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Chapter 186: Swift Cloud Talisman
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The auction continued. Following right after were a couple of paintings and calligraphy works, as well as some ornaments. They were not really important for martial artists, but could be used as a way to refresh the mind and a source of amusement. Besides these, there were also some martial arts and cultivation techniques. However, these tended to be too low in grade, and so did not get a very good price.

After about half an hour, bidding began for the second Foundation Building Pill.

The atmosphere immediately became fired up, and not only did the bid very quickly exceed ten million, the final price was fixed at fifteen million, almost fifty percent higher than the first pill!

The expression on the Eldest Imperial Prince's face turned a bit ugly. If things went on in this manner, then it was really possible that he may not be able to buy even one Foundation Building Pill. He thus secretly made his decision. He would try his absolute best to get the third Foundation Building Pill.

When Ling Han saw this, he could not help but shake his head. He believed that, with the accumulated emotions from the earlier two rounds of bidding, the third Foundation Building Pill would definitely go for an astronomical price and become a minor climax of this auction.

"Everyone, the next auction item are these three Swift Cloud Talismans." The auctioneer drank a sip of water to moisten his throat and once again began to announce loudly, "These are three Swift Cloud Talismans. If one attaches on to their body, it will increase their speed by ten times at most, and the effects would last for about ten minutes."

His eyes swept over the surrounding people. "According to the estimation of the appraiser of our Pavilion, the higher your cultivation level, the less the speed increase would be. A martial artist in Spiritual Pedestal Tier would be able to increase their speed by only about two times, while a martial artist in Element Gathering Tier can increase their speed by ten times. It has no effect on one in Flower Blossoming Tier."

A martial artist in Flower Blossoming Tier could soar to the skies, so it was natural that there would be no effect. And the higher one's cultivation level, the faster one would be, so it was natural that the lesser the speed increase would be. This was understandable.

Ling Han could not help but become interested, and sat up straight. This, however, made Hu Niu very displeased, because she had to change her position on his lap.

Spirit Talismans could be taken as a different kind of Spirit Tool as they were also similarly engraved with the martial intent of a martial artist. However, the material used to sustain the martial intent was a one-use item. Once a talisman was attached to one's body, it would begin working and this was an irreversible, unstoppable process. Even if you used it for only a short while, its effects would end only once the talisman had been completely expended.

However, Spirit Talismans were far harder to create than normal Spirit Tools, because unlike Spirit Tools that needed the user's own Origin Power to activate them and would not be activated if the user did not have enough Origin Power, Spirit Talismans did not have this problem. Once it was attached to your body, its effects would definitely be activated without exception.

Of course, some Spirit Talismans that were too dominating and, with the instillation of a terrifying amount of power into the user's body, could actually shatter the user's body, were nothing too rare either.

These three Spirit Talismans... he decided he wanted them.

Firstly, he could study the martial intent of these Spirit Talismans, and secondly, they could give him a speed burst of ten times his usual speed. This, for the current him, was very significant, and may even save his life in the future.

For Ling Han, as long as he was alive, he would be able to perform miracles, and would be able to get his own back.

"The three Swift Cloud Talismans will be auctioned off all at once. The base price is five million," the auctioneer announced.

The base price of five million was enough to compare to the base price of a Foundation Building Pill, and it was obvious that in the eyes of the Spirit Treasure Pavilion, they were also an extremely rare, precious item. The reason why they were not left till the end of the auction was most likely because the Pavilion feared that everyone would spend all their money on the Foundation Building Pills.

"Five million and one hundred thousand." Someone placed a bid, but the increase in price was not very high.

In the Imperial City, who dared to commit murder? Thus, the price of the Swift Cloud Talismans was far below their estimated price. After all, members of the Great Clans need not go out and risk their lives and would still be able to get enough resources for cultivation, while those who came from a commoner background... would not be able to produce five million.

"Five million and two hundred thousand."

"Five million and three hundred thousand."

