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Chapter 203: Merging Nine Nuclei
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The second strategy he'd come up with was to destroy and reform.

He had to first destroy all nine big Origin Nuclei, and form a new gigantic Origin Nuclei that would become the evasive one. This conformed to the Dao of the world, and was not something he had come up with in the heat of the moment, but he could foresee that putting this into practice would be much more difficult than whatever he could think up of.

The nine big Origin Nuclei were the source of his power. If he actually shattered them all in one go, then the power created from their simultaneous destruction would be enough to kill him 1000 times, or 10,000 times, so there was no need for him to even think about forming the evasive one at that point.

The reason why Ling Han dared to do this was because there was still Big Boss Black Tower in his Dantian.

This Big Boss shattered his physical body in his last life just to have him cultivate the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, and then had him seize a new body to be reborn. How great a power was that, and how much of a concern 1 was that? Now he intended to self-destruct his Origin Nuclei, so Big Boss Black, are you going to interfere or not?

You definitely have to interfere, right? Then everything's settled.

Ling Han was a bit shameless, but there was no other way for it. This was the first attempt to break through to the tenth layer of Element Gathering Tier in history, and he did not even know what was the right thing to do to achieve his aim. Thus, he could only depend on the Black Tower. Otherwise, there would only be a millionth of a chance that he would succeed in this attempt, so how could he dare to take the risk?

Come on then!

He controlled the Origin Nuclei in his Dantian, and began the process of destruction.

It was actually very easy to do this, because all the big Nuclei were comprised of five smaller Origin Nuclei that had different elemental alignments, and these smaller Origin Nuclei achieved a balance between them in a wonderful way. He only needed to break this balance, and the five Elements would go out of control, and naturally, the Origin Nuclei would self-destruct.

Not one by one, but all in one go!

Destruction was always easier than construction. Within only an instant, all the Origin Nuclei began to tremble. The Five Elements both augmented and restrained each other. They began to totter, as if they were the foundations of a tall skyscraper that had suffered heavy damage, and were on the verge of destruction.

Hong, hong, hong . The five Origin Nuclei were destroyed one by one. However, their explosion did not spread outwards. Instead, their explosion was concentrated inwards, as if they formed individual black holes. From an extremely big structure, they shrank into extremely small balls.

Ling Han's spirit and heart trembled, already feeling the appearance of external power.

Black Tower!

His consciousness swept over his Dantian, and saw the usually calm and ordinary Black Tower was currently emanating a pale light. There was golden writing flickering on the body of the Black Tower, but Ling Han did not even recognize half of a character of this writing, just like when he first encountered the Indestructible Heaven Scroll, which required 10,000 years simply to comprehend it.

No, no, no. 10,000 years was only enough to comprehend the first layer of cultivation technique.

One wave of power after another swept out from the Black Tower and acted towards those forty-five Origin Nuclei of his, and it was precisely this power that allowed the explosive power to be concentrated inwards instead of exploding outwards dramatically. Otherwise... his Dantian would be completely destroyed in the aftermath.

A smile appeared at the corners of Ling Han's lips. Indeed, he had made the right gamble—the Black Tower made its move!

He had tried out a lot of things previously, but there was still no reaction from the Black Tower. That was because those attempts would not threaten Ling Han's life or cultivation, so Big Boss Black naturally was too lazy to do anything. But if Ling Han induced the self-destruction of his Origin Nuclei, then wouldn't that mean the 10,000 years of preparation Big Boss Black had spent would be completely wasted?

He hurriedly forced down the distracting thoughts in his head and began to merge the corresponding Origin Nuclei together. Earth with Earth, Fire with Fire, and so on. Finally, the forty-five Origin Nuclei were reformed into five big Origin Nuclei of different alignments.

This still seemed very small, because each Origin Nuclei was formed from nine points, and was far from one millionth of his most flourishing period, but the power concealed within them was incomparably terrifying.

Ling Han's thoughts took a different turn, and he suddenly came up with a strange idea. Could he actually merge these Origin Nuclei of different elemental alignment into one, to become one Origin Nuclei, and the only one existing in his Dantian? That would conform to the idea of the evasive one!


