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Chapter 188: Sky-High Price
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Because there was a malicious price war involved, the previous bidding was naturally discarded. Ling Han once again made a bid, and managed to easily purchase the three Swift Cloud Talismans at 10 million.

Practically no one made a counter-bid, because they were all aware of Ling Han's wealth. He did not even blink and simply threw out a bid of 40 million like that, and what was even more terrifying was his credit limit of 1 billion. If anyone actually offended him, then when something that they wanted came up in the auction and Ling Han actually joined in on the bidding, who would be able to compete?

Very soon, a representative from the Spirit Treasures Pavilion delivered the three Swift Cloud Talismans over. As for money, he naturally had no need to pay now—it would be the Spirit Treasures Pavilion who would be giving Ling Han money!

The Eldest Imperial Prince was both astonished and curious. Where had Ling Han gotten so much money from, and how had he gotten such serious attention from the Spirit Treasures Pavilion? He had naturally done his own investigation on Ling Han's background. Aside from that short time period shortly after his birth, this guy was a complete village boy. In the bounds of the Imperial City, the Ling Clan did not even qualify as an actual Clan.

But Ling Han suddenly rose up, and his rise took more or less only about half a year. This was really a miracle that no one could see through at all.

The auction continued. After a few unremarkable small items, the third Foundation Building Pill finally appeared on the stage in a glorious display. The Eldest Imperial Prince finally decided to throw everything into the gamble this time round. However, there were many others who had the same thought as him, and very quickly, the bidding price of the alchemical pill was pushed up to the high price of 20 million.

The Eldest Imperial Prince could only stare and secretly regret how he had not decisively acted the previous two times. And now, he couldn't even get one pill with his 20 million.

The Spirit Treasures Pavilion seemed to practically sell anything one could think of. Not just alchemical pills and decorative items, they also sold various ingredients, cultivation techniques, and martial arts techniques. There were even treasure maps mixed in. However, there were no Spirit Tools up for auction this time round. Otherwise, Ling Han would really want to get one of his own.

Because the martial arts and cultivation techniques that were on auction were really too low-grade, Ling Han naturally did not have the slightest interest. He was practically nodding off where he was sitting. Anyways, he needed not buy the Foundation Building Pills at all.

The fourth pill, the fifth pill, and the sixth pill were quickly auctioned off. As the number of Foundation Building Pills became less and less, the price became higher and higher. The eighth pill was even auctioned off for the astronomical price of 28 million. That was more than double the price of the first pill.

This caused that elite of Spiritual Ocean Tier from the Li Clan to delightedly laugh for quite some time. Though the price of 13 million caused him to feel heartache earlier on, when compared with the current price, he was naturally happy to have bought it for only that much.

There was only one pill left. Without a doubt, the final bid of this last Foundation Building Pill would definitely break through the price of 30 million!

...Gods know when there would be new Foundation Building Pills again.

"20 million!"

True enough, the base price of 5 million had just been announced when someone immediately placed the high bid of 20 million. It was natural that the last pill would be worth more than 20 million, so what was the point of wasting their time making small bids of less than 20 million?

Ling Han could not help but clap his hands, and said, "I like that kind of person, very straightforward!"

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan both covered their mouths and laughed lightly. Who would not like someone who would be delivering money to him?

Meanwhile, the Eldest Imperial Prince was slightly confused. He thought that Ling Han himself was a straightforward person and so admired that kind of person as well, and could not help but ask himself honestly if he were a straightforward person. If he was not, would it be very difficult for him to befriend Ling Han then?

"25 million!" There was quite a number of people with straightforward characters. Another immediately added another 5 million to the bid.

"26 million!"

"27 million!"

"28 million!"

"29 million!"

It was as if the price of 30 million was a new level. After the last bid was shouted out, a silence fell on the crowd. For the moment, none made another bid. The publicly acknowledged price of the Foundation Building Pill was at around 10 million, but because there was no shortage of buyers and no one actually willing to sell it, the astronomical price of over 20 million naturally came about. However, no one's money came falling down from the skies, so they naturally could not simply spend excessively.

Moreover, aside from alchemists, who could actually produce a massive amount of over 10 million? Such an amount would definitely have been the collective savings of a party, so how could it be spent so thoughtlessly?

