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Chapter 256: Entering the Stage
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Peng , when Ling Han's fist flew past, there was no visible use of any kind of incredible martial arts technique, yet he just so happened to capture a tiny opening in his opponent's attack. In front of all of their eyes, Ling Han's fist very easily slammed into the chest of that Liu clansman, and the latter flew back from the impact.

This punch was very solid, and that man let out a muffled humph before directly passing out from the blow.

A wave of surprised exclamations rose up all around. One had to understand: that member of the Liu Clan was in the seventh layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, whereas Ling Han was only in the first layer of that Tier. An opponent in the late stage of the Gushing Spring Tier should have absolute domination over one in the early stage, so how could he possibly not even be able to withstand a single punch from Ling Han?

The expressions of the Eldest and the Third Imperial Princes changed drastically as well. Ling Han was actually so powerful, so much that he could defeat even an opponent in the seventh layer of the Gushing Spring Tier in a single strike. This was not very much weaker when compared to Feng Yan.

Not too long ago, Ling Han's cultivation level was not strong enough to even be considered by them. They had decided to lower themselves to befriend Ling Han simply because they had seen the value of Ling Han's background, but Ling Han's personal ability was not even worth their consideration. But now... this was completely unbelievable.

Meanwhile, the Seventh Imperial Prince smiled. The stronger Ling Han was, the happier he was, because he had helped Ling Han in his "time of need", and this friendship was absolutely genuine.

Some clansmen of the Liu Clan looked glad, while there were some who looked angered. Obviously, this was because they were in two minds about this situation and hence this gave rise to their completely different attitudes.

Ling Han continued to advance as if he had just struck a minor character that was not worth a second mention.

"Ling Han, you are definitely bold to dare to come to the Liu Clan and commit a crime!" Another middle-aged man jumped out. It was already difficult to find one that could stop Ling Han among the younger generation. This man was about forty years old and was in the ninth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier. He had been stuck on this cultivation level for a considerable number of years, but it was also because of this that he had solidified and refined his power at this cultivation level.

Ling Han smiled calmly and said, "I'm just ordinarily brave. I'm simply here to see a friend."

"Since that's the case, then please conduct yourself with dignity," the Liu clansman said. His name was Liu Zheng, and he was very likely to break through to the Spiritual Ocean Tier. As a result, he was qualified enough to come into contact with the core secrets of the Liu Clan. He knew that there were two voices in the Liu Clan. One was supporting Ling Han, while the other was supporting Feng Yan.

He naturally was in support of Feng Yan, because Feng Yan had promised many benefits that moved the Liu Clan to agree. However, because there were still many clansmen in the Liu Clan who were in support of Ling Han, he did not want to become enemies with Ling Han.

Ling Han said, "If Yu Tong is willingly getting married, I will definitely deliver a valuable gift to congratulate her on her marriage. However, if there's someone forcing her to go through with it, then, as a friend, I will definitely not agree to the matter!"

"Don't you think you are being too much of a busybody?!" Liu Zheng humphed. "Due to the fact that you are acting to help a friend, if you step back now, I will spare you for your insolence."

"Let Yu Tong speak. I want to personally hear what she has to say." Ling Han continued to advance.

"Insolence!" Liu Zheng was angered now. He was not only a clansman of the Liu Clan, but was also one who was about to step into the central circle of the Liu Clan. Who would dare not heed any words he spoke? However, even though he had spoken such kind words to Ling Han, the latter still insisted on being a pest.

All around them, the spectators were watching. At this moment, naturally no one would run out and play the role of fool.

Ling Han strode forwards and passed by Liu Zheng, paying absolutely no attention to the latter at all.

"How dare you!" Liu Zheng could not take this kind of humiliation. He suddenly turned around, and stretched out a hand to grab Ling Han's shoulder.

Pa , Ling Han did not even turn his head. He simply grabbed onto Liu Zheng's wrist with one hand, and with a toss, shua , Liu Zheng was tossed away. Coincidentally, it just so happened that he landed by Feng Yan's feet.

So awesome, not even Liu Zheng was able to stand up to him. How many Battle Stars did this guy have? But he was obviously merely in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, so how was he so awesome?

