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Chapter 261: Battle of Backgrounds
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Shua , the decree streaked through the air, and there was a golden light bubbling forth.

Both Ling Han and Feng Yan leaped through the air, chasing after the decree. Whoever was able to gain possession of the decree now would practically be getting hold of the life-and-death power in this situation.

Peng, peng, peng, peng. The two men entered into an endless exchange of moves in mid air, but Ling Han was still at a slight advantage and managed to get the upper hand.

Ling Han stretched out a hand, and just when his fingertips were about to touch the decree, he suddenly paused. Then he waved out his left hand, and the Blood Sucking Origin Gold transformed into a golden thread that circled around the decree. Another toss, and he had cast off the decree far away from him.

The decree floated calmly downwards. A man who had been standing at the side grew covetous, and snatched it over in a single move. Who knew that just as his hand had just grabbed hold of it, his whole arm was reduced to a lump of bloody flesh with a pa, instantly causing the man to shriek in agony.

"Heng!" Feng Yan stopped moving and said coldly, "You are quite cautious!"

Previously, he had indeed been caught off guard by Ling Han, but in the exchange of blows and fighting over to grab the decree that followed afterwards, it was not that he had been losing, but rather that he had held back some of his ability deliberately. He wanted to let Ling Han take hold of the decree and use that opportunity to crush Ling Han's arm. He had not thought that Ling Han would be so cautious, however.

It was not that Ling Han was especially cautious. Instead, as someone who used to be an ultimate elite of the Heaven Tier, how could he be unaware of the taboos of a decree? He pretended that he was ignorant, made use of Feng Yan's own intent to harm others, and led the latter to actually discard the decree on his own.

Now that Feng Yan had lost the decree as a threat, the others would naturally not have to obey his commands.

In a one against one battle, Ling Han was unafraid.

"Feng Yan!" Everyone was fuming in rage. A lowly martial artist from a humble background actually dared to threaten their lives; this was enough to make them all want nothing more but to devour him alive.

"Don't be defiant!" Feng Yan exclaimed arrogantly, his eyes sweeping over his surroundings. "You pieces of trash only know how to express your anger verbally, but do any of you actually dare to make a move against me?"

"You!" Quite a number of people roared loudly with reddened eyes. The relatives of those people Feng Yan had killed previously were especially furious, their bodies trembling with restrained anger. However, the Winter Moon Sect was like a colossal behemoth that was pressing down on their heads. Who would dare make a move against Feng Yan when they were perfectly aware that he was a disciple of the Winter Moon Sect?

"Don't go 'you, you', pieces of trash!" Feng Yan smirked icily, and no longer bothered with the rest. He turned to Ling Han and said, "Though I am definitely going to kill you, but I have to admit that you are at least much braver than these pieces of trash since you actually dare to stand against me."

Ling Han's sword tremored, and he said, "You are speaking too much nonsense. You had best wash your neck clean and prepare for death!"

"You really dare to kill me?" Feng Yan laughed, "Are you not afraid of the Winter Moon Sect?"

"So what about it?" Ling Han asked calmly. He was indeed not taking the Winter Moon Sect to heart. No matter how much Feng Yan scrambled his brains, he could not possibly know that Ling Han used to be an ultimate elite of the Heaven Tier. Though his cultivation level had dropped, but how could his pride and scope drop as well?

In the future, he would definitely be capable of once again returning to the Heaven Tier, and this would not take too much time. What more when there was still an Ao Feng in the Winter Moon Sect, someone that Ling Han was definitely going to eliminate in the future? He was destined to face the Winter Moon Sect in an open confrontation.

In comparison, Feng Yan could only be considered a minor character.

"Hahahaha, what courage. Only killing such a man would be fulfilling!" Feng Yan laughed loudly, pointed at Ling Han and said, "If it was not for the fact that you killed my younger brother, I really would not have wanted to kill you off so soon."

"Dream on!" Ling Han attacked, his sword waving; instantly, six flashes of Sword Qi danced together.

"Do you think I'm afraid of you?" Feng Yan shouted, and a faint silvery light flickered from his body. He waved his long saber in a slash that possessed the aggressive air of advancing forwards without any sign of retreat.

