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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao 191 The Golden Flower of the Stone

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Chapter 191: The Golden Flower of the Stone
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Ling Han broke the rock apart in a few moves, and the golden light became stronger and stronger, before finally becoming a ball of resplendent light, so bright that it was not possible to open one's eyes to look at it.

But the golden light very quickly paled and darkened, and in Ling Han's hand, there shockingly appeared a golden plant. It looked like a chrysanthemum; the whole flower was sparkling and translucent, possessing an indescribable beauty to it.




Everyone was exclaiming in shock. There was actually such a strange object growing inside a rock. No matter what it was, it was really inconceivable.

"Return this flower to me!" the stall keeper instantly shouted, his eyes red. Even if he had no idea what it was, he would have been able to guess that a plant growing within a rock was definitely an extraordinary treasure and not something that can be bought with a mere 2000 silver coins.

He had finally understood by now. Ling Han had only pretended to be scared previously, but in fact, he had already had his eye fixed on this rock.

This detestable brat!

Ling Han only pretended he had not heard anything, and asked Hu Niu, "Niu Niu, do you know what this is?"

Hu Niu sniffed it a few times, and instantly, put on a disinterested expression, and said, "It's not delicious!"

Ling Han laughed loudly, and said, "This is called the Golden Flower of the Stone. It is formed through gathering Spiritual Qi from its surroundings and can only grow within this kind of Stone of Nine Poisons. It has the effect of curing poison. Only a tiny little petal would be enough to cure many of the poisons of this world. The stem is even more outstanding, as it can cure any poison."

"Brother, this Golden Flower of the Stone is probably worth a lot, right?" one of the spectators asked.

"Of course." Ling Han nodded. "It is unavoidable for martial artists to enter into areas that are filled with powerful poison to adventure, and merely placing a single petal of the Golden Flower of the Stone in one's mouth would allow one to resist many poisons. Tell me, how much do you think it's worth?"

"A petal is worth 10,000 silver coins?" someone asked, his voice shaking.

"10,000 coins?" Ling Han shook his head with a smile, and said, "The rewards would naturally be overwhelmingly large if one actually had to enter such a dangerous location on an adventure. It would be nothing strange to spend several million, or even several dozen million just to prepare for such a journey. As a result, a single petal of this flower would be worth 100,000 coins, at the very least."

There was a simultaneous sharp intake of breath from all around them. A price of at least 100,000 coins... that was really too terrifying, because this Golden Flower of the Stone had exactly how many petals? At the very least, there were a few hundred petals there... then that would be worth about a few dozen million!

Moreover, the stem could apparently cure any conceivable poison, so it was naturally worth even more money.

"Hahahaha, brat, give me back my Golden Flower of the Stone!" The stall keeper was also listening to Ling Han's explanation just now, and now that he knew the astronomical value of this golden flower, he was both shocked and delighted. He was secretly laughing at Ling Han for being an idiot, to actually reveal the existence of such a treasure in the public, and was also secretly delighted inside his heart. He was really going to make a huge amount of money this time round.

"Is there something wrong with you?" Ling Han smiled calmly. "This is already mine, so what does it have to do with you?"

"This is your money, I'm giving it back!" The stall keeper threw out two monetary notes. "Now, give my back my Golden Flower of the Stone!"

"The transaction has been completed, so this item is naturally mine. And I have no intention to sell it off to you," Ling Han said seriously.

"Haha, who would dare not to sell me something that I, Ruan Shi Zhong, want?" The stall keeper smirked, and stretched out a hand towards Ling Han's neck.

Hu Niu moved. One smack from her, and with a peng , Ruan Shi Zhong was instantly flung away, crashing heavily into a wall before slowly sliding down it. He had actually been smacked unconscious.

Everyone was astonished. How could a little girl who was only about 5-6 years old have such powerful strength?

Ling Han grabbed a piece of cloth and wrapped the Golden Flower of the Stone in it. In such a public area, he dared not reveal the secret of the Spatial Ring. He turned to look at the other four ruffians, and asked with a smile, "Are you guys planning to snatch my stuff, too?"

