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Chapter 242: Asura Demon Emperor
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Ling Han smiled condescendingly, and said, "A grown man still speaking half-truths, don't you fear being laughed at?

"Hehe, youngster, when this lord had overrun the world, your ancestors weren't even born!" That voice laughed, its owner appearing to think otherwise. "No matter, this lord's name is… Asura Demon Emperor!"

Demon Emperor?

Ling Han was stunned. Based on Xiao Ding's account, Devil Sky Mystery Realm's master was called "Demon Master," could it be this person? He said dully, "This nickname is certainly awe-inspiring and domineering, but don't you have a name?"

"Hahahaha, youngster, are you trying to fish out information from this lord?" The voice that called itself Asura Demon Emperor burst into laughter. "Ai, this lord hasn't seen people for too too long, so I'll chat with you for a bit!"

Ling Han didn't appreciate the offer, and said coldly, "Lord Demon Emperor is in such a good mood, using mystical arts to control people right away. I wouldn't dare to chat with Lord Demon Emperor, maybe I'll fall into a trap at anytime."

Asura Demon Emperor laughed mischievously without a shred of anger and embarrassment from having just had his evil deed revealed. "This is a mystery realm locked by infinite restrictions in order to stop people from entering. This lord is responsible for suppressing this land, and won't allow anyone to pass. It is you who bumped into the speartip 1 ."

Those words seemed to have some reason.

Ling Han was already well-acquainted with such ways, so he naturally wouldn't be embarrassed by this rebuttal. He laughed and said, "Old Senior, this place has been desolate for countless years, already becoming a thing with no owner! Us martial artists explore all sorts of ancient ruins, it is a very normal thing, isn't it? Would Senior send out an application asking for permission to enter before entering some ancient ruins?"

Asura Demon Emperor instantly cracked up. "Youngster, you sure can argue! Well, this lord won't get entangled in the right or wrong of entering this place, but since you've entered, and have the ability, you can complete a wish of this lord."

Ling Han inwardly sneered. Speaking of arguing, Asura Demon Emperor was better, quietly covering up the fact that he tried to control him earlier. However, if he wanted to fish information from the other party, he naturally wouldn't keep arguing about that, or else they would only fall out.

"What wish does Senior have?" he asked.

"Wait for this lord to tell you why Devil Sky Mystery Realm exists." Asura Demon Emperor sighed, and began to tell Ling Han what he wanted to know. "A very long time ago, at least several ten thousand years, an incomparably strong being appeared in this world: it was called Chaos Origin God…"


Ling Han was a little shocked inside. Those who reached Shattering Void Tier's extreme could shatter the sky and enter the legendary divine plane. Could this Chaos Origin God have come from the divine plane? If a being like that truly existed, then wouldn't it be invincible here?

"Chaos Origin God was strong, but it committed the most heinous crimes and caused countless formidable cultivators to set out against it together. After paying a steep price, they defeated Chaos Origin God. His body was divided into nine parts, each part suppressed in nine different mystery realms," Asura Demon Emperor added.

Ling Han was seriously shocked, and said with a frown, "This place suppresses one ninth of Chaos Origin God's body?"


Ling Han was astounded, and asked again, "You said body, not corpse?"

"Chaos Origin God was too powerful—even if smashed to pieces, he could immediately recover, being essentially impossible to kill. Thus, the only way was to split his body into nine parts to decrease his power, suppressing each part separately," Asura Demon Emperor explained.

Hiss , as expected of a god, super-kickass.

Ling Han pondered, and asked again, "Why not split him into ten parts, or a hundred parts?"

"Because nine was the extreme. If it surpassed nine, Chaos Origin God could restore himself on any remaining limb, and below nine, his power would only be divided. Therefore, the extreme was nine parts," Asura Demon Emperor said.

Ling Han nodded. This explained one of his doubts, but he immediately asked again, "After so many years, Chaos Origin God hasn't died?"

"A god's life is so long that it surpasses your imagination," Asura Demon Emperor said indifferently.

"Senior's life seems to be quite long as well," Ling Han also said indifferently.

"Hahahaha, this involves another secret, but it's also the wish that I would like you to complete for this lord." Asura Demon Emperor laughed and said, "Suppressing Chaos Origin God under nine mystery realms can only temporarily suppress it. The nine body parts will still instinctively seek to escape and fuse with each other."

He paused a short while, then continued, "Thus, each mystery realm includes strong restrictions to strengthen the lock. However, the restriction's power slowly weakened with time. It should be about twenty thousand years ago when the restriction power weakened to the point that it almost couldn't suppress Chaos Origin God. Consequently, this lord fused his own body with the restriction to reinforce the restriction again."

That was what Xiao Ding had said when they were ordered to leave Devil Sky Mystery Realm?

Ling Han pondered. Asura Demon Emperor's words had no inconsistencies, and if it were as he said, that he sacrificed himself to suppress Chaos Origin God by fusing with the restriction, then his moral character was definitely worthy of respect.

He nodded and said, "Senior's sentiments impress this junior."

Asura Demon Emperor sighed, paused for a short while, then said, "This lord's greatest wish is to annihilate Chaos Origin God forever! This was originally impossible, but this lord fused with the restriction and continued to battle with Chaos Origin God's body for ten thousand years, obtaining a deep understanding of Chaos Origin God. Youngster, this lord has a way to annihilate Chaos Origin God completely, do you wish to help this lord?"

Ling Han smiled—although Asura Demon Emperor spoke vehemently, it was all just him talking. Ling Han's had two lifetimes as a human; he wouldn't believe a one-sided story; he naturally he had his own opinions.

He said, "How do I help?"

"This place suppresses Chaos Origin God's left arm, and this lord can help you refine it! By doing so, Chaos Origin God will completely lose one ninth of his power, and you… will possess one part of a god's body. In days to come, when you break through to the God Tier, your chances of success will be at least 70-80% if not 90%." Asura Demon Emperor suddenly threw out a large pie, enough to crush any one person.

Shattering the sky and attaining god spirit—this was every martial artist's dream! Didn't Ling Han enter and explore numerous ancient ruins precisely to break through to the Shattering Void Tier?

Now it seemed like a glorious path was set in front of him—one step to the heavens!

Possessing an arm of god, what sort of concept was that?

Even with Ling Han's strong will, his heartbeat became faster by three beats. However, he immediately calmed down and said, "How do I do it?"

"Easy, just pull out a sword, and this lord will be able to allocate all of the restriction's power, and when the time comes, I'll be able to assist you in merging with the arm of god, refining Chaos Origin God's will!" Asura Demon Emperor said somewhat excitedly.
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