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Chapter 207: Blind
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He was merely in the first layer of Element Gathering, and actually dared to be so arrogant?

Did he think that just because he had exchanged a few moves with Feng Yan, he was already in Gushing Spring Tier?

Nangong Xing did not believe that in the slightest. He only thought it was merely those who had witnessed the scene had exaggerated what they had seen and the rumors had increasingly distorted the truth, which had led to such a preposterous idea.

Element Gathering Tier managing to oppose Gushing Spring Tier? Pei!

Nangong Xing said icily, "Since that is the case, then don't blame me for being forceful! You are protecting a criminal that the Academy has issued a warrant for, so your crime is the same. I am the Captain of Team Four of the Discipline Committee, and am under the command to make the arrest. If anyone dares to stop me, I have the special privilege to kill all in my way."

Liu Yu Tong stepped out. She thought that Ling Han had failed in his attempt to break through and his cultivation level had regressed back to the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, so how could she simply watch as Ling Han went to battle against an elite martial artist in the third layer of Gushing Spring Tier?

Ling Han laughed, and pulled her to one side. He said with a smile, "Didn't you see that even Big Brother Guang did not step out? What are you in such a rush for? I can easily take care of such a minor character."

"That's right. You can just hand over such a minor character to the brat," Guang Yuan said casually. "There's something a little strange about this brat... no, something very strange!" He kept feeling that there was something off about Ling Han. Though he did indeed only have one Origin Nucleus, but for some reason, the feeling he sensed from Ling Han had far surpassed Element Gathering Tier.

Hearing him say so, Liu Yu Tong finally calmed down slightly and obediently stepped to one side. She believed that with a powerful martial artist in Spiritual Ocean Tier here, even if Ling Han did come to be in any danger, Guang Yuan would still be able to save him in time.

Zhu Wu Jiu had still kept his head raised high. One should be responsible for what he had done. Yet he was once again flung to one side with a smack from Ling Han, and stared at Ling Han sullenly.

"An underling like you is really blind. Can't you see that I'm going to show off my might? Do you want to snatch a chance to show off like this from me! Just look at Big Brother Guang Yuan, he's much smarter," Ling Han berated jokingly.

"Pei!" Guang Yuan immediately spat in scorn. He only felt it was beneath him to make a move. A junior merely in the third layer of Gushing Spring Tier... one finger from him would be enough to force him into submission. But from Ling Han's words, this lack of action from him was supposedly him being obedient, making him irritated.

"Are you done with your chit-chat?!" Nangong Xing asked through his gritted teeth. This was the Hu Yang Academy and the Discipline Committee had the highest authority here, yet these two people actually dared to banter and joke around in front of him. That was disregarding and disrespecting him too much, wasn't it?

"Are you in such a rush to get thrashed? All right, come on then!" Ling Han crooked his finger.

"Ling Han, this had nothing to do with you in the first place!" Nangong Xing said darkly. "But you are the one who insists on being such a busybody! People like you usually die very quickly!"

"Is that any of your business?" Ling Han gave him the middle finger.

"F***!" Nangong Xing could not hold himself back anymore. He suddenly leaped forwards and struck with a stab. The cold light of the sword flickered like lightning, shooting towards Ling Han's chest.

Ling Han smiled calmly. He gave a casual grab, and it was as if Nangong Xing was cooperating with him as the blade of his sword was successfully caught in Ling Han's hand.


Everyone was astonished. With Nangong Xing's ability in the third layer of Gushing Spring Tier, his sword should be like a lightning strike. Ling Han should not be able to even see its trajectory, what more grab it with his bare hand. However, what use was there for him to grab onto it? The power of the third layer of Gushing Spring Tier was instilled into the sword, and he only needed to give it a light tremble and he would be able to slice off Ling Han's fingers.

"You are looking for death!" Indeed, Nangong Xing humphed coldly, and was just about to twist his sword.

But his expression immediately changed, because it was as if the sword in his hand was firmly rooted in Ling Han's hand; no matter how much strength he used, it did not move in the slightest.

How could that be!?