He began to merge the five freshly reborn Origin Nuclei.

But the difficulty level of doing that was extremely high. That was because each Origin Nuclei was formed from nine smaller Origin Nuclei, and it was filled with frightening power in the first place. Moreover, the five elements were independent of each other. First of all, Water and Fire was on completely opposing sides, so how could he merge them together?

Ling Han stopped and began to ponder.

Each Element in this world was completely independent of each other. They would of course repel one another if one attempted to merge them together. However, at the same time, the five Elements augmented and restrained one another, so it was not entirely impossible for them to be merged together. As the saying goes, Dao gave rise to one, one gave rise to two, two gave rise to three, and three gave rise to all things. Everything could return to one, the source of Dao. However, the world would not allow mere mortals to get hold of the source of Dao, which was how the saying of the evasive one came about.

He dared to destroy the nine Origin Nuclei and merged them together as one again, and this conformed to the theory of the evasive one. However, these five Origin Nuclei were not the real one, and not the real Dao either.

This was based on his understanding of the Dao of martial arts from his last life as a Heaven Tier elite. Otherwise, who would dare attempt such a feat?

The five Elements augmented each other, and evolved into all things. Then, if he wanted to return them back to one, he would have to retrace the steps and make use of the fact that the five Elements also restrained one another.

Ling Han's eyes slowly lit up. He knew what he had to do.

He had to let the five Elemental Origin Nuclei restrain one another, swallow one another, and finally, there would only be "one" remaining, which would be the one that had been merged from all the five Elemental Origin Nuclei!

This was again easily said, but when he put it into practice, he needed to ensure that the five Elemental Origin Nuclei were in a perfect balance when they swallowed one another. Otherwise, as long as there was the slightest mistake, all his previous efforts would have been for nothing and he would have no way to return to the only evasive one.

In short, he could only succeed, but failure was not allowed!

It was very challenging, but he liked it.

The five Elements restrained each other. Gold restrained Wood, Wood restrained Earth, Earth restrained Water, Water restrained Fire, and Fire restrained Gold, all at once!

The Five Elements Mix Chaos Lotus fluttered, absorbing Spiritual Qi, which passed through his veins and gathered in his Dantian, delivering new energy. Ling Han stimulated the five Elemental Origin Nuclei and took the last step.

The Gold Origin Nucleus began to swallow the Wood Origin Nucleus, and the Wood Origin Nucleus began to swallow the Earth Origin Nucleus... and finally, the Fire Origin Nucleus swallowed the Gold Origin Nucleus, forming an unbreakable chain.

Ling Han's consciousness clearly saw the five Origin Nuclei were all shrinking, and merging slowly together to finally form a new Origin Nucleus. Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth, all the five Elements were present yet they were united.

He succeeded.

Ling Han suddenly opened his eyes, and felt that his whole body was sore. He did not even have the energy to stand, as if his body had weakened to extreme levels. However, on the other hand, his spirit was at its highest level in history, and this was a very weird comparison.

He opened the door, and gave a light call. When the words came out of his mouth, he realized that his voice had become low and rough, so much that he could barely recognize his own voice.

"Ling Han!" Xiu , Hu Niu's ears were too sharp, and she had raced in from outside. With a peng , she crashed into Ling Han's arms. This collision was too powerful, no weaker than an explosion, and Ling Han instantly fell to the ground from the force.

Hu Niu did not care, and rubbed her small face on him, then said, "Ling Han mean, mean, mean! Not playing with Niu!"

"Ling Han, if you continued seclusion for a few more days, Hu Niu would probably starve to death!" Another person walked in, and it was Liu Yu Tong. She shook her head, and said, "You entered seclusion for a whole month, almost causing her to die of worry."

A month?

Ling Han was stunned. As he remembered it, only ten days had passed. Could it be that his merging of the five Elemental Origin Nuclei at the end had taken a whole twenty days?

No wonder he was so weak. After all, he hadn't eaten and drunk for so many days.

"Bring me some fruits. I need to replenish my energy, or I really will die," he said.

"You're weird, brat!" Guang Yuang heard the commotion and walked in as well. When he looked at Ling Han, it was as if he was looking at a monster.

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