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Chapter 195: Barging In
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Ling Han and his group made for a grand display.

There was a smile with hidden depths around the lips of Guang Yuan and the rest.

They were all lone cultivators and had untamed temperaments, but none of them were idiots. When they saw the attitude of those two Imperial Guards, they realized that Ling Han was definitely someone from a prominent background. After all, even the Imperial Guards seemed to have gone blind and acted so partial towards him in the conflict. It seemed like there wouldn't be any mishaps happening on this trip.

...There were only three Spiritual Ocean Tier and a few dozen Gushing Spring Tier martial artists in the Earth and Water Faction; much worse off than their group in terms of quality.

The group proudly walked through the streets, and soon arrived at the Earth and Water Faction.

Though the Earth and Water Faction was named a Faction, in truth, there was not much difference between it and any other ordinary Clan-based party. They had a very large courtyard in the Imperial City, and all the high-ranking leaders of the Faction lived here.

Currently, there was a state of alert in the area at the main doors. Obviously, Ai Song had returned with his information and the Earth and Water Faction had reacted accordingly.

"Mister, you first snatched a treasure from one of the members of our Faction, and now you come here so forcefully. Do you think that there is no one who can stand against you in our Earth and Water Faction and are trying to bully us?" an old man asked darkly, a very powerful aura emanating from him.

Ling Han could not help but laugh. It seemed that the Earth and Water Faction mistakenly believed that the whole matter was due to the Golden Flower of the Stone. He shook his head, and said, "Your Intelligence Department is really too poor, isn't it? You crashed so many of my shops, and don't even know who I am?"

The old man was an Elder of the Earth and Water Faction, in the second layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier. His name was Lu Yue. He stared at Ling Han for a moment, but still thought that the latter looked unfamiliar to him. True, crashing the shops of others was only a small business for the Earth and Water Faction, and could not possibly disturb such a high-ranking person as he, so he had no idea that the Faction had made this kind of enemy.

At this moment, a nearby middle-aged man's expression changed; he approached and whispered quietly into Lu Yue's ear. The old man nodded slightly and assumed a disapproving expression.

'F***, so it's just a small matter of several clothing stores being smashed!'

In Lu Yue's opinion, how could the value of a few clothing stores compare to the Golden Flower in the Stone? You snatched a treasure from one of the members of the Faction, and its value was several hundred times the value of those clothing stores that had been smashed. No matter how he looked at it, it was the Earth and Water Faction that was the victim here.

This brat had to be a young master from some wealthy family, spoilt since his birth. That was why he had been so impulsive—actually coming over to seek vengeance just because a few of his stores had been crashed.

"Heng, I don't know what you're talking about. You're simply trying to smear the name of our Faction!" Lu Yue completely denied the accusation of his stores being smashed by members of the Faction. This was after all nothing to be proud of—though the Earth and Water Faction was a Faction of hooligans and ruffians in the eyes of the residents of the Imperial City, they had a high opinion of themselves.

"Leave behind the Golden Flower in the Stone and pay a further compensation of 10 million, then you can get lost!" he said aggressively to Ling Han.

Ling Han laughed, and said, "How overbearing! However, do you have the ability to be overbearing?" He walked towards the main doors.

"Insolence!" Immediately, someone jumped out and stretched out a hand to grab Ling Han's throat, intending to subdue him in a single move.

"Get lost!" A person also jumped out from behind Ling Han. The light of his sword flowed like water and swept towards that man who had jumped out earlier.

That man of the Earth and Water Faction could not help but tense up and hurriedly bent to avoid the blow. There was now a middle-aged man standing in front of Ling Han, wielding a sword and exuding aura that was not the slightest bit weaker than his.

Ling Han did not even pause in his steps, and continued his advance.

Such a contemptuous attitude greatly enraged the people of the Earth and Water Faction. They all jumped out and charged towards Ling Han. However, those people that Ling Han had hired were naturally not going to be paid for not doing anything. They too jumped out and protected Ling Han.

