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Chapter 252: Persuasion
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Ling Han smiled slightly and said, "I have only just broken through to the Gushing Spring Tier. What need is there for you to be so surprised?"

What need was there for them to be so surprised?

You had to understand that out of this group of people, the earliest among them who reached the ninth layer of the Element Gathering Tier had managed to do so in two years ago, yet they were still at the ninth layer of the Element Gathering Tier even now! And what about him? A few months ago, he was only in the fourth layer of the Element Gathering Tier, yet now he'd left them far behind and stepped into the Gushing Spring Tier.

And this was still not enough to astonish them!? This was practically a fatal shock!

"Ling Han, you're stimulating universal anger with this! Just take a look at how many miserable people here are still stuck at the peak of the Element Gathering Tier?" Qi Yong Ye immediately shouted. Even Baili Teng Yun was nodding repeatedly in agreement. He too was in the ninth layer of the Element Gathering Tier and now possessed the qualifications to attempt breaking through to the Gushing Spring Tier.

However, there was a deep moat that separated being qualified to attempt breaking through and having actually broken through, and this moat required who knows how much time to fill. If one was fortunate enough, he might be able to fill this moat before he reached twenty five years old.

But Ling Han wasn't even eighteen yet!

In the field of martial arts, these few years could not be ignored. If one was unable to break through to the Flower Blossoming Tier, every martial artist was still mortal and could possess a lifespan of merely a hundred years.

"That's right!" Everyone was both jealous, and at the same time, happy for Ling Han.

"You're already in the Gushing Spring Tier even before you've reached eighteen. In the history of Rain Country, you could probably be counted amongst the top ten, right?" Li Dong Yue asked ruefully.

Ling Han merely smiled. If these people were to find out that Hu Niu was already in the ninth layer of the Element Gathering Tier, who knows how extremely shocked they would become. However, Hu Niu had a particular ability that could conceal her aura, and if it was not for the fact that he still had a sliver of divine sense left behind from Heaven Tier, he would not have been able to sense her aura, either.

...Not even Guang Yuan was aware that the little girl had already reached the ninth layer of the Element Gathering Tier, and only thought her to be a slightly stranger child than most since she was always so energetic, as well as such a humongous glutton. Moreover, she was extraordinarily strong.

"Ling Han, will you be attending tomorrow's wedding?" The others finally came to the main topic.

"Why not?" Ling Han countered.

"That's the Liu Clan!" Qi Yong Ye said with a frown.

"So what if it is the Liu Clan?" Ling Han asked with a smile.

After being countered consecutively by Ling Han for two times straight, the others did not know what else they could say. It was obvious that Ling Han did not take the Liu Clan seriously at all.

"Big Brother Ling, I'll go with you tomorrow!" Li Hao forced out through gritted teeth. After being helped out by Ling Han so many times, it was now time for him to repay some of his debts.

"Me too!" Jin Wuji said in a deep voice.

Meanwhile, Zhu Wu Jiu merely smacked the hilt of his sword lightly, and gazed at him with sharp eyes that were filled with determination.

Qi Yong Ye and the others all sighed. A few months ago, Jin Wuji and Ling Han were still enemies, but now he was willing to risk everything for Ling Han's sake. Similarly, a few months ago, Ling Han and the Feng Clan were enemies, but not only had their enmity not been resolved, but their relations had degraded into something that would not end without one side being wiped out completely. Life was indeed full of mysteries.

Ling Han waved his hand and said, "You should all go and watch the excitement tomorrow. However, I will not allow any of you to make a move!"

When Qi Yong Ye, Li Dong Yue and the others heard Ling Han inviting them to go with him, they could not help but become anxious. They did not have the courage to oppose the Liu Clan, but when they heard Ling Han's last few words, they could not help but flush.

Even if Ling Han needed help, it would definitely not fall onto them who were still in the Element Gathering Tier. They really had much too high an opinion of themselves.

Ling Han's eyes swept over Zhu Wu Jiu and the other two. His strict gaze caused the three of them to nod subconsciously, not daring to say anything further.

"Hehe, then I too have no need to make a move, right?" Guang Yuan said with a laugh.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "If no one battles me, then there is naturally no need for Big Brother Guang to act, but if there are really any powerful elites, then Big Brother Guang, as my bodyguard, should naturally display your usefulness. With your ability and reputation, Big Brother Guang, you would at least be able to battle ten opponents on your own!"

"I say, Brat Ling, are you trying to cause trouble for me?" Instantly, Guang Yuan looked miserable.

