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Chapter 264: Beating
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Ling Han raised his clasped hands politely in the Rain Emperor's direction and said, "This young junior hereby pays respects to Your Imperial Majesty!"

Since he had addressed himself as junior, the respects he paid were naturally that of a martial artist to his senior, so there was no kneed to kneel or bow. If he was greeting the Rain Emperor as a subject, then he would have to kneel. Those were two absolutely different standpoints.

The Rain Emperor did not rebuke him. Instead, he smiled, and said, "Young man, you are very proud!"

By his feet, Xu Ke Xin was awakened by the noise. When she opened her eyes and looked at Ling Han, she could not help but look slightly surprised. She had obviously met this young man before and had even once thought of killing him before, though she had not made the move to in the end.

She had never thought that this person would actually be qualified to meet with the Rain Emperor. This was extremely surprising.

"Your Imperial Majesty is the real mighty one here. Merely one punch was able to completely defeat that damn attendant of the Winter Moon Sect, making this junior's blood boil with excitement," Ling Han complimented.

"Hahahaha!" the Rain Emperor laughed loudly, shook his head and said, "Do you think that just because you speak a little flattery, I will forget the trouble you've caused?"

Xu Ke Xin could not help but be astonished. She had been by the Rain Emperor's side for a number of years, but had almost never seen the Rain Emperor laugh so hard before. He had even used a teasing tone to speak to a young man. This was practically unbelievable to her.

Ling Han said seriously, "Please forgive me, Your Imperial Majesty!"

The Rain Emperor humphed and said, "No matter how angry I was, I would not dare to do anything to a Black Grade high level alchemist!"

Xu Ke Xin could not help but stare with wide eyes. A Black Grade high level alchemist? This young man in front of her? How could this be! But the Rain Emperor would not be speaking false words, so no matter how unbelievable it was to her, it had to be the truth.

Ling Han laughed and said, "I had not yet thanked Your Imperial Majesty for helping me out of a difficult situation. I will definitely repay your favor in the future!" Since the Rain Emperor had pointed out his status as a Black Grade high level alchemist, then he would speak with the Rain Emperor as an alchemist. In terms of status, he was only slightly beneath the latter.

The Rain Emperor tapped lightly on the armrest of his throne and said, "My eldest, my third, and my seventh son, you have met all of them before. Who do you think is more appropriate to inherit the throne?"

Should he be asked this kind of question? Ling Han thought for a moment, then replied, "You should have made your decision long before in your heart, Your Imperial Majesty. I would not dare to speak any lies."

"You are a Black Grade high level alchemist. Fu Yuan Sheng and Wu Song Lin both take your opinion into account greatly. If you hold a different opinion than I and influence the alchemists not to sell any more medicinal pills to the citizens of Rain Country in the future, then wouldn't that mean destruction for the Rain Empire?" the Rain Emperor said calmly.

Ling Han could not help but be covered in a cold sweat. This crime was a bit big, and added together with the fact that rulers tended to be temperamental, if he really thought that Ling Han was going to be a problem that would threaten his imperial authority, then no matter who he was, he would directly eliminate him!

He had pushed his alertness to the highest level it could go. If there was any movement from the Rain Emperor, he would instantly enter into the Black Tower. The most that would do would be allowing the Rain Emperor to discover that he had a secret technique that allowed him to teleport instantly or think he had a secret hideout. Even if he was forced to reveal some of his secrets, that was still better than losing his life.

"Put your little heart safely back into your chest. If I really wanted to kill you, you would not have survived on the whole way here," the Rain Emperor said calmly.

Ling Han laughed. Although he looked relieved on the surface, he was not the slightest bit relaxed internally. He was not one who would easily trust anyone.

"Ling Han, how should I treat you?" the Rain Emperor said. "An alchemist that can concoct Foundation Building Pills, the foundations of Rain Country could be disturbed greatly because of you!"


Xu Ke Xin could finally not hold herself back from coughing. The Foundation Building Pills that had created so much commotion in the Imperial City were actually concocted by Ling Han? Inconceivable, really inconceivable, he was so young, so how could he actually be able to concoct Foundation Building Pills?

Ling Han thought for a moment, then said, "In the future, if I concoct any more Foundation Building Pills, I can prioritize supplying half to the Imperial Family first."

"Good!" The Rain Emperor finally smiled, and the tense atmosphere was instantly dispersed.

