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Chapter 280: Returning to the Gray Cloud Town
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Rain Emperor was swift in his decision, issuing an imperial decree to pass the throne to the Seventh Prince. As for the Eldest Prince and the Third Prince, they were relocated to the border garrisons, and their lands were taken back; it was obvious that they were going to die of old age outside the walls, never to return to the Imperial Capital in this lifetime.

This suited Rain Emperor's assertiveness; even if it were his own son, he'd either not intervene or go all out.

The Eldest Prince and Third Prince thus withdrew from the Rain Country's political stage. No matter how overwhelmingly influential they were before, in front of the emperor's power, they were so fragile that they no power to retaliate—they couldn't even bargain or find a quiet place to grow old.

However, this guaranteed that the emperor's power was smoothly passed on. Without the Eldest Prince and the Third Prince to incite trouble, the Seventh Prince's claim to the throne was naturally as steady as Mount Tai. Besides, with Rain Emperor's previous forceful intervention, which implanted an invincible impression of him in the Eight Great Clans' minds, even if the Seventh Prince was still young with cultivation merely in the Element Gathering Tier, who would dare look down on him?

…Rain Emperor was a fierce man who dared to punch the Winter Moon Sect's Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator, and even compelled a Flower Blossom Tier warrior to leave!

Actually, most of the people didn't wish for Rain Emperor to abdicate—after all, Rain Emperor just demonstrated his domineering power. In everyone's mind, he was like a god; but who could sway the thoughts of such an overlord?

The rise of the new emperor was set ten days later, but Ling Han couldn't wait until that day. After he completely settled the leftover matters in the Imperial City, he set out to return to Gray Cloud Town.

Heading to the Star Brilliance Palace Hall was a decision he carefully deliberated over, because in order to repair Ling Dong Xing's Spirit Base, the Rain Country simply didn't have the last three main medicinal ingredients!

Only after setting sights on a place so vast like the whole North Region could he obtain the remaining three main medicinal ingredients. Those were ingredients used to concoct a middle level Earth Grade medicine after all; even an affluent sect like the Winter Moon Sect would view them as treasures.

Those who accompanied him were Guang Yuan, Zhu Wu Jiu, Can Ye, Liu Yu Tong, Li Si Chan, Zhu He Xin, and Qi Zhan Tai; Hu Niu had already woken up like nothing ever happened, alive and kicking and too full of vigor.

As expected, she could eat and sleep, and take a beating—a small beast she was.

"Niu's not a small beast, Niu's a small fairy!" Hu Niu giggled and kissed Ling Han on the cheek, making Li Si Chan and Liu Yu tong's beautiful faces turn green.

After experiencing the forced marriage, Liu Yu Tong was completely disillusioned with her family, single-mindedly following her "master." Li Si Chan's reasons were much grander: to learn alchemy from Ling Han. Her comprehension of alchemy was certainly decent, and that was why Ling Han didn't object to her following him.

Can Ye's reason was even simpler… He complied with the promise to follow Ling Han until the day he could defeat Ling Han.

Zhu He Xin heard Ling Han was headed to the Star Brilliance Hall, so he naturally groveled along. To speak of the many alchemy masters, his relationship with Ling Han was still the tightest, since the bond was formed when Ling Han was the weakest and this friendship was much deeper than that with others.

Thus, Ling Han wouldn't mind giving pointers to the old man, except Zhu He Xin's talents were limited and high level Black Grade alchemy master was the most he could become. Despite the fact, Zhu He Xing was still awfully excited; in the Rain Country, that was the title of a Big Boss of alchemy!

Qi Zhan Tai was completely beating around the bush, once saying she would learn alchemy from Ling Han, then saying she was headed to Da Yuan City to visit relatives. Anyways, she followed like a sticky candy, but Ling Han decided that once they arrived at Da Yuan City, he was going to leave her behind; they weren't close, after all.