"What a good saber!" Xie Chang could not help but call out.

"You're still praising this brat?" Lu Zhong Tian rolled his eyes. This guy had almost killed them all off just moments ago.

"That's quite another matter. This brat's saber arts is indeed not bad; if it wasn't for… ai, even I have a bit of desire of take him as my disciple." Xie Chang sighed with a shake of his head, looking like he felt it was really quite a pity.

Ting, ting, ting, ting. Ling Han and Feng Yan endlessly exchanged blows, and Saber Qi and Sword Qi danced vigorously through the air.

At this point, Feng Yan had activated the Mirror Light Body, and was able to rebound about twenty percent of Ling Han's attacks. This was extremely astonishing, as not only was he able to reduce twenty percent of Ling Han's attack power, he was also able to reflect this attack power back onto Ling Han and strengthen his own attacks in the process.

In the process of receiving attacks, Feng Yan's body was also flickering with silvery light, like it was a mirror that was about to shatter.

Obviously, there was a limit to the attack power he could reflect. As long as this limit was exceeded, then he would not be able to reflect the attack, and would be directly shattered instead.

Ling Han's Body of Rock Cliff also displayed its effects. He could more or less withstand the twenty percent of attack power that was reflected back onto him and only feel the slight slightest bit of discomfort. However, he only needed to circulate the Indestructible Heaven Scroll and this uncomfortable feeling would disappear without a trace.

The two fighters' right hands wielded their respective weapons, while their left hands continued a barrage of punches and palm strikes. Even their legs would occasionally kick out at their opponent, creating one after another powerful attacks, with an astonishing might behind each attack.

Those people around them were dumbfounded by this display. Who in the younger generation would still be capable of standing against these two?

Too powerful!

Feng Yan was a bit hesitant. This was not his full power, but if he wanted to kill Ling Han, then he would have to reveal some of his more powerful trump cards. Was it worth exposing his trump cards just for one Ling Han?

Moreover, Ling Han should also have trump cards that he had not revealed yet. At least, he had not used that sword technique that contained a series of four sword intents, so Feng Yan could not help but keep a few cards up his sleeve as security.

"I'm not late, am I?" At this moment, a hearty laughter was heard, and a tall old man strode over. With every step, it seemed as if there was a dazzling light under his feet, and a purple-colored light actually bloomed under his steps, like the blooming of a flower.

This was martial intent, something that could only be produced by someone who was at least in the Spiritual Ocean Tier—this man had already reached the Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

Who was he speaking to?

Feng Yan laughed heartily, and said, "Attendant Qiu, you're just in time!"

"Hehe, allow me to introduce myself. I am Qiu Ku, a little attendant of the Winter Moon Sect," the old man said, all smiles, presenting an amiable attitude.

Yet everyone's hearts almost stopped at that; an attendant of the Winter Moon Sect!

If Feng Yan could only be considered a mere disciple, then Qiu Ku could to a great extent represent the will of the Winter Moon Sect.

"Attendant Qiu, help me apprehend this brat!" Feng Yan said.

"All right!" Qiu Ku nodded his head without hesitation. He did not put on any airs even though Feng Yan was much weaker than him in term of cultivation level. This was naturally because he was giving face to that powerful elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier standing behind Feng Yan.

"You dare!" Fu Yuan Sheng instantly stepped out.

Qiu Ku's eyes swept over and slightly narrowed as he said, "A Black Grade high level alchemist?"

"Just let the young people deal with their own matters, where we, the older people, just stand by at one side," Fu Yuan Sheng said calmly, yet there was a forcefulness to his tone that would accept no rejection.

As a member of the Alchemists' Association, he was not afraid of the Winter Moon Sect.

Qiu Ku looked hesitant. Firstly, he had no desire to offend a high level alchemist, and secondly, Fu Yuan Sheng was also in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, so even if he made a move, it was not certain that he would be able to kill Ling Han.

Feng Yan smirked coldly, and said, "Clan Head Liu, this man has killed a son-in-law of the Liu Clan. Could it be that the Liu Clan wants to simply watch as he goes unpunished? I will not make things difficult for you either. As long as you help detain Master Fu, the benefits that I have promised to the Liu Clan would not be reduced in any way!"
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