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Chapter 193: Successfully Gathering a Group
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Guang Yuan had not purposely lowered his voice when he said this, so those around them heard his words very clearly.

"What, Shatter a Mountain with Seven Punches, Master Guang Yuan, has accepted the request?"

"That's Master Guang Yuan we're talking about here!"

"With Master Guang Yuan there, what's there to be afraid of?"

"I'm applying too!"

When they saw that Guang Yuan had accepted the request, a considerable number of Gushing Spring Tier elites too exclaimed, expressing their interest.

"Please go to the Main Hall to obtain the mission," Ling Han said, smiling. "Then, come back here to gather."

"Is today considered one day as well?" They all thought that this was inconceivable.

"Of course," Ling Han said casually.

This brat definitely had to have enough money to burn. It was almost noon by now, which mean that half the day's money had already been burnt. However, such a rich employer would be favored by everyone, wouldn't he?

With the participation of a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite, the rest were naturally feeling braver. Even if the sky fell down on them, there would be someone taller to hold it up. The power of setting an example was great, as very soon, there were other elites of Spiritual Ocean Tier who decided to accept the request. In this manner, so what if they decided to barge into the Earth and Water Faction? If Yang Tian Du did not want to participate in a conflict that would damage both sides equally, he would only be able to swallow his anger.

The more Spiritual Ocean Tier elites accepted the request, the more attractive this mission naturally became. Anyways, they only needed to keep Ling Han safe, and there was no need for them to flout the law in any way, so they would at least be able to retreat unscathed from this.

After another hour had passed, the hundred Gushing Spring Tier martial artists were successfully gathered. In fact, there were even more Gushing Spring Tier martial artists who were interested in joining, but Ling Han did not need too many of them. However, there were only seven Spiritual Ocean Tier elites.

After all, Spiritual Ocean Tier elites could definitely be considered the absolutely elite powerful warriors. It was not an easy feat for a lone cultivator to make it this far. In fact, being able to recruit seven of such powerful warriors in just over an hour's time was enough of a miraculous feat itself.

Firstly, it was because the rewards that Ling Han had posted were attractive enough, and secondly, with the participation of Guang Yuan, he influenced those who were still wavering and hesitating to join.

Seven Spiritual Ocean Tier elites should be about enough.

Ling Han considered for a moment. Though it was not as impressive as having ten to back him, it was not too bad either.

"Young Master Han, when are we leaving?" those gathered asked Ling Han. Though they were all at a higher cultivation level than Ling Han, but who asked him to be their employer? Lone cultivators were not as proud as the clan members of prominent Clans. Otherwise, they would definitely not be addressing Ling Han as Young Master Han... unless they knew his background.

"When those who went to accept the mission return, we'll set out," Ling Han said.

"All right!" Everyone nodded, practically able to see in their mind's eye a huge sum of money waving at them.

"That's him!" It was at this moment that a man nearby pointed at Ling Han, his face filled with fury. It was Ruan Shi Zhong who had previously forced Ling Han to buy his merchandise and attempted to force him to sell it back. There were a few other people around him. Four of them were his lackeys, and there was another middle-aged man, who had a much steadier aura about him. This man was a Gushing Spring Tier elite.

The middle-aged man's name was Ai Song, and he was one of the Hall Leaders of the Earth and Water Faction. When he heard Ruan Shi Zhong tell him about the incident involving the Golden Flower of the Stone, he instantly could not hold back his greed and followed them here.

"Brat, Ruan Shi Zhong of our Faction mistakenly sold off a treasured item of our Faction. Give us back the treasured item!" Ai Song shouted at Ling Han, a haughty expression on his face.

Those who had agreed to accept Ling Han's request immediately looked fierce at this. Their mission was to ensure Ling Han's safety. They never thought that the enemies would already appear, when they hadn't even stepped out of Heaven Military Hall. It was indeed quite intriguing.