Accompanying the Emperor was really like accompanying a tiger. An Emperor was always temperamental and would kill anyone at the drop of a hat, so even if you wanted to be calm, it wasn't that easily accomplished.

Ling Han could not help but criticize silently. If he still had the cultivation he had in his last life, he would definitely have given the Rain Emperor a good thrashing for actually daring to scare him. However, at this moment, he could only grimace, and said, "I was almost scared to death by Your Imperial Majesty!"

The Rain Emperor gave a bit of foreshadowing first, then came a threat. All that was merely for the Foundation Building Pills.

"Haha, you will definitely become an Earth Grade alchemist in the future. By then, even I would have to welcome you heartily. Taking advantage of this time when your wings are not full yet, I naturally have to give you a little beating and bully you a bit, as I will not have the chance to do so in the future," the Rain Emperor said smilingly.

Ling Han smiled as well. Actually, the Rain Emperor was also a man with a sense of humor, though that would depend on whether he wanted you to feel that he was an interesting, humorous man.

"My eldest and my third sons are still a bit lacking in terms of disposition. They have ambition, but do not have the fitting manner for it!" the Rain Emperor said, giving a little judgment to his sons. "My seventh is a bit too cautious. He is an adequate defender, but will not advance enough."

He paused, then said, "You should be supporting my seventh. With the support of a future Earth Grade alchemist, I can rest easy and abdicate. I have decided, after my sixtieth birthday, I shall pass on the throne to my seventh, and from then on, concentrate my focus on martial arts."

Xu Ke Xin was greatly shocked, her face paling. She could not help but call out, "Your Imperial Majesty—"

The Rain Emperor pressed down with one hand, stopping her from speaking further, then said, "You should leave now as well!"

Ling Han did not pay any mind to the enigmatic words between the two of them, and said, "Congratulations, Your Imperial Majesty."

"Why are you congratulating me?" the Rain Emperor asked, smiling.

"When you have left behind the matters of the nation, you will be able to concentrate on breaking through to Flower Blossoming Tier, and will be thus able to cast off your mortal chains and ascend to godhood!" Ling Han said with a smile.

The Rain Emperor could not help his eyes lighting up. Instantly, his aura gushed out like the waves of the sea, and he said, "You can actually tell my cultivation level?"

Ling Han smiled slightly, and said neutrally, "I am an alchemist, so my divine sense has to be much stronger than any ordinary person."

The Rain Emperor nodded. This young man was indeed extraordinary. Otherwise, he couldn't have possibly concocted alchemical pills close to Earth Grade when he was merely in the Gushing Spring Tier. He once again tapped his finger on the arm rest and said, "Half a month later, I will organize a feast for my birthday. At that time, there will also be a martial arts competition held in celebration of my birthday."

Ling Han did not know what was the significance of these words, so he only nodded and did not reply.

"For the person who gets the first place in the martial arts competition, the prize will be a treasure in the inner chamber of the National Treasury," the Rain Emperor said calmly.

Ling Han was moved instantly.

The Eye of Truth!

The Rain Emperor was already half a step into the Flower Blossoming Tier, and added together with the power of the nation, he was like a god in Rain Country. Thus, his eyes and ears were practically everywhere in this country. Most likely, the few deals that he had made with the Eldest and the Third Imperial Prince had not escaped the knowledge of this Rain Emperor.

Ling Han tensed up. Then what about the issue of the Liu Sisters? Technically, he had covered for the criminals that had intended to assassinate an Imperial Consort. This was no different than committing treason.

En, he should not know.

The Rain Emperor was human, after all. Even if he had broken through to the Flower Blossoming Tier, he would only be no longer mortal, but he would still be a very far ways off from becoming a god. He could only be able to concentrate his limited attention on a few important people.

For example, his three sons who all had the ability to qualify for the competition for the throne. Their every move must not have escaped his knowledge as he secretly compared and mused over which one was more suited to inherit the throne.

Thus, the fact that Ling Han had discussed stealing the Eye of Truth with the Eldest and the Third Imperial Princes must not have escaped the knowledge of this Rain Emperor.

Now, the Rain Emperor had taken out the Eye of Truth as a prize. The unspoken words here were, 'I am well aware of all your little moves. As long as you are willing to listen to me, then I will naturally give you some benefits.'

No wonder he was the ruler of a nation. He was very skilled at manipulating.
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