Among the crowd, Yan Tian Zhao smiled, but a green light flashed in the depths of his eyes. It transformed into a strange-looking six-pointed star, staring at Ling Han fixatedly as the smile at the corners of his lips increasingly widened.

Feng Yan looked down to look at Liu Zheng who had fallen in front of him before once again raising his head. His face was extremely calm, and there was no visible change in expression.

"Ling Han, you have gone too far!" An old man who looked to be in his fifties walked out, wearing an expression of displeasure.

Liu Ci, Spiritual Ocean Tier!

Don't be mistaken just because his name had a ' Ci 1 '; this man was not the slightest bit merciful. He had always had the reputation of being a ruthless man.

Now, Ling Han was invincible among all those in the Gushing Spring Tier, so no matter how many Gushing Spring Tier martial artists faced him, they were simply asking to be humiliated. As a result, this Spiritual Ocean Tier elite of the Liu Clan could only shamelessly step out. Even if it was a bit embarrassing to bully the weak when he was so much stronger, but it was at least better than not being able to restrain Ling Han, and allowing him to make a fuss in such a public setting.

"Big Brother Guang, I'll hand this piece of trash over to you!" Ling Han said with a smile.

Guang Yuan stood up, very displeased, and said, "This is a Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artist, not a piece of trash! Pei, I am indeed very unlucky that I would actually be conned by you!" Though he said such words, he had already jumped out and appeared in front of Liu Ci.

"Guang Yuan?" Liu Ci naturally recognized this Guang Yuan. Spiritual Ocean Tier martial artists were the true elties in Rain Country. For example, in such a big place like Da Yuan City, there was only one person in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, which was proof enough of the rarity of such elites.

What more when Guang Yuan was also one of the top ten among loose cultivators. Not even a Great Clan like the Liu Clan would underestimate him.

Guang Yuan laughed and said, "Brother Liu, you don't move, and I won't move, either. All right?"

Liu Ci's face changed drastically. These words seemed to be giving him face, but one had to understand that this was the Liu Clan, and today was the day the Liu Clan was marrying off one of their daughters. What kind of logic was that—you all came to create trouble and he was still not allowed to act?

"Brother Guang Yuan, could you give me some face and not interfere?" Another elite of the Liu Clan stepped out, smiling at Guang Yuan.

"Liu Chuang!" Guang Yuan's face could not help but tense up. This man was the kind of man who could wear a big smile while having evil intentions. He could call you brother and converse enjoyably with you yet immediately become hostile and attack in the next moment. Moreover, he was in the sixth layer of the Spiritual Ocean Tier, which was a layer higher than Guang Yuan's own cultivation level.

"Hehe, I'll come in and join the fun too!" A thin old man stood up. His head was bald and had very small eyes, but his eyes shone with a frighteningly cold light.

"Not Even A Blade of Grass Grows, Lu Zhong Tian!" This time, it was Liu Chuang's turn to become tense.

Lu Zhong Tian was a loose cultivator as well, and he was one generation older than Guang Yuan. The nickname of 'Not Even A Blade of Grass Grows' described his bald head, and also came to be because he was a ruthless man who did not leave his enemies alive.

There had been no news of this man since five years ago, and most people thought that he was already long dead. However, the Liu Clan knew that Lu Zhong Tian had been taken in by the Imperial Family. This man appeared here now, and was obviously on Ling Han's side... would this be the Imperial Family's gesture to make known their attitude?

Even the Eldest and the Third Imperial Princes were shocked. They were naturally aware of Liu Zhong Tian's identity. This was one of the top elites of the Imperial Family. They too have two such men under their respective banners, and Lu Zhong Tian... was the Seventh Imperial Prince's man.

'Have Seventh Younger Brother and Ling Han joined forces?'

However, no matter how they looked at it, there was no way for Ling Han to get the upper hand in the battle today. How could Seventh Younger Brother have made such a mistake? He obviously knew that Ling Han was definitely going to lose, yet still insisted on supporting him? One had to understand, Feng Yan had the Winter Moon Sect behind him, and what party of Rain Country was capable of opposing such a colossal behemoth?

'How weird. Seventh Younger Brother should not be as idiotic as that.'
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