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Chapter 258: Decree of a Spiritual Infant Tier Elite
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"Feng Ming is already dead, so the matter of this wedding should be dropped!" one of the higher ranking clansmen of the Liu Clan declared. He was one of the objectors and had previously endured for a long time. It was only now that he finally chose to speak up.

If the Liu Clan really married Liu Yu Tong to a dead man, then how would they be able to continue existing in the Imperial City?

Feng Yan smiled calmly and said, "So what if he's dead? When I return, I will find a man from the Feng Clan, and if Miss Liu thinks one is not enough, I would not mind finding a few more."

Once these words were spoken, the clansmen of the Liu Clan all looked furious.

What did you think the women of the Liu Clan were? Prostitutes? And you said you want to find any man, and if one was not enough, you wanted to find a few more!?

Feng Yan was completely uncaring. So what if he had excited the fury of the crowds? Even if a flock of lambs decided to unite, how could they stand against a fierce lion? He had in his hands absolute power, enough that he would not need to bow his head even in front of the Rain Emperor, what more when it was only a mere Liu Clan.

"Heng, the wedding is cancelled, get lost!" the Clan Head of the Liu Clan declared. The aura of a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite rolled out like the waves of a stormy sea, causing all those around them to turn pale.

The fury of an elite was enough to turn the sky and earth upside down!

Yet Feng Yan paid no attention. He merely waved his right hand, and in his hand appeared a roll of silken paper. No one saw where he had drawn it out from. He continued to say, "This was the decree that my master had gifted to me, who would dare disobey?"

Everyone's expressions changed instantly. After Feng Yan had deliberately let the news spread out, those in the upper social circle were all aware that Feng Yan had joined the ranks of the disciples of a Grand Elder of the Winter Moon Sect. That was an ultimate elite in the Spiritual Infant Tier.

In Rain Country, the Flower Blossoming Tier was synonymous for invincibility, what more when it was a Spiritual Infant Tier—that was practically a living god!

With a decree from an elite in the Spiritual Infant Tier in his possession, Feng Yan could completely wave a chicken feather as a token of authority. Even the current Rain Emperor would have to give some face, right?

The Clan Head of the Liu Clan instantly choked. He was a forceful person by nature, but in front of the decree of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, how could he continue with his forceful ways?

Feng Yan's eyes swept over the crowd, and no one dared to look him in the eye. They all lowered their heads. He could not help but look arrogant. He was a tyrant, but so what? He had the right to be!

Today, he would completely humiliate Ling Han... before killing the latter with his own hands.

"Just because you say it is the decree of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite, it is one?" Ling Han shook his head, and said, "I have the token of a Shattering Void Tier elite here myself, would you like to take a look as well?"

"Haha, you're just being stubborn!" Feng Yan laughed loudly, but when he saw some people begin to look a bit doubtful, he said, "Fine then, I'll just let you all take a look at the decree of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite!"

He slowly unrolled the scroll. It was made out of some kind of unknown material. It had the softness of silk, but there were golden threads sewn into it as well, and by itself, it was already a very valuable item.

Weng , a terrifying aura spread out from the decree. It was as if an ultimate elite warrior was about to step out from within, and this caused everyone to shiver, as they felt their limbs freeze and it was if their hearts would jump out of their chests at any second.

This was definitely the decree of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite. Merely the martial intent injected into it spreading out was enough to dominate over an area, and no one could gather the slightest intent to resist.

Pa, pa, pa . One by one, they all knelt. The first were those in the Body Refining Tier, followed by the Element Gathering Tier ones, and then those in the Gushing Spring Tier. As the decree was increasingly unrolled, even the Spiritual Ocean Tier elites were no longer able to withstand it. However, the Spiritual Ocean Tier was Spiritual Ocean Tier after all. They forced themselves to merely sit on the ground, and were spared from being too embarrassing.

Now, there were only a bare few elites of the Spiritual Pedestal Tier who could force themselves to resist. Aside from them, Ling Han and Feng Yan were still standing as well. Meanwhile, Hu Niu was still seated and chowing down on her food. She had listened to Ling Han and obediently did not run around anywhere.

Aside from them, there was one other person who was still sitting fine.