Five days later, they returned to Da Yuan City. First, they left Qi Zhan Tai with Da Yuan King, who returned early. They then headed to the Gray Cloud Town.

The Ling Family was already rebuilt, and now was the only affluent family in the Gray Cloud Town. However, Ling Dong Xing was not tyrannical in his ways; even though they controlled the entire Gray Cloud Town's business, the Ling Family still left the some crumbs for the small families—everyone got along quite well.

Seeing Ling Han return, Ling Dong Xin was naturally exulted—Da Yuan King returned early, bringing the news that Ling Han became a high level Black Grade alchemist. Therefore, not only was the Ling Family delighted, the entire town created a stir, coming to congratulate one after another.

High level Black Grade alchemist... there were only two of them in the entire Rain Country, and in Da Yuan City, it was most kickass—even Da Yuan King had to give a solemn salute, calling Ling Han grandmaster.

"Good! Good! Good!" Ling Dong Xing was so exited that tears came running out. He already knew his son was not a fish in the pond and traveling to the Imperial Capital would definitely allow him to soar, but never would he have thought his son would soar so fiercely and so high.

He simply hugged Ling Han tightly, patted Ling Han's back continuously, chocked with emotion and unable to speak a word.

For so many years, he had thought his son a waste, making him feel extremely ashamed to have failed his wife. Now, his son was finally soaring, making him feel that even if he died now, he would have the face to see his wife.

Ling han took out food from the Black Tower. Let alone vegetables and fruits, he also took some cows and sheep. After the chef handled it and served it to the table, the smell alone made everyone's eyes fixed on it, almost making them drool.

"It's Niu's!" Hu Niu puckered up niggardly, but she couldn't go against Ling Han, so she just started eating desperately. Her idea was simple—simply put everything in her stomach, that way she wouldn't lose out.

This little girl swept like a whirlwind, quickly destroying the food on her table, then running off to another table to 'begin her great slaughter'. This made all the guests not care about face, fighting over the food desperately.

Ping ping, pang pang , the courtyards was filled with the sounds of chopsticks on plates and chewing. These things were truly too delicious so no one opened their mouth to speak, worrying the they'd get one less bite.

This wasn't a baseless worry as each person was as if they were hungry for three days and three nights; that was truly called having covetous red eyes, wishing to strangle everyone else at the same table so that others would stop eating and let them alone eat to their own content.

It was over, over! Such delicious food couldn't be forgotten once eaten. How could they live without eating it from now on?

Ling Han left the Ling Family many ingredients, since the Black Tower's space was ridiculously large anyways, forming its own world. Not to mention just the Ling Family, even if the entire Rain Country's people were to live in here based off of the vegetables and livestock raised in the Black Tower, it was enough that people wouldn't starve to death.

In these few days, several batches of vegetables in the Black Tower were already harvested and new seeds were sprayed, growing on fields and more fields. Besides, inside the Black Tower, Ling Han was like a god. Reap and sow—he only needed a thought and didn't have to personally do it.

Ling Han still asked Ling Dong Xing's opinion on whether or not he wanted to live in the Black Tower. This way, he could guarantee the Ling Family's absolute safety, but Ling Dong Xing already considered carefully, deciding to remain in Gray Cloud Town.

Here were the Ling Family's roots. More than that, the Ling Family's people bled here—that made Ling Dong Xing even more unwilling to leave, promising to build a better Ling Family.

Ling Han naturally wouldn't force him. He left almost all his silver notes, and then refined large amounts of low-level medicinal pills. With these two things, it would be hard not to be strong even if the Ling Family didn't want to be.

…Money houses were ran by the Rain Country's imperial family. These silver notes were useless paper once out of the Rain Country; who would let you trade for true gold? Therefore, Ling Han only exchanged for a few gold silvers to bring on him, enough to set out.

Moreover, the currency that circulated in the vast lands was not gold silver, but Origin Power Crystals.
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