This was a battle of one hundred against thirteen. Ling Han's side was greatly at the advantage. Moreover, there were still seven Spiritual Ocean Tier elites who had yet to make a move.

It was only now that Lu Yue discovered that there were seven people whose aura was not any weaker than his, and he could not help but tense up.

If they were in Gushing Spring Tier, it would be useless no matter how many there were. He would only need to heavily injure a few of them quickly, and it was practically guaranteed that the rest would flee like rats. Lone cultivators were more ruthless than anyone at times when they were at an advantageous position, but once they fell into a disadvantage, then they would definitely be like a sheet of loose sand, and flee faster than anyone else.

However, there now actually appeared seven people in Spiritual Ocean Tier... this could be problematic.

This brat was indeed very wealthy, actually managing to hire Spiritual Ocean Tier elites. No wonder he dared to come here to challenge them.

Lu Yue thought for a moment, then said, "Friends, no matter what kind of conditions this brat has promised you, as long as you all choose to stand by and do nothing today, then whatever reward he has promised you will be from our Earth and Water Faction!"

He was quite a decisive man.

Guang Yuan laughed, and said, "Elder Lu, a man has to be true to his word. Moreover, we have already accepted the mission at the Heaven Military Hall, if we drop the ball now, who would dare to hire us in future?"

"You know who I am?" Lu Yue asked.

"Hehe, Elder Lu Yue's nickname is 'Soft Light Needle'. No one would know when you used your hidden weapons; who would not recognize you?" Guang Yuan said calmly, then gave a wave of his hand and said, "The main character today is Young Master Han. Anything you want to say, say it to Young Master Han. We are just responsible for ensuring his safety."

Old fox!

Lu Yue cursed internally. He had wanted to use the Earth and Water Faction to force them to submit, but he easily pushed all the responsibility onto Ling Han. This gave him a feeling like he had thrown a punch into a ball of wool. It was not a good feeling.

"Brat, if you stop now, it's still not too late!" he said to Ling Han. "As long as you pay the compensation for the losses of our Faction- f***!"

While he was chattering, Ling Han had suddenly thrown a powerful punch and actually punched down the inscribed sign hanging over their doors. With a peng , it fell onto to ground. The sign was made of bronze and when it crashed onto the floor, it created a loud noise that shocked quite a few people.

When the people of the Earth and Water Faction saw this, their eyes reddened.

That was the signboard of the Earth and Water Faction!

As the saying went, when you get into a fight, never aim for the face. This signboard was equivalent to the face of the Earth and Water Faction, and now was punched down by Ling Han onto the ground. Naturally, everyone was enraged.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "You seem to have had quite a lot of fun in my stores last night, today I will let you enjoy the same thing too!" He raised his foot before suddenly slamming it down. The strength of a martial artist in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier burst out, and pa , the signboard was instantly broken into two halves.

"You're seeking death!" The members of the Earth and Water Faction were all greatly enraged, wanting nothing more than to tear Ling Han into pieces.

Though murder was against the law in the Imperial City, it did not mean that you still had to endure it when your enemies were at your doorstep. There would be no punishment for those who injured others or even killed their enemies in self-defense!

"Ignorant brat!" Lu Yue's killing intent was on full display. He leaped towards Ling Han, raised his hand and xiu , xiu , xiu , xiu , nine golden needles flew out. These needles were instilled with his unique Origin Power and had the ability to pierce through any defenses of Origin Power. It was a vicious attack.

"Elder Yue, your opponent is me!" Guang Yuan gave a loud shout. His body lightly trembled and actually shone with an endless golden light, as if he was a Buddha. He struck out with one hand, and shouted, "The teachings of Buddha is without boundary, surpassing death!"

Hong , the golden light shone resplendently, indescribably vast and powerful.

Ling Han did not even spare a glance. He simply continued to stride forward and entered the Earth and Water Faction's headquarters. He smiled slightly, and said to Hu Niu, "Come, come, come. Let's have a little contest, and see who can make more damage!"

"Niu will definitely win!" Hu Niu said in exhilaration.

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