Ling Han merely smiled. If Guang Yuan did not retreat tomorrow, then he would not mind giving a hand to Guang Yuan, and in the future, not just the Spiritual Pedestal Tier, it was definitely not impossible for Guang Yuan to reach the Flower Blossoming Tier or even the Spiritual Infant Tier.

However, he was not a good Samaritan, so how could he simply give out such a big favor for no price at all?

If one wanted to get him to train them, then one needed to prove that they were qualified to become his friend and earn his trust.

As of now, Li Hao and Zhu Wu Jiu had passed, whereas Jin Wuji had to be observed for a while longer. Qi Yong Ye, Baili Teng Yun and the others, meanwhile, could only pass as casual friends.

Qi Yong Ye and the others continued to persuade him for a while longer, but when they saw Ling Han was completely unmoved, they could only leave helplessly.

The Third Imperial Prince arrived quietly not long after.

"I had never thought that Feng Yan has actually become a disciple of the Winter Moon Sect, and has even been taken in as a disciple by a powerful elite of the Spiritual Infant Tier!" The Third Imperial Prince said as soon as he had stepped through the doors. His face was filled with envy, as well as defiance.

At first, he was the strongest young genius of his age range, and the leader of the three Core Disciples of Hu Yang Academy, but yesterday, he was challenged by Feng Yan and completely defeated. This had to be because Feng Yan had obtained the secret inheritance of the Winter Moon Sect, and also the reason why he had been able to surpass him in cultivation and defeat him easily.

What gave him the right?

Feng Yan was merely a True Disciple of Hu Yang Academy, whereas he was an Imperial Prince of Rain Country and a Core Disciple! Why had the Winter Moon Sect chosen Feng Yan instead of him?

This caused the Third Imperial Prince to feel both envy and hatred.

Ling Han smiled faintly. The Third Imperial Prince's flustered and exasperated display caused his opinion of the former to instantly fall quite considerably, and he could not even bother with the latter's resentful complaints and merely pretended as if he had not heard a single word.

"Ling Han, what are your plans tomorrow?" the Third Imperial Prince asked seriously. This was his real purpose for coming.

Ling Han looked at the Third Imperial Prince and asked, "What plans does Your Imperial Highness want me to have tomorrow?"

The Third Imperial Prince could not help but smile. In his eyes, Ling Han was merely a stepping stone for him on his way to ascend the throne and he had never considered Ling Han as a friend, so everything had to be done for his benefit first and foremost. He said, "Feng Yan is currently very powerful, but not long after, he will leave Rain Country, so I am hoping you can bear with it for the moment."

"What Your Imperial Highness means is that I should stay here tomorrow?" Ling Han asked calmly.

"I know that girl from the Liu Clan is an outstanding beauty, but how could we who do great things be troubled by personal considerations? If you face off with Feng Yan now, you would be killed by him and my Imperial Father would only turn a blind eye to the matter. Thus, bear with it for the moment to exchange for a clear and boundless sky in the future," the Third Imperial Prince advised.

From his mouth, Ling Han was made aware of the attitude of the Imperial Family—no matter how much of a fuss he and Feng Yan created with their personal enmity, the Imperial Family would not interfere. Just like how when he was attacked by Feng Yan in the middle of the street at midnight, when not a single Imperial Guard had appeared, and when he had crippled Feng Luo's arms, the Imperial Family too did not take any action; even when Feng Luo died by his hand, when he returned, he did not see the Imperial Family pursue the matter either.

Needless to say, as Feng Yan had entered the Winter Moon Sect, the Imperial Family would naturally not dare to take action against him. As for Ling Han, he had the two Big Bosses of alchemy to back him up now at first, and now he himself had become a Big Boss like them, so the Imperial Family similarly dared not make a move against him.

...Unless Ling Han did something that would weaken the authority of the Imperial Family.

Thus, just battle it out as much as the two of you liked, as it was a personal enmity anyways.

However, the backers on both sides could not act. Whether it was Fu Yuan Sheng killing off Feng Yan, or some elite of the Winter Moon Sect killing Ling Han, the Imperial Family would be unable to give a good explanation to the other side. If the backers on either side made a move, then the Imperial Family would be forced to interfere.

Ling Han smiled. Since he was now aware of the Imperial Family's bottom line, he could take advantage to turn the battle in his favor.

"I am going to attend tomorrow's wedding!" he said.

"You!" the Third Imperial Prince could not help but become furious.
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