He was merely in the first layer of Element Gathering Tier, how could he possibly have such terrifying strength?

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "Let me give you a warning. Let go of your sword to avoid a little bit of suffering."

"Heng, if the sword exists, so does the swordsman. If the sword dies, so does the— ah!" Nangong Xing was still trying to be brave and say a few beautiful words when he suddenly released a shrill scream, and hurriedly let go. There was actually a patch of bright red on his palm visible, as if he had burnt his palm.

This was because Ling Han had made use of his Strange Fire, and had transmitted the high heat through the blade. Thankfully, it had passed through the blade. Otherwise, if he was directly burnt by the Strange Fire, his whole palm may be burnt into charcoal.

Nangong Xing glanced around, and everyone was looking at him strangely, causing him to flush uncontrollably. He stared at Ling Han, and asked, "Ling Han, do you insist on shielding this person?"

"Is there something wrong with your ability to understand? He is my lackey, and is under my protection. If you want to challenge him, I will not interfere. But if you intend to use some kind of unjust means to bully my lackey, then don't blame me for being aggressive!" Ling Han said.

"This person has crippled my brother. Should he not be punished by the Academy?" Nangong Xing said sharply.

"That only means that your brother got his just desserts. I believe that you yourself should be aware of the enmity between him and Nangong Ji. If you want to get your revenge, that's fine. Zhu Wu Jiu can accept your challenge. Yet you want to use your connections as an intimidation tactic? Get lost!" Ling Han said coldly.

"Ling Han, what you're doing now is opposing the Hu Yang Academy!" Nangong Xing spat out word by word, his face ashen.

Ling Han shrugged, and said, "So what if I am? Anyways, even if more elites come, there would still be Big Brother Guang here."

"Hey, hey, hey. When did I say I wanted to help you oppose the elites of Hu Yang Academy?" Guang Yuan waved his hands hurriedly.

"Big Brother Guang Yuan is really modest. Isn't it just a small matter of stretching out a hand for you!" Ling Han said with a smile.

However, Guang Yuan kept shaking his head in refusal. The Hu Yang Academy had powerful martial artists of Spiritual Pedestal Tier in their ranks. Only if he had gone crazy would he dare to step out to oppose this kind of existence.

Yet Nangong Xing still knew that he was not able to apprehend Zhu Wu Jiu at this moment, so he said hatefully, "This matter will not be settled so easily. Ling Han, even if the Academy does not pursue the matter, my Nangong Clan will not give up!"

"Are you threatening me?" Ling Han's eyes frosted over.

"So what if I am?"

"The thing I hate most is being threatened!" Ling Han walked towards Nangong Xing. "Against such people, my usual procedure is to thrash them till they submit."

"You may be too confident in yourself!" Nangong Xing smirked. "I don't know what means you used just now, but after I have experienced a loss, I will not fall to the same trick a second time."

"Is that right?" Ling Han drew his sword. He could take advantage of this chance to try out the power of the Black Origin Sword Technique. Hopefully, he could control his power and avoid crippling Nangong Xing with a single strike.

"Give me a sword!" Nangong Xing stretched out a hand to one side, and immediately someone drew his own sword and handed it over to him. With a flourish of the sword, he said, "Then let me show you the might of the Seven Wonder Sword Technique of my Nangong Clan!"

Ling Han laughed, and held his sword level. The tip of the blade was slightly lowered, and suddenly, one wave of power after another spread out from the tip, as if a pebble had been cast into a lake, creating ripples.

The waves spread out, and Guang Yuang who had been wearing an absent-minded expression immediately became solemn. Then his expression changed dramatically, and he looked extremely shocked.

He had not seen the real might of this sword technique yet, but just looking at the stance, he experienced the feeling as if a storm was coming. If this technique was used, it would definitely be earth-shattering and incomparably terrifying.

What kind of sword technique could this be, and how could it actually appear in the hands of a martial artist in Element Gathering Tier?

A layer of cold sweat immediately appeared on Nangong Xing's face, and beads of sweat continuously dripped down his face. His body was trembling, as if he was about to fall apart.
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