These lone cultivators were all living on the edge of danger. It could be claimed that they had managed to come this far on their path of cultivation all with their own power—of course, there were a few who had done despicable acts before, such as robbery and murder.

They were more rounded, tougher, and more warlike than those who had grown up under the protection of their respective Clans.

It was too bad that Ai Song did not have enough self-awareness and felt too secure in himself, so sure that he would be able to easily dominate such a youngster like Ling Han.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "He sold it and I bought it, so the item is naturally mine. I don't have any interest to sell it off, so get lost!"

'Get lost!?'

Ai Song's previously haughty expression became extremely ugly, as if he had been suddenly punched, and he asked darkly, "Brat, do you know who I am?"

"An idiot trying to give me a laugh," Ling Han said, smiling.

"W-what?!" Ai Song was stunned for a moment, before looking extremely enraged.

Ling Han continued, "I realized that all idiots have a common characteristic, and that is they all like to ask 'do you know who I am?' or 'are you aware of who I am?' How the f*** should I know what idiot you are!"

"You're seeking death!" Ai Song finally could no longer hold himself back. He gave a great leap and pounced towards Ling Han, delivering a punch. He wanted to severely injure this brat who had spoken such insolent words.

"Get back, idiot!" A figure leaped out and similarly threw a punch towards Ai Song.

Peng , the two men's fists collided against each other, instantly creating a visible ripple that spread out in all directions. Ai Song trembled, and teng , teng , teng , retreated a whole thirteen steps. The other person was also forced backwards, though he merely took seven steps backwards.

Ai Song could not help but reveal a resentful expression, and said, "What a good brat to actually dare to speak so insolently to me! So there is someone to back you! And who are you? Are you aware of who I am?" When he spoke the last words, he suddenly recalled what Ling Han had said just now, and could not help but look slightly embarrassed.

"How do I know who you are, idiot!" The man shrugged. He was naturally one of the bodyguards that Ling Han had recruited. His name was Hu San, and he was in the fourth layer of Gushing Spring Tier.

"Hahahaha." The others began to laugh as well.

Ai Song gave a humph, and said, "Don't think that you are powerful enough to dominate over me. I had just been a bit careless just now." This was the truth. He naturally could not beat Ling Han to death, so had used very little power in that punch just now.

"I am Ai Song, the Hall Leader of the Loyalty Hall of Earth and Water Faction. Do you still intend to stand against me?" he added.

Everyone could not help but say "oh". No wonder he seemed to hold such a grudge against Ling Han, because Ling Han was indeed going to deal with the Earth and Water Faction. They did not know that they had not guessed correctly at all.

"Get lost!" Hu San glared. Though lone cultivators were very weak on their own, they still had one advantage, and that was the fact they had nothing to worry about. They did not have to worry about such things like if any conflict would rise up between their Clan and their opponent's Clan, because they had no Clan. If they wanted to fight, they would. If they weren't strong enough to beat their opponent, they could flee. In the worst-case scenario, they could hide somewhere for a few years.

"Very good. To actually dare to go against our Earth and Water Faction, how bold," Ai Song said furiously.

Ling Han walked towards Ruan Shi Zhong, smiled, and said, "It just so happens that I don't know where the lair of the Earth and Water Faction is. Lead us there then."

"Insolence!" Ai Song once again acted, but Hu San once again punched out and blocked his attack.

Ling Han stretched out a hand to grab him, and Ruan Shi Zhong was easily subdued. He smiled faintly, and said, "I gave you a chance. It's too bad you did not cherish it, and came back to make trouble with me. You should know that there will not always be second chances available in life!"

Pa . His hands moved, and Ruan Shi Zhong's right arm was instantly broken, hanging on at a terrifying angle. It was a sight that would make anyone shiver.

"Ah…!" Ruan Shi Zhong instantly wailed in agony.

This time, not just Ai Song, even Guang Yuan and the others were extremely shocked, because it was not a small issue to cause injury to another in such a public area in the Imperial City.

This brat was really a bit too ruthless, wasn't he?
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