Yan Tian Zhao!

The reason why Feng Yan could remain standing was because he was holding the scroll, and was thus protected by the scroll itself. As for Ling Han, he had been an ultimate elite of the Heaven Tier before, and would naturally have no fear for such dominating might. On the other hand, Hu Niu was too inconceivable.

But when one recalled that shocking Spirit Base in her Dantian that had almost destroyed even Ling Han's consciousness, it was reasonable to think that she would also be able to resist the might at the level of the Spiritual Infant Tier.

But what about Yan Tian Zhao, then? What did he possess that allowed him to resist the martial intent of a powerful elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier?

This guy glanced at Ling Han, and a cold smirk curled up the corners of his lips. He turned to look at Hu Niu, and could not help but frown and look a bit baffled. Obviously, he could not comprehend Hu Niu's calm display.

The decree in Feng Yan's hands was fully unrolled, and though those in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier could still resist, they had lost all ability of movement and could only force themselves to resist through gritted teeth. When he cast his eyes around, it seemed as if everyone was bowing down to Feng Yan, making him stand out like a swan in a flock of chickens as an invincible ruler.

This kind of decree could not last for a very long time. The martial intent within would very quickly disperse, and to sustain such a powerful martial intent, the material used to construct the decree itself was also incomparably valuable. It could only be used once and would thereafter be completely written off. Thus, this was definitely a very wasteful move.

Judging from the fact that Feng Yan was able to obtain such a decree, it was proof enough how very much that Grand Elder of the Winter Moon Sect doted on him.

He should have obtained this when he had returned to the Winter Moon Sect to ask for a Spiritual Pill to heal Feng Luo's arms. Otherwise, he would have had the ability to completely eliminate Ling Han previously, and would have had no need to drag things on until this moment.

Feng Yan laughed loudly, behaving extremely arrogantly.

So what if they were in the Spiritual Pedestal Tier? Even they would only be able to quiver like rats in front of him! So what if they were imperial princes or young masters? They could only kneel in front of him!

"How could this be?!" However, when Feng Yan's swept over Ling Han, he instantly looked astonished. How could this guy still remain standing, and look so completely at ease?

There was absolutely no logic in that!

"How are you still standing?" Feng Yan could not help but ask. This was the decree of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite he was holding here.

"None of your business!" Ling Han gave him the middle finger.

Feng Yan humphed, and said, "I have underestimated you a bit; to think that you have actually concealed your true abilities thus far! However, you are definitely going to die today, and no one will be able to save you!"

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "Your bragging is too exaggerated! Come on then, and let's see if your neck is really that hard."

"Insolence!" Feng Yan was furious. The reason why he had drawn out the decree was to force Ling Han to his knees—he would step on the latter's head and let him watch as the wedding proceeded before stamping his head to pulp.

Yet now… Ling Han was actually able to resist the dominating might of the decree.

"Die!" He had lost all patience. The level of Ling Han's monstrous ability gave rise to a sense of dread within him—Ling Han was already at the same level as he in terms of the cultivation tier, and he also had a powerful backer. Now, he could stand up against even a decree of a Spiritual Infant Tier elite!

It would be best for him to get rid of such an enemy as soon as possible.

With a single leap, Feng Yan reached Ling Han. His right hand was open and pressed down towards Ling Han, as heavy as if his hand itself was a mountain.

Ling Han raised a fist to parry.

Hong , the two attacks crashed together, and visibly, the Origin Power from their two attacks shattered as if it was glass. Xiu, xiu, xiu, it rebounded in all directions. At the moment, everyone was being suppressed by the decree of the Spiritual Infant Tier elite, and thus unable to defend themselves one bit. When one was scraped by a fragment of Origin Power, they would instantly be slashed.

The two young men exchanged positions, and both looked serious. Their opponent was quite powerful.

Feng Yan withdrew the decree, and with a shake of his right hand, a long saber appeared in his hand.

Spatial Ring.

This guy was really quite arrogant. After obtaining such a treasure, he actually dared to show such a precious item in public; was he not afraid that he would attract the envy of others?

Ling Han drew his sword. However, it was not the Demon Birth Sword. How could he so easily show off a Level Ten Spiritual Tool?
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