The bidding went very slowly, and could not be compared to the earlier fiery bidding for the Foundation Building Pill at all.

"Ten million!" Right at this moment, a lazy voice was heard, yet it was practically earth-shattering, causing a numbness to everyone's hearts.

What profligate young master was this that he would spend his money in this way? He's really trying to bring ruin to his father.

Everyone turned their eyes to the private room on the third floor. Quite a number of people looked surprised, because they had heard the Eldest Imperial Prince's voice earlier on from there. This was still understandable. Who knows, perhaps the Spirit Treasures Pavilion thought that the Eldest Imperial Prince had the highest chances to inherit the throne and so gave him a private room on the third floor.

But now, this voice was not familiar at all, so who could it be? Who was it that not only could sit in a private room on the third floor, but could also spare such a shocking amount of money on his first bid?

Sun Zi Yan's eyes instantly narrowed. He naturally recognized that it was Ling Han's voice.

This brat actually had so much money.

True, if he did not have so much money, how could he be able to open up so many stores and compete with the Chen Clan, even at a loss?

"There is now a chance for you to save the business of your Clan," he said to Chen Yun Xiang.

The old man considered slightly then quickly understood, and said, "Zi Yan, you mean I should compete in bidding with him and force him to spend more money?"

"That's right. The two of you are now competing, and if that brat spends an extra million, that would mean you would earn an extra million," Sun Zi Yan said coldly.

"All right!" Chen Yun Xiang gritted his teeth. "I will go full-force ahead today and fight to the end with that bastard!"

"Eleven million!" he called out loudly.

"Hiss..." The surroundings erupted in a clamor. Eleven million was not the highest price today, but to spend so much money for three talismans that "did not have much use"... wasn't that a bit idiotic?

"Is it that old dog?" Ling Han murmured. He naturally recognized Chen Yun Xiang's voice. "Then let me scare you to death!" He raised his voice, and called out, "Twenty million!"


Everyone choked. This was already not just a spoilt young master bringing ruin to his father, it was practically deranged enough to bring ruin to his ancestors. Not even the Eight Great Clans could afford to have such a character that would spend money like this, right?

"Young Master Han, do you really have so much money?" the Eldest Imperial Prince asked curiously. Though he knew that Ling Han could have a very powerful background, he did not think that the former could really produce such an exorbitant sum of money as twenty million so easily.

"That's all right. Doesn't Your Imperial Highness have twenty million with you?" Ling Han asked jokingly.

The Eldest Imperial Prince almost jumped up from his seat. This brat actually had his eye on his money? Though he did want to gain Ling Han's support, but if you were talking about simply giving him such an astronomical sum of money of twenty million, even he would break out in a cold sweat.

Moreover, if he spent the twenty million on those three pieces of scrap paper, how was he going to bid for his Foundation Building Pill?

"Young Master Han, don't joke around," he said, rubbing off the cold sweat from his forehead.

Ling Han laughed, but did not explain, causing both Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan to cover their mouths and laugh softly. This brat had merely concocted alchemical pills at the Heaven's Medicine Pavilion and had already collected eighteen million in the form of observation fees. Moreover, he was the one who had concocted the Foundation Building Pills, and their combined price would definitely total up to over one hundred million.

Twenty million was merely a drop in the ocean.

In a private room on the second floor, Sun Zi Yan smirked coldly and said, "See, in just a few moments, you have earned twenty million. Raise your bid, continue the bidding!"

Meanwhile, Chen Yun Xiang had erupted into a cold sweat. From that uncaring tone of Ling Han, it was as if twenty million was pocket change to him, but for the Chen Clan, although twenty million was not an overwhelmingly large amount of money, they really did not have so much cash. They would have to sell off some of their property to get that amount of cash.

If he continued to bid, he was really afraid that his heart would not be able to take the continuous shocks.

But when he thought about Ling Han's forceful attitude, Chen Yun Xiang gritted his teeth and declared, "Twenty one million!"

At this, everyone finally understood. He was deliberately raising the bid!
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