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Chapter 275: An Astonishing Hu Niu
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Yan Tian Zhao pressed down on his nose and muttered, "So there's no more of my business?" He shook his head and said, "Forget it, Rain Country is only one of my stopovers. Once I have obtained the Mystical Power, I shall go to a more lively spot in the Northern Region for a look around. The overall level of martial arts in this place is really too low, and there are only these few geniuses, so it is not beneficial to my growth."

He placed his hands behind his back and headed towards the peak of the hill.

"Niu built this road, and no one is allowed to pass!" Hu Niu instantly stretched out her arms, looking like she was planning to stop him from passing.

"Little girl, you're a bit strange, but you are not yet strong enough to stand against me. Step aside, I don't want to hurt you," Yan Tian Zhao said calmly. It was unknown whether he had become merciful or was wary of Hu Niu's strangeness.

"Heng, aside from Ling Han, no one is allowed to pass!" Hu Niu snarled, and took the initiative to attack.

Xiu , she was as fast as a gust of wind, and quite many elites of the Spiritual Ocean Tier could barely capture her movements. With a flash, the little girl had already appeared behind Yan Tian Zhao. She raised her small hands high, and shua, shua, shua , launched a series of furious claw attacks.

Teng, teng, teng . Yan Tian Zhao suddenly stumbled back a few steps due to the attack, and there appeared multiple bloodstains on his back, which showed the terrifying destructive power Hu Niu had in her hands.

Once again, another person in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, and once more someone capable of wounding an opponent in the Spiritual Ocean Tier!

Those standing at the foot of the hill felt like they were living in a dream. This was really too surreal. When had the Gushing Spring Tier become so awesome? And moreover, it was only the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier!

Previously, they had all thought Hu Niu was purely there to play cute, but had never thought that the tournament had just barely begun and the little girl would deliver such a great shock to them, bursting with an astonishing speed.

However, speed was speed, but what about now?

The first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier could actually rip through the defences of the Spiritual Ocean Tier… this destructive power was practically terrifying.

They once again turned to look at Feng Yan. According to hearsay, the destructive power of the Wild Strength Berserk Ape was frightening, but an attack on Ling Han only managed to cause a bit of blood to appear at the corner of his lips. However, Hu Niu was capable of reducing Yan Tian Zhao's back to a lump of flesh and blood. Under such a comparison, it was obvious that it would be more accurate to say that Hu Niu was the owner of the Wild Strength Berserk Ape bloodline.

...On one side, it was a Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artist attacking a Gushing Spring Tier opponent, whereas on the other side, it was a Gushing Spring Tier martial artist attacking a Spiritual Ocean Tier opponent, yet it was Hu Niu whose destructive power was stronger, so how could it be any more obvious?

Xiu , Hu Niu once again launched an attack. Speed was her greatest advantage as she moved like the wind. When one's eyes captured her figure, in actual fact, the little girl had appeared in another location, and what the eyes saw was actually only her afterimage.

Hu Niu had no sliver of mercy in her at all. Slaughter was her instinct, and now that her instincts had been activated, it was as if she had transformed into a little girl and endlessly pounced on Yan Tian Zhao in attack.

On his arms and legs, Yan Tian Zhao continued to bleed endlessly. It was pointless even if he had the cultivation of the Spiritual Ocean Tier as he was completely unable to spot Hu Niu, so there was absolutely no use for his superior cultivation!

Everyone was flabbergasted. In their mindset, speed could only used for the purpose of flight, but this scene in front of their eyes had turned over all their ideas—the reason why they would have this idea was because their speed had not reached an extreme level!

Whoever had speed like what Hu Niu possessed was completely able to turn speed into the greatest source of their battle prowess.

Yan Tian Zhao's expression became darker and darker, but there was still an incredibly evil smile curling up the corners of his lips. Hong , he actually sprayed out a green fog all over his body that transformed into multiple threads that wove together tightly and transformed the area within thirty feet of him into a spiderweb-like area.

It was not a net that had been laid flat, but a net that stood upright.

Hu Niu instantly crashed into the green net. She struggled, but discovered that though the green threads were extremely thin, they were shockingly sturdy, so no matter how much effort she used, she was unable to struggle free.

