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Chapter 274: Wild Strength Berserk Ape Bloodline
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

The moment he activated Mirror Light Body, Feng Yan's battle prowess soared.

He would suffer 20% less damage, and could even reflect 20% of attack power onto his opponents. This was an extremely scary thing. Moreover, the more attacks he suffered, the greater the effects of Mirror Light Body. After only a few moves, Ling Han and Yan Tian Zhao had ceased their mutual attacks on each other, and had practically combined their forces against Feng Yan.

Feng Yan instantly laughed loudly. Though the pressure he was experiencing had greatly increased due to being attacked by two young powerful elites at the same time, the fact that he could stand against them on his own gave him a powerful feeling of achievement.

The battle today did not only include a personal vendetta or the Mystical Power. It also involved the competition for the strongest amongst the younger generation of Rain Country, or perhaps even the whole Nine Nations of the Desolate North.

They could not help but fight.

Yan Tian Zhao gave a humph, and a green six-pointed star flashed in his eyes. Suddenly, his battle prowess spiked, and he was able to instantly turn the disadvantageous situation around, now capable of standing against Feng Yan on his own.

The three of them were embroiled in a battle royale, but because of Yan Tian Zhao's sudden increase in prowess, he instantly attracted the majority of Feng Yan's attacks, so it had practically become a furious battle between himself and Feng Yan.

The pressure on Ling Han decreased. Neither Feng Yan nor Yan Tian Zhao had really taken Ling Han seriously. No matter how you looked at it, Ling Han was only in the Gushing Spring Tier. Since he had not yet even stepped into the Spiritual Ocean Tier, how could they possibly think of him as a real opponent for them?

Underestimating him? They would have to pay a price for that!

Ling Han retreated a few steps and began to accumulate his power. The Mysterious Three Thousand was waiting to be used after he had accumulated enough power.

This sword technique was extremely powerful, and required a certain amount of time to gather enough power for it, but that would only be the time for one or two breaths. Immediately, an imposing aura exuded from Ling Han, and the might lying underneath was shockingly terrifying.

Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao, who had been engaged in a fierce battle, immediately ceased all movement and turned to stare at Ling Han. They were shocked by the sword intent emanating from Ling Han. When this slash was delivered, it would definitely be a devastating, earth-shattering attack.

Ling Han drew his sword, and instantly, afterimages of swords appeared in the sky illustriously, heading towards Feng Yan and Yan Tian Zhao as a monstrous wave.

Feng Yan's expression changed abruptly. The power behind this slash was stronger by an unknown number of times than the Four Seasons Sword Technique! He had originally thought that the Four Seasons Sword Technique was Ling Han's ace-in-the-hole and his final trump card, but had never thought that Ling Han could show an even more powerful sword technique. This was completely unbelievable to him.

The sword rose, and it seemed as if winds and clouds were birthed with it.

Feng Yan quickly roared loudly. This slash was too powerful. He wouldn't be able to receive this move if he merely relied on the Mirror Light Body, so he had to use his strongest trump card! As he roared tumultuously, his body actually expanded, as if it was pumped full of air.

The inconceivable thing was that black-colored fur actually grew rapidly on his body, as if he had become an ape. However, his aura also soared correspondingly, increasing all the way from the first layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

The middle period of the first layer, the late period, the peak period, and without the slightest bit of stagnation, he breached over and directly entered the second layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

It was still increasing!

The second layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, the third layer… and finally stopped at the fourth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier!

He once again shot out a fist, and like previously, nine battle sabers shot out with his fist. But they were far more profound than they had been, and the martial intent contained in them was much more powerful as well.

On the other side, Yan Tian Zhao's eyes had also narrowed, and a green fog gushed out from all over his body, forming a shield-like object in front of him, and he was protected behind it.

Xiu, xiu, xiu. The sword images shot forward, and it was indeed an earth-shattering attack.

On the peak, the Rain Emperor had also stood up. His face that had been formerly calm was now wearing a shocked expression. It was obvious that the might behind Ling Han's move had exceeded even his expectations.

The swords reached their target!

Hong, hong, hong, hong, hong, hong . Thunderous bangs were heard, and one after another, streams of light clashed, crashed into one another, and shattered, putting on an endless luster.

