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Chapter 216: Ten-Way Destruction
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No one wanted to attack because Senior Brother Ma already used up a Strength Talisman. This thing was very expensive, amounting to not much less than the value of a Fire-Eyed Bull, so even if they took down the latter, Senior Brother Ma would take the largest share—and just how much would the others get?

To risk one's life for a few hundred silvers, who wanted to do such a thing?

But, they couldn't not do it. Senior Brother Ma was staring fiercely at them—whoever didn't fight would definitely be the first one to be killed by Senior Brother Ma.

There were no laws here.

They had to force themselves to fight, but each one was more cautious than another, scared of being rammed by the bull or shot by its fireballs; otherwise, even if they didn't die, they'd lose half their lives.

Although they were weak, they could at least attract some of the Fire-Eyed Bull's attention. Senior Brother Ma took advantage of it to strike, and with loud peng peng peng , a great battle ensued again.

Senior Brother Ma was now able to fight on par with the Fire-Eyed Bull; on top of the ten helpers, he naturally had the upper hand. Taking several hits on the waist and back from Senior Brother Ma, the Fire-Eyed Bull showed fear.

It wanted to run.

However, Senior Brother Ma and the rest already paid such a high price, there was no way they'd allow their prey to escape. Naturally, they obstructed its way with all their might, and soon, the Fire-Eyed Bull was riddled with injuries.

The demonic beast knew it was impossible to escape by now, so instead it bore a fierce look, full of a resolute atmosphere.

It was about to put up a desperate fight.

"The Fire-Eyed Bull has an innate mystic art, Ten-Way Destruction, which ignites the source of fire power within its body at once; the damage it deals is extremely terrifying. However, this will also shatter the Fire-Eyed Bull's source of fire power, with no possibility of ever recovering," Ling Han muttered to himself.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Hu Niu sat prim and proper, continually nodding her head as if she could understand.

It was obvious that Senior Brother Ma and the others did not know Fire-Eyed Bull's ultimate ability, continually attacking aggressively on all sides.


"Give it some more effort everyone, this demonic beast bull is about to reach its end."

"Although the bull's eyes are the most valuable, if there's a bezoar in its body, then it'll be quite a gain!"

"Give it your all. If anyone dares to slack off, hmph, I'll let them know regret later!"

Under Senior Brother Ma and the other two's strict orders, everyone was forced to put more strength into their attacks, giving Senior Brother Ma more chances to attack.


A strong fire gushed out fiercely from within the Fire-Eyed Bull's body, shooting in all directions like a thousand or ten thousand fireballs shooting out together. Other than to back off, there was no chance to dodge it.

However, the speed at which the flame burst out was too fast, only Senior Brother Ma and his companions who were at higher Tiers managed to escape the area of the bursting flame, while the others were all burned to dust.

Despite evading, Senior Brother Ma and his companions had several burnt marks on their bodies, a spot of black and a spot of burnt, looking rather beaten.

With this ultimate attack unleashed, the Fire-Eyed Bull instantly had no strength left to stand, falling onto the ground with a peng .

"Damn it! Damn it!" Senior Brother Ma cursed while crying out in pain. "I've got to waste a lot more medicine pills to heal. This time there is really almost no profit."

"In any case, we still took down this demonic beast." One of the others smiled and walked up to strike another blow, piercing into the Fire-Eyed Bull's brain. The bull's limbs suddenly convulsed, and then became motionless again—its life came to an end.

"However… we still need to get rid of someone!" Senior Brother Ma carried his rod and walked toward the tree where Ling Han sat. He revealed a smirk, and said, "Kid, you thought I wouldn't find a rat like you?"

Ling Han smiled. When he walked over, he didn't hide his presence and talked to one guy for a while—the surrounding people naturally discovered him. What was there to be proud of?

"So many have died, you still want to escape?" Senior Brother Ma sneered, swinging his rod to attack.

Peng , the metal rod hit the large tree, which instantly snapped. The massive trunk toppled over, and even the ground vibrated slightly from the shock.

Ling Han leapt carrying Hu Niu and landed nearby. His eyes had a shred of coldness as he said, "We're without grievances or hate, yet you're still trying to kill me?"

"Can't blame us for being hurt. What if you raid us when we're healing our wounds, wouldn't we be on the defensive? So, please, you should just go die now!" Senior Brother Ma said coldly.

Ling Han laughed, and then said, "What makes you so confident that you'll beat me?"

"Hahahaha!" Senior Brother Ma and his companions laughed aloud. "A mere martial artist in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier... you think you can give us hell?"

'As expected, my current status brings too much aggro.'

Ling Han shook his head and said, "I really don't want to act cool, but… you three pig heads are someone I'm definitely capable of destroying!"

"Impudence!" One of them shot out; the blade shed a cold glare within their hand, slicing towards Ling Han.

He was in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier, and while he was heavily wounded, dealing with someone in the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier definitely didn't require more than a single blow; naturally, it was impossible for any accidents to occur. Therefore, Senior Brother Ma and the other person smiled happily and watched.

Ling Han moved, unleashed his sword with a qiang , and six flashes of sword qi flew out.


"Six flashes of sword qi?!"

Senior Brother Ma and the other guy cried out in surprise at the same time, but they immediately regained their composure. No matter, no matter—although six flashes of sword qi was certainly something alarming, Ling Han's tier was just too low; even with ten flashes of sword qi, it was impossible to make up for an entire nine Tiers' difference.

Pu pu pu pu , a glaring light washed over, and they saw that the flesh on the body of that martial artist in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier was sliced into pieces; and when all of Ling Han's flashes of sword qi flushed over, the person completely turned into a bloody and mutilated mess.


Senior Brother Ma and the other guy's jaws dropped, and their eyes became larger than a brass bell. This scene completely shattered their worldview.

Someone in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier was instantly killed by the sword strike of a person in the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier? Who would believe this? Even they who witnessed it with their own eyes could not believe it.

"You, you're definitely not in the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier!" Senior Brother Ma said through his teeth.

Ling Han smiled as he said, "Then how strong do you think I am?"

Senior Brother Ma didn't know what to say—that aura was definitely that of the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier, but after carefully examining it, it certainly was stronger than the normal cultivation of the first layer of the Element Gathering Tier. But even if it was stronger by tenfold, it'd only be equivalent to the middle stage of Element Gathering Tier, so how was it possible that he had the strength to instantly kill someone in the first layer of the Gushing Spring Tier?

"Whatever your cultivation is, you can only die!" Senior Brother Ma roared. His Strength Talisman was still in effect, and with the power of the late stage of the Gushing Spring Tier, he was infinitely confident.


He came swinging his metal rod. As its speed was too fast and its power too heavy, wherever the metal rod swept, air vortices formed.

Ling Han smiled slightly; his feet shifted, and his body instantly moved like a ghost.

If Senior Brother Ma was truly in the late stage of the Gushing Spring Tier, then Ling Han would've ran at once, but his opponent powered up by relying on the Strength Talisman, and his speed was no faster.

Besides, Senior Brother Ma suffered a heavy hit from the Fire-Eyed Bull's last strike, and his strength dropped drastically; his power under the Strength Talisman's support did not drop by much, but his speed was much less than in his optimal condition.

How could he land a hit on Ling Han?
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