...The majority of time of martial artists was spent on cultivation, so where would they have the time to earn money? For example, in the Ling Clan, there was a few hundred people working in businesses and earning money to support the few dozens of people in the Clan who could ascend up the path of martial arts and would thus be able to protect the wealth of the Ling Clan.

It was precisely because they were spending the money of their Clans or parties that it was unavoidable that they would hesitate, considering carefully whether or not they should spend such an astronomical sum.

"30 million!" Finally, someone broke the silence. It was an elite of Spiritual Ocean Tier from a middle-class clan.

For the Eight Great Clans, one more Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite would equate to an additional source of peak military power, and was very significant. However, it was not to the extent that there would be any real solid change to their power base. However, for a middle-class clan, if there was a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite in their ranks, that would definitely mean a complete transformation, and allow the Clan to be on a completely different level than previously.

Thus, middle-class clans were more desperate to get the Foundation Building Pill, and were also ready to go to crazier lengths for it.

"41 million!"

"42 million!"

"43 million!"

Finally, only three Clans were left. The eyes of the representatives from these clans were all red and they completely looked like they were ready to throw everything away and spare no expenses just to get their hands on the final Foundation Building Pill.

"Hehe, even after swallowing the Foundation Building Pill, you would only have about 10-20% chance to break through. Why do the two of you have to compete so ferociously with me?" one of them asked.

"Then, why won't Brother Ma allow me to have this chance?" another asked.

"This is a Foundation Building Pill worth thirteen Stars. It's not just a 10-20% chance, but is close to 30%!" The third person humphed coldly. "If you can't afford to make a bid, then don't embarrass yourself!"

"Then let's continue!"

Finally, the price was fixed at 49 million.

Everyone had already guessed that the last Foundation Building Pill would definitely get the highest price, but the price that almost reached 50 million still caused everyone to be dumbstruck. That was how an auction was like. There was no need for too many rich people—as long as there were at least two parties willing to place bids, that would be enough.

Just like how Ling Han and Chen Yun Xiang placed competing bids for the Swift Cloud Talismans, when it caused the price to soar all the way up to 40 million. It was only the fact that Chen Yun Xiang was not able to produce so much cash that the earlier bidding was rendered void.

Ling Han calculated for a moment, and could not help but feel a slight shock himself, because the nine Foundation Building Pills altogether were auctioned off for a price of 225 million! Even after the service charge of 14% was deducted, that would also be almost double the price of directly selling off 1 pill for 10 million.

Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan also calculated it and were shocked as well. Such an astronomical number was enough to compare to the annual total income of a Great Clan!

Total income, not total profit!

In other words, Ling Han had earned more than the accumulated earnings of a Great Clan for one year in this single day!

Alchemists really earned too much money.

But that would depend on the person as well. Aside from Ling Han, what other alchemist could concoct these nine Foundation Building Pills without having exploded a few dozen furnaces first? And if it was an Earth Grade alchemist... did an Earth Grade alchemist still need such an earthly item like money?

If an Earth Grade alchemist actually concocted an Earth Grade middle level or even high level treasured pill, then even selling off the whole Rain Country would not be enough!

The auction this time round ended smoothly, and Ling Han went to the backstage to settle his bill—the Eldest Imperial Prince naturally thought he had gone to pay the money for his three Swift Cloud Talismans, and would have never imagined that Ling Han had gone to receive his money. Moreover, the sum that he was receiving was enough to cause even an Imperial Prince like him to stop breathing.

"Young Master Han, the nine Foundation Building Pills have been auctioned off for a total of 225 million, and subtracting the 14% service charge, as well as the 10 million that you have withdrawn in advance earlier on, there is still 183 million and 500 thousand left." Jia Bo Yun handed over a stack of monetary notes to Ling Han. So much money naturally could not possibly be paid in gold.

He already knew that Ling Han was about to become a Black Grade high level alchemist, and could even possibly step into Earth Grade, and so he used a respectful address for him, hoping that Ling Han could concoct an Earth Grade pill that could help a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite to break through. Otherwise, with his status, there was no need for him to be so respectful to this extent.

Ling Han smiled and received the money from him. He did not even spare it a second look and simply put it away. He knew that the other would not dare to embezzle his money.
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