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Chapter 278: Rain Emperor Strikes Again
Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

The Flower Blossom Tier warriors broke away from the mortal body, and each movement they made could make mountains and rivers burst open, being extremely terrifying.

He Zheng Chu attacked in rage, hurling a fist that turned into Roc like a lofty mountain. It flapped its wings towards the hill, blowing up a terrifying strong wind like sabers and swords. Ka ka ka , the hill immediately crumbled.

Rain Emperor swung his sleeve—Ling Han and the other three were swept down the hill while enveloped by a gentle power; although they fell onto the ground, they weren't hurt at all.

"You want to fight? This emperor will fight you till you're content!" The hill already crumbled, but Rain Emperor still stood proudly on the original location of the hilltop, standing in midair and emitting unflinching aggressiveness.

Under the power of the nation, he was only half a step into the Flower Blossom, but already had the full abilities of a Flower Blossom Tier warrior.

"Follow this emperor!" Rain Emperor broke through space, soaring into the sky.

He Zheng Chu naturally wouldn't be terrified, soaring into the sky as well. In a short moment, flashes of brilliance filled the sky, and the terrifying power surge came like the sea tide; the coercive pressure was like a mountain that shocked everyone's heart.

This battle would definitely make countless people lose their will to pursue martial arts, leaving them trembling anxiously in memory of this coercive pressure for the rest of their days; however, some geniuses would definitely overcome the fear in their hearts, crossing into a vaster land.

In the sky, the great battle continued, but no one could see exactly what the situation was. Even Ling Han couldn't see it at all due to the distance, judging it only with the power surges he felt.

Theoretically, being only half a step in the Flower Blossom Tier, Rain Emperor would definitely not rival He Zhen Chu, but this generation's Rain Emperor was a distinguished genius—with the power of the nation, he had the full power of a Flower Blossom Tier warrior, so it wasn't easy to predict the outcome of the battle.

Besides, Rain Emperor's unparalleled bellicosity allowed him to thoroughly utilize the power of the nation. It could be seen from the Son of Heaven Fist Technique he created just how surprising this Rain Emperor's innate talents were.

Ling Han acknowledged it tacitly. It was no wonder Rain Emperor decided to abdicate so quickly—his target wasn't merely the Flower Blossom Tier, but the Spiritual Infant, or even the Deity Transformation and the Heaven Tiers. Staying on Rain Country's throne, the skies above him would be too small.

Half an hour later, He Zheng Chu and Rain Emperor flew down from the sky at almost the same time. Both of them stood proudly, and it was unclear who had won or lost.

He Zheng Chu stared coldly at Rain Emperor for a long while before he said, "This incident won't be over like this!" He reached out, picked up Feng Yan, and turned to leave. With a few steps, he was already at the horizon, disappearing without a trace.

Everyone felt greatly relieved. It was a Flower Blossom Tier warrior demonstrating his power after all; the pressure was too great, it made everyone lose their breath.

Afterwards, everyone looked at Rain Emperor with an ardent gaze.

Too powerful, he actually forced a Flower Blossom Tier cultivator to leave!

The Winter Moon Sect was a terrifying leviathan in the north region. If a Flower Blossom Tier warrior ran to the Nine Nations of the Desolate North, even the emperors should tremble in fear and dare not to have a bit of neglect in their reception of them, right?

But, Rain Emperor was powerful and attacked unhesitantly, chasing away He Zheng Chu.

He was worthy of being a country's overlord.

"Long live his majesty! Long live his majesty!" Everyone started shouting like a tidal wave—even the heads of the Eight Great Clans. A powerful cultivator with assertiveness like this made them most willing to entrust him their lives.

Rain Emperor nodded and jumped, flying directly back to the imperial palace. A voice then came, "Ling Han, enter the palace to see this emperor."


Everyone looked enviously at Ling Han as Rain Emperor very rarely summoned someone for audience alone. However, in the short time of half a month, Ling Han had been continually summoned twice, truly making people envious.

Ling Han remained indifferent to favors. Based on his temperament, it wouldn't be possible to agitate him. He carried Hu Niu, and nodded towards Guang Yuan, Zhu Wu Jiu, and the others; putting all conversations off after he headed back to his quarters.

He completely had no mood to deal with other people's good wishes. He observed Hu Niu's condition as he walked. Fortunately, Hu Niu had only passed out, and was perhaps injured a little, but she had already recovered for the most part.

This little girl was also a freak.

Ling Han stopped worrying and returned to his quarters at Hu Yang Academy. He put Hu Niu into the Black Tower, then opened the box that contained the Eye of Trurh—there was actually an eyeball inside.

It seemed to be a human eyeball, but the strange thing was that it was hard as iron and stone. Moreover, a gash ran deep into the eyeball. Looking at the shape, it should've come from an arrow. Apparently, the owner of the eyeball was shot and wounded by an arrow, and when the arrow was pulled out, the eyeball came out along with it.

Ling Han examined closely; on the eyeball was some black extravasated blood, emitting an indistinct aura that made people afraid. However, it was from too long ago, so the presence that remained was but an empty shell, very subtle in its power.

'The eyeball's owner was at least in the Heaven Tier when alive.' Ling Han made his judgment. 'If not for the depth of this wound that destroyed the martial intent within, it should have terrifying powers even now.

Cultivating the Eye of Truth, one's eye would also be tempered—otherwise, if the eye was struck by a martial artist of the same level, the whole eyeball should've exploded, and not end up with just a hole.'

Ling Han was once a formidable warrior of the Heaven Tier, so he clearly knew the power and limits of this Tier. The eyes were definitely the most fragile part; with the protection of Origin Power, it was still all right, but once that was broken through, the attack would go straight into the brain.

The inheritance of a Mystical Power was a bit special, as it couldn't be formed into words or characters. Normally, it was passed on through the bloodline, from parents to children. If outsiders wanted to learn it, then they could only use one way... for example, the Eye of Truth was fathomed out by directly taking the eye, and Hand of the Black Demon by studying the palm.

Ling Han wasn't in a rush to study it, storing the eyeball inside the Black Tower. He first had to go to the imperial palace.

Rain Emperor summoned him for a meeting; he had to give him face. After all, Rain Emperor forcefully intervened, blocking He Zheng Chu for him… Although he showed his status as a high level Black Grade alchemy master, so He Zheng Chu wouldn't dare go to far, a favor was a favor after all.

Ling Han headed towards the imperial palace. Halfway there, he felt his hand tremble, and a thought rushed forth.

It was Strange Fire.

It 'ate' a part of the Demonic Qi, became full of it and hibernated. It was inactive these few days, but now it finally awoke.

"Yiyaya!" Strange Fire sent him a thought expressing its happiness. Ling Han could feel that Strange Fire was certainly somewhat stronger now. However, it immediately showed its thirst, desiring to devour more Demonic Qi.

"No more, no more!" Ling Han said impatiently, sending the thought through his divine sense as well. Otherwise, if he were speaking to himself, that would make others think he was insane. "I'll get more for you later, but you also have to properly do some work."

"Yiyaya!" Strange Fire flashed, maybe acquiescing or maybe expressing its discontent.

"Put it in the Black Tower, I have a way to increase the fire's power," Small Tower suddenly said.

"Really?" Ling Han said despite himself. Actually, he already knew Tool Spirits couldn't lie… Tool Spirits had the word spirit in their name, but they could never become a living being, so naturally they possessed no concept or ability to lie.

However, what Small Tower said was somewhat surprising, making him feel shocked.

"Really," Small Tower said calmly.
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