain Country, situated north was a no-man's-land, and further ahead was the Star Brilliance Palace Hall, the only connectiong between the Nine Nations of the Desolate North and the north region.
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