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Chapter 226: Power of the Bronze Casket
Translator: Reverie_ Editor: Kurisu

Other than Ling Han and Ao Yang Ming, the other people didn't know about Rong Huan Xuan's background. Seeing that Rong Huan Xuan was actually slaughtering people in the central hall, the people there were shocked and infuriated.

This kid dared disobey the common law of the Nine Nations, and kill people here publicly!

Moreover, he was obviously not seeking revenge on anyone, because the three Corpse Soldiers were basically on a indiscriminate killing spree. They killed whoever they saw and ate whoever they killed, filling people with fear and disgust.

"What the hell are these things?" Not everyone had such rich experience like Ling Han. Seeing three things that were supposed to be dead full of life and appetite, they couldn't help but stare blankly and feel their worldview breakdown.

"Could it be the Blood Zombies?" someone said with a trembling voice.

The Blood Zombie was originally a myth, but if it really did appear, then it'd be completely within reason.

As those words came out, quite a few people were frightened out of their wits.

Back then, when the Blood Zombie came into being years ago, it almost annihilated the Nine Nations of the Desolate North, forcing the nine recluse Flower Blossom Tier cultivators to cooperate and sacrifice their lives to kill the Blood Zombie.

…To kill it, Flower Blossom Tier cultivators had to die with it!

What abilities and status did they have to fight against such an existence?

"No, no!" Someone immediately saw the discrepancy. "This strongest monster is only in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, it isn't a Blood Zombie!"

"You're right, it's just in the Spiritual Ocean Tier." Many more people saw through the three corpse soldiers' strengths. "One in the Spiritual Ocean Tier, one in the Gushing Spring Tier, one in the Element Gathering Tier."

"Nothing to be afraid of!"

The masses gradually calmed their minds. Though there were people coming and going, and ten people with the cultivation of the Spiritual Ocean Tier were present—could they not take care of it ten-on-one?

Discovering that the corpse soldiers were nothing to be afraid of, Uncle Fu also calmed down, and swiveled his gaze back on Ling Han. A chill seeped from the corner of his lips as he said, "Junior, come kneel and beg for forgiveness before my young master. I can still plead on your behalf to spare your worthless life."

"Oh, if you like being someone else's lapdog, then that's that, yet you still act all high and mighty… I honestly don't know from where you get that sense of superiority!" Ling Han shook his head. "I'll just take that I saved an ingrate."

"Impudence!" Uncle Fu was enraged, finally deciding not to toy with Ling Han anymore and just kill him mercilessly.

Peng, peng, peng, peng, the three corpse soldiers attacked in their direction. Under the guidance of the Silver-Armored Corpse, they completely swept everything before them. Rong Xuan Huan carried the bronze casket, following behind; it was not known why he kept carrying such a heavy thing.

"Hahaha, let's see where you'll run off to now!" Rong Huan Xuan stared at Ling Han, full of murderous aura.

What the?!

Qi Yong Ye and the others were in cold sweat; they felt that Ling Han was too good at finding trouble.

Just look, a Spiritual Ocean Tier had yet to be taken care of, and here came another one!

Rong Huan Xuan swept a glance at Uncle Fu, and said coldly, "Get out of my way!"

Uncle Fu was trembling in anger—a mere fifth level Gushing Spring Tier dared tell him to get out the way? Where did he get such confidence? He sneered and said, "Junior, you're dead for sure!"

Shua , the Silver-Armored Corpse's figure flashed, and it struck at Uncle Fu with a claw, radiating an indistinct stench.

"Corpse poison!" Uncle Fu called out in surprise. As a Winter Moon Sect disciple, his knowledge and experience was naturally above that of normal people.

"That's right. My Silver-Armored Corpse has fourth level corpse poison. If you get tainted by it, then I promise you'll die through and through!" Rong Huan Xuan laughed out loud.

"Junior, there's no hatred between us, why must we fight to the death?" Uncle Fu attacked consecutively, yet he found no way past the Silver-Armored Corpse defense. He attacked continuously, yet it didn't dodge or evade; its body was stable like Mount Tai, and he couldn't even disrupt its pace.

This made his courage drop a lot, thinking about suing for peace.

"This guy is mine!" Rong Huan Xuan pointed at Ling Han and said, his gaze filled with confusion and curiosity.

He wanted to know how Ling Han had such a deep understanding of Thousand Corpse Sect.

"Hmph, heterodox doctrines, everyone has the right to punish you!" Several other Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivators appeared, each with a displeased expression. They were all from the Nine Nations, and now an outsider suddenly came and slaughtered their disciples—how could they endure it?

"Kill the user and these monsters will automatically be defeated," a Spiritual Ocean tier said.

"Yes!" The others all agreed.

Rong Huan Xuan laughed loudly and said, "You're mistaken, you're all going to die and become my Corpse Soldiers' food! Go, kill! Kill! Kill!"

"Attack!" Several Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivators jumped out and launched attacks towards Rong Huan Xuan.

This kid had the cultivation of a mere fifth layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, how could he possibly be these Spiritual Ocean Tier warriors' opponent? He'd definitely die in one move, and when the master died, these corpse puppets would naturally meet their end too.

Really, what an idiot!

"Hahaha, you guys think I'm an idiot?" Rong Huan Xuan sneered, and jumped right into the bronze casket. The half-opened casket immediately closed, emitting a crisp sound.

"Idiot!" the Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivators sneered. Could he escape disaster just by running into a casket? What a joke, they just needed to attack the casket, and Rong Huan Xuan would easily be shaken to pieces because of the powerful shock waves.

"Die!" A Spiritual Ocean Tier attacked, swatting forward.

A thought flashed across Ling Han's mind; he immediately yelled out, "You mustn't!"

It was already too late. That Spiritual Ocean Tier's right hand already swatted on the bronze casket… however, even if Ling Han had yelled out a bit earlier, it wouldn't have been of any use. Who would believe a junior in the Element Gathering Tier?

Weng , inky black thread-like lines shone on the casket and formed a strange seal. It looked like a word, but also like an image—it was quite difficult to distinguish.

The black light flared up, and this seal flew out at a surprisingly fast speed, sinking into the Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior's chest.

The Spiritual Ocean Tier warrior turned around blankly with an expression of disbelief. He reached out as if to grab something, but his arm feebly drooped down.

…On his chest was a shocking large black wound. The black was spreading quickly, apparently boasting a strong corrosive quality; soon, it corroded a transparent hole in his chest.

Pa , the Spiritual Ocean Tier fell to the ground weakly, but the corrosion didn't stop and continued upwards to his shoulders and head, and downwards to his legs and feet. Within just a few breaths, he was completely gone, leaving only a pile of black water behind.

Although there were nearly ten thousand people here, when they saw the scene, they revealed horrified expressions, feeling chills throughout their body; even their jaws started to shiver.

It was a Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator who died in such an incomprehensible way, and so tragically.

Ling Han sighed inwardly as he knew that these three caskets should be Thousand Corpse Sect's largest inherited treasures, which were high-level spirit tools that would activate once attacked, shooting out black light that could instantly kill a Spiritual Ocean Tier cultivator—they were extremely terrifying.

No wonder Rong Huan Xuan dragged the three caskets with him wherever he went.
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