All those at the foot of the hill were watching dizzily with wide eyes. These few young men were obviously merely in the early stage of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, yet they displayed battle prowess that should belong to the middle stage, or even late stage of the Spiritual Ocean Tier.

No, there was even a guy that was only in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier!

This was too much f******** nonsense. Did that mean that the ranks in martial arts were only for show?

After this one move, Ling Han, Feng Yan, and Yan Tian Zhao separated, with a certain distance between each other. For the moment, none of them made a move, and merely stood opposite one another.

"I really can't underestimate you!" Feng Yan said solemnly. However, his whole body was covered with black fur and all his muscles were swelling, so he had completely transformed into a muscular guy and there wasn't any hint left of his original appearance. It was like a giant ape had suddenly crashed the show, and ruined the image completely.

"However, now that you have forced me to use my trump card, the two of you would only be qualified to be trampled under my feet!" he laughed wildly.

Ling Han frowned slightly, and said, "Wild Strength Berserk Ape bloodline?" He finally understood why Feng Yan would be taken as disciple by a powerful elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier from the Winter Moon Sect—Wild Strength Berserk Ape was an ancient demonic beast, and it was rumored that these demonic beasts were in the Shattering Void Tier. Moreover, they were an extremely powerful race even in the Shattering Void Tier. Since he had inherited this kind of bloodline, Feng Yan could also possible break through to Shattering Void Tier.

Who would be able to resist the temptation of having a disciple in the Shattering Void Tier? The stronger one's ability, the more powerful their desire. Since they themselves could not possibly break through to the Shattering Void Tier in this lifetime, then having a disciple that could would similarly bring to them a powerful satisfaction and sense of accomplishment.

Feng Yan could not help but tense up, and said, "You even know about Wild Strength Berserk Ape?" Actually, in the past, he himself had no idea what kind of bloodline he possessed. It was only by coincidence that it was discovered by that powerful elite from the Winter Moon Sect, who recognized this bloodline.

Yet Ling Han actually managed to recognize it with a single look. This guy was really too knowledgeable, wasn't he?

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "So what if it is Wild Strength Berserk Ape? Your bloodline is extremely thin at the moment and can only increase your cultivation level by three layers, so it's nothing to worry about."

"Then, I'll just have to let you see how much I am 'nothing to worry about'!" Feng Yan was flung into a furious rage. The hatred he felt for Ling Han who had killed his brother burned powerfully in his heart, and as he had activated the bloodline of a demonic beast, his temperament was also greatly affected. He had become incredibly brusque and violent, and instantly charged toward Ling Han!

C 1 eng, ceng, ceng , his ten fingers separated and transformed into sharp claws that were like the blades of knives.

Feng Yan waved his hands repeatedly and his claws tore through the air, actually forming multiple blades made of air. Xiu, xiu, xiu, xiu , they flew towards Ling Han first, whereas Feng Yan himself followed closely behind. His whole body was exuding a shockingly violent air, as if he himself was an ancient demonic beast that had been brought back to life.

Ling Han frowned slightly. The bloodline of an ancient demonic beast was indeed a headache!

He humphed. He was not able to use the Mysterious Three Thousand as he did not have the time to, so he merely waved his sword and used the Four Seasons Sword Technique. Instantly, the images of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter were displayed, making one feel as if they were able to experience the change of seasons all in a single instant.

Pu, pu, pu, pu . The blades of air shot out, and the sword move of the Four Seasons Sword Technique paused. Feng Yan took the chance to charge over and shot out a fist. Nine battle sabers appeared, and ruthlessly headed towards Ling Han's chest.

Ling Han used the Shadow Wind Technique, and rapidly retreated.


However, he still experienced a bit of suffering as his whole body was flung thirty feet away. A bit of blood seeped out of the corner of his lips. Even if he had now formed Body of Rock Cliff, he was still not able to completely resist Feng Yan's attack. After all, the power of an elite in the fourth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier added together with the bloodline of the Wild Strength Berserk Ape totalled up to a much too powerful attack prowess.

Feng Yan laughed in his arrogance and said, "In ancient days, the Wild Strength Berserk Ape was practically invincible. Their claws brought their own rules of the world, and were able to tear through all defences! Ling Han, I'm definitely going to cripple both your legs today!"
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