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Chapter 277: A Formidable Flower Blossom Tier Appears
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It ended, and Ling Han obtained the final victory.

No one could have anticipated that Hu Niu had such surprising speed; if she won the first prize, everyone would've been shocked, but it would still be acceptable; but, Ling Han? He actually defeated Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao, something no one thought possible.

One strike to defeat Yan Tian Zhao, and one palm to cripple Feng Yan, completely like a dream.

Rain Emperor looked at Ling Han with a calm and tranquil expression, but no one knew of the raging turbulent waves in his heart.

Today, the performances of these four youngsters were beyond what he anticipated, even unwilling to think about it. In all honesty, of the four, Feng Yan was the most normal with two physiques, and the other three were freaks.

Yan Tian Zhao's "green mist' and recovery speed, Hu Niu's speed, and Ling Han's last sword art and the eerie palm at the end baffled even Rain Emperor.

"Take it!" Rain Emperor took out a box from thin air, handing it to Ling Han.

A spatial ring.

Ling Han was a bit astounded. He'd originally thought that Rain Country couldn't possibly have spatial rings, but unexpectedly, Rain Emperor had such a treasure. However, thinking again, since a Mystical Power like the Eye of Truth appeared in the country's treasury, then acquiring a spatial ring occasionally wasn't so rare.

He took the box. This thing wasn't big, but it wasn't easy to put into his pockets, so he had to hold it in his hands.

…Rain Emperor could expose his possession of a spatial ring, but Ling Han wouldn't dare. He was too weak right now after all; besides, he wasn't wearing the ring on his hand, but put it away in the Black Tower.

"Huh?" Rain Emperor was slightly startled for a moment, looking afar.

Ling Han also immediately felt a strong presence, and followed Rain emperor's gaze.

A cloud floated from afar, but the bizarre thing was that the cloud was actually pink, and it was extremely fast. However, a bit closer, a man could be seen on top of the cloud.

This was a seventy-year-old man, who was slender with black hair, wearing a long robe, and appearing very sage-like.

A man? Flying in the sky?


When the other people saw, they all revealed a shocked expression one after another.

How could a mortal fly in the sky?

The Flower Blossom Tier!

This old man was at the Flower Blossom Tier, that was why he could fly in the sky with his physical body, transcending the mortals.

When the old man came right above, an endless pressure circulated that made everyone feel minuteness from the bottom of their hearts, only wanting to knee in worship.

The old man's gaze swiped once on Feng Yan's body as his expression immediately turned gloomy, and he said, "Such great nerve, daring to harm a disciple of the Winter Moon Sect! Rain Emperor, give this old man an explanation!"

He stared at Rain Emperor, towering above and showing dominance.

A Flower Blossom Tier martial artist certainly was qualified to act haughtily.

Rain Emperor didn't buy it at all. He raised his head awe-inspiringly, threw out a punch, and said, "In front of me, you dare tower above?"

Hong , a golden fist came down from the sky, smashing towards the Flower Blossom Tier old man.

"Impudence!" The old man blew his top—a mere Spiritual Pedestal Tier cultivator actually dared to take initiative to attack him, truly amusing and ridiculous. However, when the punch came hurling, he didn't dare to let it hit him, raising a hand to press towards the sky.

A spread of pink-colored mist dispersed, turning into millions of birds that pecked at the golden fist.

"Huh?!" the old man immediately cried out in surprise, for this golden fist was strong enough that it actually shattered each and every one of the birds and continued to hurl down with an unstoppable state.


The old man was forced to throw out another palm to parry the golden fist, but his body was instantly struck down, falling onto the ground.

The golden fist shattered at last, but the old man already fell onto the ground. On the contrary, Rain Emperor sat on top of the small hill.

The first round of the confrontation was over—Rain Emperor came out on top!

"Hiss," everyone cried out in surprise. Today, shocking things happened one after another. Wasn't the Rain Emperor at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, how could he restrain someone in the Flower Blossom Tier? The emissaries of the eight nations were all frightened and uneasy—was Rain Country going to have a second formidable practitioner in the Flower Blossom Tier?

The Flower Blossom Tier old man stood upright and unafraid. It wasn't that he was weaker—he underestimated Rain Emperor, resulting in him being struck down by a punch. No matter how careless, he was still someone in the Flower Blossom Tier, and those below the Flower Blossom Tier were mortals. He could offhandedly kill a warrior int he Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so how could he have been struck down?

His name was He Zheng Chu, he was sent by the Winter Moon Sect's Spiritual Infant Tier warrior to give Feng Yan some prestige and bring him back. Thus, he planned on appearing when Feng Yan won the competition, making Feng Yan who was on top of the younger generation look even more impressive.

It never occurred to him that Rain Emperor would actually announce another person as the champion of this competition. He was confused, so he came to investigate—only to find that Feng Yan was actually crippled, losing one leg.

This naturally made him furious, but before he had even acted out, he was struck down to the ground by a fist, causing him to be slightly muddled.

He Zheng Chu raised his head to look at Rain Emperor, frowned, and said, "You're only half a step into the Flower Blossom, how could you possibly have such battle prowess?"

"You don't need to know." Rain Emperor remained domineering.

He Zheng Chu couldn't understand. He naturally knew that the power of the nation could raise one's strength, but was it so exaggerated? When he was younger, he'd adventured in the Nine Nations of the Desolate North when he was young, sparring with a few former emperors with the power of the nation—it certainly raised their battle prowess, but only a few stars; it was never as exaggerated as exceeding the mortal men.

This generation's Rain Emperor seemed to be a bit too powerful.

He Zheng Chu looked at Feng Yan and said, "This child is the sect's Elder Shi's direct disciple, yet he has been crippled. This lord needs an explanation."

"What explanation do you need?" Rain Emperor snorted. "He was hurt in a fair fight everyone witnessed, what explanation does this emperor need to give you? You can take him and leave. If you want revenge, all right. Let him cultivate until he's strong enough to reclaim his glory himself."

He Zheng Chu considered it a bit, and said, "This lord will take the one who committed the crime."

Being able to say this, He Zheng Chu had given Rain Emperor enough face, because the Winter Moon Sect's disciple was still in Rain Country and crippled in front of the Rain Emperor. Yet, he didn't expect Rain Emperor to take associated responsibility—truly unlike the ways of the Winter Moon Sect.

Rain Emperor gave no face at all, and said, "Your ears have problems? This emperor said that it was a fair fight, and Feng Yan can take back his reputation himself."

He Zheng Chu couldn't help but be infuriated, and said, "Rain Emperor, you're not giving this lord any face?"

"On my territory, why should I give you face? Who do you think you are, daring to threaten me?" Rain Emperor said threateningly, his fiery presence as an emperor incomparably domineering.

Everyone's blood boiled. A Flower Blossom Tier warrior was admonished like a dog; Rain Emperor was truly domineering. An emperor like this truly made them admire him from the bottom of their hearts—if they had to sacrifice their lives for him, they would.

He Zheng Chu was so infuriated that his eyebrows and beard bristled. He said angrily, "Such enormous nerve, looks like Rain Country is going to change an emperor!"

He brazenly attacked.
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