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Chapter 276: Seven Flashes of Sword Qi
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Under the fury, Ling Han finally broke through, forming the seventh flash of Sword Qi!

Teng, teng, teng , everyone at the base of the hill stood up.

No matter if it were Saber Qi or Sword Qi, as long as one produced Qi, one would have the potential to become a king. However, up to three flashes was just a minor accomplishment, and six flashes counted as major accomplishment, but seven flashes… could truly be crowned king!

To observe Rain Country's history, those who possessed six flashes of Qi were not little, though all of them were sixty or seventy before reaching it; at least, geniuses like that still existed.

But seven flashes?

One and only!

Surveying the entire Nine Nations of the Desolate North, seven hundred years ago, a genius blade user certainly appeared and materialized seven flashes of Sword Qi, being invincible at the Spiritual Pedestal Tier—not shaming the state of king. However, when this blade sect master formed seven flashes of Sword Qi, he or she was already at a high age of sixty-two years old.

How old was this youngster before their eyes?

A freak!

The freaks today were appearing endlessly.

The seventh flash of Sword Qi wasn't all of Ling Han's breakthrough!

Under his violent rage, Ling Han unleashed Mysterious Three Thousand. This was his strongest sword skill as usual, but what wasn't usual was that under the violent rage, each flash of Sword Qi transformed.

Mysterious Three Thousand could instantly unleash three thousand attacks at one's extreme. This was definitely an ultimate move, and at the highest tier, it could almost take over the world. However, Ling Han was far from such a tier, so he could only unleash a hundred attacks.

Now, eight hundred sword lights appeared!

Could his comprehension of Mysterious Three Thousand have advanced so much under his rage?

The strange thing was that he still unleashed a hundred sword lights.

That was because the seven flashes of Sword Qi split, from one into two, and from two into three, with each flash of Sword Qi turning into a hundred sword lights!

Eight hundred sword lights radiated through heaven and earth.

What sort of concept was this? It was equivalent to eight hundred Ling Hans attacking and each one unleashing an attack; although this attack was a normal one, without using any techniques, but it was a full-force attack. Eight hundred together could scare someone to death.

Behind, Feng Yan stopped abruptly. This radiant and resplendent attack scared even him, making him unwilling to parry that attack; that would truly be walking himself into trouble.

Yan Tian Zhao's expression changed drastically; he hurriedly roared and waves of green mist were ejected, turning into a barrier that blocked the area between him and Ling Han.

Eight hundred sword lights struck!

Peng , the green barrier immediately turned into infinite pieces and the sword light continued on its path, sending Yan Tian Zhao flying through the sky in a parabolic arc before landing heavily onto the ground.

He was still alive, but his body was covered in blood. His body was torn so much that bones were revealed and organs could be seen in his thoracic cavity! The surprising thing was that the muscles in his entire body were wriggling, healing at a surprisingly fast speed.

Ling Han was shocked, this still couldn't kill him?

It was no wonder Rain Emperor didn't intervene.

Pa , he sat onto the ground. Eight hundred sword lights had been shockingly powerful, but the expenditure was also terrifyingly large, extracting his Origin Power completely!

This was only eight hundred sword lights, which wasn't the limit of three thousand; it was no wonder that he couldn't activate the Three Styles of Black Origin's second form and third form—he didn't even have the Origin Power.

Heaven's Sword Sect's people… were all abnormal?

Ling Han panted heavily; Hu Niu was in a coma; Yan Tian Zhao was in a coma; only Fen Yang's battle prowess was whole!

"Hahahaha!" Feng Yan laughed aloud, walking over in large strides. "Who would've thought that I'd win in this way." He already restrained his Wild Strength Berserk Ape bloodline, which was greatly exhausting, so he naturally restrained his Mirror Light Body as well. Now the other three already lost their battle prowess, even if his cultivation was weakened by a hundred times, he would still win.

Ling Han smiled bitterly. He didn't think much under a violent rage, and he didn't know he could acquire a breakthrough on the application of Mysterious Three Thousand, unleashing eight hundred sword lights at once and draining his Origin Power completely.

Medicinal pills couldn't be taken during the match. Taking a pill meant forfeiting, so what should he do? Watch helplessly as Feng Yan reached the top?

"You truly disappoint me. I had thought to defeat you when you unleashed your full battle prowess, then cripple your two legs, striking you from the pinnacle of your life to an all-time low!" Feng Yan said with a disappointed tone.

Ling Han laughed aloud, and said in disdain, "My sword strike just now, would you dare to parry it?"

Feng Yan's expression stiffened; even if he had two physiques 1 , which were both kickass, he was still scared by those radiant and extreme eight hundred sword lights. He supposed it could be blocked, but he would end up the same as Yan Tian Zhao, being heavily injured.

"Hmph, the result now is that you can only look up at me!" He didn't respond to the question, as such postulations had no meaning.

Feng Yan revealed a cold expression, raising his foot to trample on Ling Han. He was going to make Ling Han lose face in front of the whole world.

Ling Han reached out to block, but everyone could see how futile that was.

Was a quasi-Earth Grade alchemy master that formed seven flashes of Sword Qi actually going to receive such great humiliation?

The people on the bottom felt unpleasant inside, Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chang were even more agitated that they could not forfeit for Ling Han.

Feng Yan sneered, stepping down without hesitation.

Pa , his left foot stepped onto Ling Han's right hand and a strong force like a lofty mountain pushed down on it, trampling down towards Ling Han's face. However, at this moment, Feng Yan's expression changed drastically as he let out a tragic scream that shook heaven and earth.

What the hell was he screaming for? He clearly had a huge advantage, yet he still wanted to trick people?


Everyone saw clearly that Feng Yan's left leg was eroding, as if it was made of mist, dispersing from a puff.

What was going on?

Ling Han revealed a proud smile. He refined Asura Demon Emperor's Demonic Qi and formed a black-colored demonic seal on his palm afterwards. This was the Power of Regulation, extremely scary.

Although the power was strong, it could only adhere to the palm's surface, so normally it had almost no use. However, Feng Yan actually stepped on him, seeking pain for himself.

"Ah!" Feng Yan cried out sharply, cutting off his own left leg; otherwise, the erosion would continue to spread until his entire person was turned into dust.

Pa , he abruptly sat onto the ground. The problem wasn't just a leg, but also a terrifying wave of power that penetrated inside his body, roiling and making him extremely unwell. Even enduring the urge to scream was already extremely difficult, let alone fighting.

Now, of the four of them, none were still standing.

Who would've thought that the scene would play out in this way—everyone stared blankly, absolutely unable to accept what happened.

Xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu , those who originally were knocked down the mountain came running back one after another. The formidable ones were hurt, and the ones unconscious lay unconscious, was it not precisely their chance?

Ling Han stood up; he wasn't hurt, just drained of Origin Power. Now, he naturally recovered a little, and was able to stand and run without any problem at all.

He took large strides, and was already before the Rain Emperor

"The victor of this time's battle is Ling Han!" Rain Emperor imposing filled voice sounded, shaking the skies.
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