The four men hurriedly shook their heads, a layer of cold sweat collecting on their foreheads.

Ruan Shi Zhong was the strongest of the five of them. He was in the eighth layer of Body Refining Tier, and was actually smacked unconscious so easily by a little snip of a girl, so it was predictable that this young man would be even more remarkable.

He was definitely playing the pig to eat the tiger just now, definitely pretending to be harmless previously to fool them!

Just now, this guy deliberately showed his fear, and was only trying to toy around with them. Now, they had, with their own hands, sold off a priceless treasure for the cheap price of 2000 coins. Whenever they recalled this in the future, they would definitely grieve and lament, with an increasing urge to commit suicide. To them, this was the heaviest kind of punishment.

No wonder this brat revealed the Golden Flower of the Stone in public; he was trying to provoke them.

Damn him!

Ling Han held onto Hu Niu's hand and left proudly. Liu Yu Tong smiled, because she knew that Ling Han must have noticed something about the rock to put on such an act.

The two adults and one child left very quickly, leaving behind the envious and impressed gazes of the crowd.

"Big Brother Shi Zhong!" The four ruffians hurriedly went to help Ruan Shi Zhong up. After pinching his Ren Zhong and pouring cold water on him, they finally managed to pull Ruan Shi Zhong back to consciousness.

"Ah!" Ruan Shi Zhong shouted loudly. "My treasure!" He suddenly jumped up from the ground, and realized that there were people looking at him from all around, wearing expressions that showed they were enjoying his misfortune. He could not help but flush brightly at this, both humiliated and enraged.

"Big Brother Shi Zhong, what do we do now?" the four ruffians asked.

Ruan Shi Zhong thought for a moment, then said, "Two of you follow that brat and see where he's going. The other two of you will come back with me and ask Hall Leader Ai to step out and snatch back the treasure!"

"But, Big Brother Shi Zhong, if we ask for Hall Leader Ai's help, the bigger share will definitely have to go to him!" one of the ruffians said cautiously.

Pa , Ruan Shi Zhong gave him a slap and rebuked him, "Are you an idiot? If we don't get Hall Leader Ai to deal with that brat, we won't get anything at all. If Hall Leader Ai manages to snatch back the treasure, then we'd at least get something."

"Right, right, right. Big Brother Shi Zhong is indeed clever." The four ruffians nodded in agreement.

"Then let's go!" Ruan Shi Zhong glared at them.

"What about the things here?" One of the ruffians pointed at the items still laid out in the stall.

"They're not worth much anyways. Moreover, who would dare to steal my stuff?"

The five of them immediately went off on their respective missions. Two followed behind Ling Han, while the other three went off to get help. How could they bear to simply let the matter go when it involved a treasure that was worth a few dozen million?

"Young Master Han, there's someone following us," Liu Yu Tong said suddenly.

"Just let them follow. When there's enough of them later, I'll deal with them in one go," Ling Han said, smiling.

"Niu wants to beat up ten!" Hu Niu said excitedly. The little girl had grown up by the side of a ferocious beast, and her wild nature was very dominant a part of her personality. She was especially fond of violence.

"All right!" Ling Han laughed. There was an extremely weird Spirit Base in the body of this little girl. In the future, even the whole world could possibly tremble because of her, what more just to beat up ten people.

Liu Yu Tong could not help but roll her eyes. Ling Han actually taught Hu Niu like this... wasn't he just egging her on to do whatever she liked?

As they walked, they soon arrived at the Heaven Military Hall.

This was indeed a lively place. There was a great hall that was a dazzling sight, while a square-shaped plaza surrounded it on all sides. There was a large number of people on this plaza, and there were even some who were holding on to signs for recruitment, in order to form a group to complete a mission.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "Let's hold up signs for recruitment as well!"

They never imagined that buying a sign here would be so expensive—the seller actually quoted a price of ten silver coins. Ling Han did not mind, but Liu Yu Tong could not bear wasting money so pointlessly and glared furiously at the seller for quite a while.

Ling Han began to write on the sign in his good penmanship. Then he tied it in a fixed position on a rock.

Instantly, he became the focus of everyone's attention.
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