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Chapter 247: Refining Demonic Qi
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God Tier power was absolutely a splendid tonic, only slightly inferior to God Tier medicine.

Before, Ling Han ate the root of that God Tier medicine and improved his physique by whole lot, even almost forming Rock Cliff Body; however, his cultivation barely improved. This was because a true treasure would only increase the foundation just like the best steel should be used on a knife's edge—it wouldn't be wasted on increasing cultivation.

After establishing a firm foundation, would he need to worry about not increasing cultivation fast enough?

However, this surge of power also increased his cultivation quickly as well. This meant that a part of the power was actually "wasted." Of course, Ling Han needed to reach the higher tiers, so he naturally wouldn't mind.

Moreover, he got the Demonic Qi for free, how could he be picky?

Shua , a figure came dashing from ahead, with all four limbs on the ground yet surprisingly smooth movements. In just an instant, the figure ran up to him; who else could it be other than Hu Niu?

"Ling Han baddy, Niu wants to eat too!" The little girl pounced and opened her mouth, inhaling a few whiffs of Demonic Qi.

Ling Han had thought to stop her, but then recalled that Hu Niu absorbed even a godly medicine's root, and decided that this tiny bit of Demonic Qi shouldn't be a problem for her; it was unlikely to make her burst, so he shared some with the little girl.

Fortunately, Hu Niu wasn't reckless, and only absorbed a bit before sitting down on the ground to refine the energy.

Strange Fire hibernated, Hu Niu meditated, and Ling Han meditated too; only Small Tower was leisurely vibrating lightly.

Weng, weng, weng, within Ling Han's Dantian, a violent transformation was occurring. If his divine sense turned into a human figure for comparison, then the spring's eye was equivalent to a five hundred meter long lake, but now it expanded five fold, reaching an extreme.

Ling Han was an experienced person, immediately realizing that he had reached the peak of the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier.

According to the usual way of doing things, he should turn the second origin nucleus into a spring, and then repeat the earlier process. However, where was the second nucleus for him to liquidize now? Could he only cultivate to the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier?

Of course not!

He immediately discovered this limit wasn't extremely stable. He only needed to attack it a little to break through it.

Comprehension of the Tier wasn't a problem, so he only needed energy; however, the Demonic Qi entered his body, so energy flooded him so much that his body expanded by a fold—there were no issues.


The terrifying energy lightly surged, and the spring's eye immediately broke through the original limit, instantly expanding by one fold, then gradually slowing down. However, it still didn't slow down much, because the energy from the Demonic Qi was far from exhausted.

Second layer of the Gushing Spring Tier.

Ling Han knew he broke through, but his Dantian still only had one spring's eye. Put anywhere, this would be considered the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier.

He sighed, it was not that he wanted to be a poser, but he was forced to be one.

Ling Han revealed a smile at that thought. When he reached the peak of the first layer, he made a comparison; his spring's eye was a hundred times larger than that in his previous life!

This was because his spring's eye was formed by a Five Element Origin nuclei, and it also fused nine of them; if would be weird it weren't that exaggerated.

However, in comparison, a hundred times more energy had to be spent to expand the spring's eye to the limit, which equaled a hundred times more time spent on cultivation. If not for him obtaining the Demonic Qi, he would've needed two months to complete it.

He estimated that the remaining Demonic Qi should be enough to push him up two or three more small tiers.

'Rush, rush, rush!'

Time quietly passed. Under the nourishment of the energy of the Demonic Qi, the spring's eye expanded to its extreme once again. His body trembled as the door to the third layer of the Gushing Spring Tier opened up to him.

This speed was shockingly fast; third layer middle period, late period, peak, and a breakthrough again!

It lasted till the middle period of the fifth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier—the Demonic Qi was finally exhausted at that point. Ling Han smiled faintly, opening his eyes.

He was now in a weird condition.

His cultivation was in the fifth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, but all would see it as the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier. His true power surpassed the ninth layer of the Gushing spring Tier, and his battle prowess… even without using his trump card, he could easily shoot up to fifteen stars.

As outsiders saw it, that would be a first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier with fifteen stars or above battle prowess; just how heaven-defying was that?

Besides, his physique also broke through to Rock Cliff Body. Not only was his defense greatly increased, but so was his ability to refine two more drops of the Indestructible True Fluid.

Ling Han raised his right hand, shaking it lightly. Black light surged out, opening up to form a net, as if it were lines of fabric that formed a certain character. However, these black lines adhered to his palm, and couldn't be shot outwards.

He indistinctly felt that these black lines were extremely scary, because he himself definitely didn't want to touch them even a bit.

This was the remnant of the Demonic Qi he refined.

"Small Tower, what is this?" Ling Han asked.

"Power of Regulation," Small Tower replied without any delay.

Ling Han was shocked for a moment. Small Tower lost its memory, so he only asked casually without any expectations, but unexpectedly, he actually received an answer.

"What's the Power of Regulation?" he asked again.

Small Tower oscillated slightly, as if pondering. After a while, it said, "I'm not quite sure, but it's very impressive."

'Who would've thought a tool spirit could say something so irresponsible!'

"Ya!" Hu Niu jumped up fiercely, and with a peng , she appeared over thirty meters above the ground. When she landed, the little girl couldn't help but jump in joy, and said, "Niu broke through!"

Ling Han's swept by, only to see that Hu Niu had reached the peak of the ninth layer of the Element Gathering Tier; if she went up a just a teeny tiny bit, she could become a Gushing Spring Tier martial artist.

Based on what Ling Han knew, this little girl's cultivation speed was definitely unprecedented, something that would never reappear in the world. Even if he was a Heaven Tier reincarnator with a God Tier Spirit Base, he could only pale in front of Hu Niu.

"Niu's going to fight ten!" Hu Niu laughed aloud.

Ling Han snickered, and grabbed with his right hand. The Demon Birth Sword already appeared in his hand, immediately putting up a fierce struggle, but inside the Black Tower, there wasn't any use in being a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool—the Black Tower restrained it completely.

With a thought, the Black Tower's power immediately activated, washing away the Demonic Qi inside the Demon Birth Sword.

He immediately discovered that the Demon Birth Swords spirit was already connected with the Demonic Qi, and it could no longer be severed. If he were to refine the Demonic Qi, then the spirit would die along with it.

He only slightly hesitated, then decided to continue, for a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool that couldn't be used by him was useless. The spirit's existence would only be counter-productive—once it left the Black Tower, it would unhesitantly kill him.

Since that was the case, he naturally wiped away the spirit as he could slowly produce and nourish a new one.

Hong , the Black Tower's mighty force swept by, and in that instant, the Demon Birth Sword's spirit and Demonic Qi were annihilated without a single trace left behind.

Ling Han picked up the exceptional sword, trying to activate the martial intent in it.

If the spirit didn't die and was willing to help, a Tenth Tier Spirit Tool could release the power of the Shattering Void Tier, allowing Ling Han to walk rampant on these vast stretches of land. However, the spirit died, so Ling Han's power was necessary to awaken the martial intent in the blade, activating the power of the Spirit Tool.

He exerted a lot of strength, and saw that a singe line of fabric on the blade lit up.
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