"Heng, in my Heaven and Earth Spider Web, you still plan on getting free?" Yan Tian Zhao smirked coldly. These threads moved, and it was as if they had a life and will of their own, sending Hu Niu closer and closer to Yan Tian Zhao.

Hu Niu became anxious, turned her head, opened her mouth and bit. Wu la , and a green thread actually was ripped in half by her bite.


Yan Tian Zhao was so shocked, his eyeballs were about to pop out of his head. This was Heaven and Earth Spider Web, his absolute trump card. As long as someone that was of the same cultivation level as he was captured by his spider web, then it was impossible he would be able to get free. The sturdiness of it was comparable to ingredients of the same level that were used to forge weapons.

Yet this little girl actually tore through it with a bite… what kind of f******* teeth did she have?!

When he recalled how he had suffered so many claw attacks at Hu Niu's hands, then if the little girl coincidentally decided to bite him instead… Yan Tian Zhao could not help but swallow and reach out to rub his throat. Then it was really possible that she could tear through his throat in a single bite, and he would die instantly.

He could not help but feel a powerful lingering feat, and the killing intent in his eyes grew exponentially. He delivered a palm strike to Hu Niu's chest.

"Heng!" the Rain Emperor gave a light humph, and his imperial authority spread out, broad and powerful.

Yan Tian Zhao instantly experienced a pain in his chest, and his consciousness shivered. He hurriedly withdrew some portion of his power and, with a peng , Hu Niu was flung away by the strike. With a pa , she had fallen at the foot of the hill, and her small figure lay unmoving on the ground.

She had only suffered a heavy injury because that humph of the Rain Emperor made Yan Tian Zhao withdraw a large portion of his power.

...The Rain Emperor had already said that this was a tournament and a spar, so it was unavoidable that there would be injuries. However, killing someone else was definitely not permitted. In front of the Rain Emperor, who would dare commit murder?

Ling Han was currently engaged in a great battle with Feng Yan, and when he saw this scene, he could not help but fly into a powerful rage.

"Get lost!" He waved out a powerful slash which contained an endless inferno of fury. Feng Yan actually dared not receive this strike head on, and could not help but make a strategic retreat.

With a sweep of his divine sense, Ling Han knew that Hu Niu was not in any life-threatening danger. He also knew that with the Rain Emperor there, it was impossible that anyone would lose their life. But when he saw Hu Niu's tiny figure lying there on the ground without any sign of movement and with a bit of blood on the corner of her lips, he was still extraordinarily enraged, and felt an urge to destroy every bit of the heavens and earth.

Hu Niu had been injured because she had tried to stop Yan Tian Zhao, and the reason why Hu Niu had done so was naturally because of him!

Since his rebirth, this was the second time he was so furious—the first time was when Ling Dong Xing was captured by the Cheng Clan and was about to be beheaded in public.

"Yan Tian Zhao!" he roared, shrugged off Feng Yan and charged towards Yan Tian Zhao.

Yan Tian Zhao was also very displeased. He, a genuine Spiritual Ocean Tier elite, was actually beaten black and blue by a little girl. Now, he had only knocked Hu Niu unconscious, and injured her slightly, so what was there for Ling Han to be so furious about?

Feng Yan was even more enraged and screamed in fury, because Ling Han actually shrugged him off and ignored him. Moreover, this was the first time he had seen Ling Han so furious. Even when Liu Yu Tong was forced to marry another, Ling Han had not been so angered.

This obviously meant that Ling Han had only been playing with him previously, and had not taken him seriously as an opponent at all.

Damn it! Damn it! He was really too despicable!

Ling Han was enraged. Liu Yu Tong was merely his little female attendant, but he thought of Hu Niu as his family. Moreover, Hu Niu was only such a little girl, so she was naturally even more doted upon by Ling Han. Even he dared not reprimand her too harshly, yet now she was actually so heavily injured by Yan Tian Zhao that she was lying on the ground unmoving. How could this not cause him to be extraordinarily furious?

"Ah!" He drew his sword in rage, and at that one moment, he had forgotten everything else, and the only thought in his head was to behead Yan Tian Zhao.

Shua , seven flashes of Sword Qi shone.
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