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Chapter 236: Thunder River
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"Ling Han, you're too arrogant!" Li Cheng Hu and the others scolded him one after another.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Not that I'm looking down on you guys, I'm just telling the truth. Each of you certainly is trash!

"Bullsh*t!" Li Cheng Hu and Huang Wei Ze couldn't endure it and attacked him simultaneously.

In actuality, they were certainly the only ones who were qualified, because the rest were just in the Element Gathering Tier. Faced with someone in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, they could only watch. However, Li and Huang were both members of noble families whom their families were focusing on, so the two of them certainly were stronger than average.

They both used swords and unleashed arts and skills right away, each out of the ordinary.

Li Cheng Hu struck with his sword, and ten spirals of flame appeared out of thin air, condensing into flaming flowers and floating rapidly towards Ling Han. Meanwhile, when Huang Wei Ze brandished his sword, the ground trembled lightly as if it were dancing.

Steady like a mountain, Ling Han didn't move, and his expression was relaxed.

"Arrogant!" Li and Huang both snorted. They already unleashed their ultimate moves, but Ling Han was still so haughty. 'He's really asking for trouble! Let's injure him heavily, and make him remember this lesson.'

They heard vaguely about Ling Han from their elders, and were warned strictly not to provoke him. However, they were both in the prime of youth, and it concerned Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan, the two unrivalled beauties—how could they hold it in?

Thus, they definitely didn't dare to kill, but still wanted to teach Ling Han a lesson, and let this brat know that the two beauties of the Imperial City were known as such because they belonged to the Imperial City, and definitely weren't someone a countryside toad could covet.

Shua , both attacks came hurling toward Ling Han.

Ling Han finally moved, very offhandedly striking out two palms.

These two palms were extremely casual, and everyone could clearly see that there was nothing special about them at all. Yet, they easily broke through Li and Huang's attacks, striking them both on their chests.

Peng, peng , with two smothered sounds, Li and Huang were both sent flying; they spat out blood in midair and made a parabolic arc through the air, landing on the ground at about the same time.


Everyone was shocked. Li Cheng Hu was a martial artist in the third layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, while Huang Wei Ze was a layer weaker; yet, the two together were unexpectedly defeated by Ling Han in one move.

The key was that Ling Han was only in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier! And he did so effortlessly, as if even should these two be ten times stronger, they would still easily defeated by him.

As they understood that, Li and Huang found themselves completely at a loss, their confidence lost. In that moment, they completely abandoned the idea of teaching him a lesson.

For Ling Han, as long he didn't face someone with a higher tier, then based on his experience as someone who used to be in the Heaven Tier, wasn't taking care of a few small Gushing Spring Tier opponents an easy and relaxing thing?

"Get lost!" he shouted lightly, giving no quarters.

If these people stayed polite, then he would also be polite when he asked them to leave, but they wanted to embarrass him, so why would he give them face?

He would never let outsiders found out about the Black Tower, so he naturally wouldn't wish others to tag along.

Li and Huang weren't heavily injured and soon got up, giving Ling Han a fierce look and turning to leave. As they left, the others naturally followed in hurry.

"Li Si Chan, why don't you go with them?" Liu Yu Tong asked sourly.

"I met them on the way, so we formed a party. Besides, I'm only a small alchemist, and not a member of the eight noble families. Speaking of which, you're the one who should join them!" Li Si Chan returned a tit-for-tat reply.

"Hmph!" The two of them glared at each other, neither giving in to the other.

"Snicker!" Hu Niu dove into Ling Han's embrace, her small face full of smiles—the two ugly people were foolishly arguing, but Ling Han belonged to Niu!

The two girls quickly ended their confrontation, and said worriedly, "But, Ling Han, now you've offended almost the entire younger generation of the eight noble families. When you return to the Imperial City, you might be in a seriously difficult situation!"

Ling Han smiled confidently. He now crossed into the Gushing Spring Tier, finally catching up in tier with the mainstream younger generation. As long as figures from the older generation didn't come out, whom did he need to fear?

"Counter pawns with the king, and water with an earth weir," he said.

Both girls thought so as well—worrying now was useless. Moreover, if Heaven's Medicine Pavilion sent Ling Han a high level Black Grade badge, then even the heads of the eight noble families would have to be polite and call him Young Master Ling when they saw Ling Han. No matter how many juniors united, what use would it be?

Half a day later, they arrived in front of a large river.

Further ahead was the vast unknown region of the mystery realm, but this river… wasn't easy to cross!

Ling Han looked closely—as the river surged, there were actually flashes of lightning; looking just twice was enough to make his soul begin to throb.

This was a thunder river. If one crossed the river hastily, then one definitely would be torn into pieces by the power of thunder. Let alone Gushing Spring Tier—or Spiritual Ocean Tier—even a Heaven Tier cultivator would frown upon seeing it.

Ling Han felt strange, and said, "Has anyone crossed the river before?"

"Yes, according to ancestors' written accounts, there certainly have been such people, but as to how they did it… no one ever returned, so there is no way to know," Liu Yu Tong said.

Ling Han nodded. According to the logbook Xiao Ding left, somewhere in this thunder river were hidden stumps that would appear each day at a certain time, allowing people to cross; however, each time interval when they appeared would be very short.

But many people came in every time, so there were always some who encountered it by chance, and there definitely were courageous people who wanted to go to the other side of the river to find opportunities who never returned.

Ling Han was now searching for the place where the hidden stump appeared.

They walked along the river and looked for spirit grasses and spirit trees in passing, reaping a decent profit. Although they were all low level, a mosquito's leg was still meat; besides, the Black Tower's space was almost infinitely large, so why waste it?

Seeing Ling Han make grass and trees disappear as he walked, Li Si Chan naturally looked like she saw a ghost, whereas Liu Yu Tong showed a smug satisfaction. Though a few days ago, her expression wasn't much better, she could now laugh at Li Si Chan who was like a country bumpkin making a fuss over nothing.

Ling Han revealed the spatial ring's secret to the two girls, and simply said that he had an even better spatial vessel, so naturally there was no need to explain the Black Tower's secret. And now, he no longer had any use for this spatial ring since the Black Tower replaced it with infinitely larger space and functions.

The two girls were curious of the novel stuff, looking at the spatial ring with a blazing gaze.

On one hand, the spatial ring certainly was a good thing, but besides that, rings represented another sort of meaning.

"It's Niu's!" The two girls were still waiting for Ling Han to choose whom to give it to, but someone who didn't play by the rules caught them off guard, snatching it and putting it on her finger while laughing.

Hu Niu was only so mature, and when she put the ring on her finger, she found it was empty, making her bawl out in anger.

Ling Han laughed aloud, and took out a red rope to string it, turning it into a pendant and hanging it on Hu Niu's neck. This instantly made the little girl turn from angry to happy, kissing Ling Han on the cheek as a reward.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chang looked at each other as a strange sense of crisis arose within them.

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