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Chapter 231: Blurred Vision?
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Liu Yu Tong just laughed coldly.

She complied perfectly with eating and sleeping, and hastening on with travel. She didn't go on a hunger strike or refuse to move faster, but when she didn't need to speak, she definitely wouldn't speak; this made Ao Yang Ming feel like a tiger biting on a turtle, depressed from not knowing how to approach.

He was into Liu Yu Tong, and wanted to use his identity, status, and strength to move Liu Yu Tong; however, in Liu Yu Tong's eyes, he didn't even exist, driving him crazy.

This time, it naturally ended with Ao Yang Ming feeling depressed. Liu Yu Tong returned to her tent after she finished eating, acting like a guest.

"Hmph!" The smile on Ao Yang Ming's face immediately disappeared, and he turned ashen.

He spent such a long time yet couldn't even subdue a woman, almost losing his patience. Before this, as long as he flaunted his status as Winter Moon Sect's direct disciple, what woman would not immediately dive into his arms?

Even if some woman pretended to be aloof, he only had to act a bit cold for the other person to immediately dive into his arms out of panic.

This was his time-tested experience with picking up girls.

However, Liu Yu Tong completely ignored him after he exhausted all his methods.

Uncle Fu moved closer as he said, "Young Master, the key still lies in that youngster."

Ao Yang Ming nodded; if Ling Han didn't die, then Liu Yu Tong would think of Ling Han, not letting him into her heart. However, Ling Han definitely ran as far as possible, so how was he going to find and kill Ling Han?

More importantly, the ancient record was still with Ling Han!

His memory wasn't bad, but it didn't reach the level where he could memorize an entire ancient record just from reading it once, not to mention the numerous pictures, which naturally made memorizing it even harder.

Winter Moon Sect was very interested in Devil Sky Mystery Realm too, but the time interval between each time the mystery realm opened was too long and not fixed, so it was very hard to occupy. He just happened to come to Rain Country and coincidentally encountered the mystery realm's opening, so he set aside the proper business and entered the realm.

He couldn't care less about Blood Zombies; no matter how chaotic it became, it was a matter of the Nine Nations of the Desolate North. Besides, Winter Moon Sect had Spiritual Infant Tier ancestors that oversaw it, so even if a Blood Zombie came to their doors, they would easily kill it.

Thus, he really wanted to explore the depths of the mystery realm—maybe there would be an enormous opportunity that awaited him.

He originally had great luck and obtained a local's logbook, but he was hunted down after only flipping through a few pages. He could only hide it whilst he ran, and didn't expect he'd have to offer it in return for being saved by Ling Han.

He was humiliated and lost the ancient record—those two reasons alone made him want to kill Ling Han.

"That brat probably won't appear again," Ao Yang Ming said fiercely. Without the ancient record's map as guidance, this mystery realm was filled with crises at each step. Even with Uncle Fu's protection, he still didn't dare venture deeper.

The four talked for a while, then returned to their own tents.

Ling Han watched it all unfold inside the Black Tower.

With Small Tower's guidance, he could basically control the Black Tower, like how he could watch and hear the surrounding environment even though he was in the tower. Of course, this had a distance limitation.

He was almost discovered by Uncle Fu earlier, and when he entered the Black Tower, Small Tower told him that he could 'monitor' the situation outside while within the Black Tower, undoubtedly saving him a lot of trouble.

From a certain perspective, the Black Tower could be considered his clone, except he didn't have full control of the latter, because there were eight levels that weren't open to him yet.

Xiu , he appeared from within the Black Tower and walked softly towards Liu Yu Tong's tent. However, he only walked two steps, soon entering the Black Tower.

A figure flashed by, Uncle Fu dashed out from within a tent, and wore a strange expression.

Just now, he heard a faint movement, but saw nothing when he ran out... where was the culprit?

He absolutely wouldn't believe there was anyone who could escape from his area of perception in such a short amount of time, so naturally, he felt it extremely odd. Two times he misjudged, which made him undoubtedly question himself if he'd gotten blurred vision...

The old man stood idly for a while, and then shook his head, walking back into the tent. However, only a few breaths later, he dashed out in a flash again, looking around to confirm that there was nobody, and then walked back into the tent again.

The old man was extremely suspicious.

Although Ling Han thought that, if it were he who felt the restriction was touched in his garden, then he definitely wouldn't doubt himself; someone definitely must've entered, and if he didn't realize, then the other person's concealing methods were superior.

He appeared again, and without walking two steps, he flashed back into the Black Tower, disappearing once again.

Uncle Fu appeared, and the expression on his face was even stranger. He subconsciously patted his head once, feeling like he was driven mad. This time, he stood outside for a longer period of time—at least five minutes—before he turned to enter the tent.

Ling Han appeared, and jumped into Liu Yu Tong's tent in one step.

"Ah!" Liu Yu tong immediately yelled out in surprise.

This instantly caught the attention of Ao Yang Ming and the others. They jumped out of their tents one after another, and Ao Yang Ming could be heard saying, "Lady Yu Tong, what's the matter?"

"It's nothing, I just had a nightmare!" Liu Yu Tong looked at Ling Han with a gaze of disbelief whilst suppressing the shock in her heart and doing her best to speak calmly.

The four others outside had no suspicions; who could've thought someone actually snuck in? They returned to their own tents one after another.

"It's too dangerous here, just leave!" Liu Yu Tong said in an extremely quiet voice.

"Don't worry, since I have the ability to come in, I have the ability to leave too," Ling Han said with a smile. "Call Ao Yang Ming over."

Liu Yu Tong's eyes instantly lit up and she said, "We're using him as hostage?"

Ling Han didn't actually plan on that. After acquiring the ability to hide within the Black Tower, he never even thought of using his only chance for a power-up on an old dog like Uncle Fu. Based on his current abilities, it was enough for him to get away.

He didn't explain and said, "First call him."

Liu Yu Tong nodded and settled down, raising her voice, "Young Master Ao, could you come over for a chat? Yu Tong has something to ask."

Right after her words were spoken, Ao Yang Ming immediately scuttled out wearing a proud smile.

As it turned out, Liu Yu Tong's resistance was merely so; she still ended up compromising, didn't she?

He was actually used to seeing beautiful women. Though Liu Yu Tong was remarkably beautiful even amongst the beautiful, it was rather that he couldn't put down his pride. He was successful in all his endeavors with women but bumped into a wall with Liu Yu Tong, which made him persistent and determined to conquer her.

However, once Liu Yu Tong revealed her intention to compromise, his interest decreased by a lot; it was just like the people say—what we can't have is what we want the most. However, he didn't truly obtain her yet, thus he was still quite excited, immediately tidying up his appearance and walking over to Liu Yu Tong's tent.

Uncle Fu did not move, since Liu Yu tong's cultivation had already been sealed, so she couldn't pull any tricks.
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