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Chapter 180: Eye of Truth
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The power of the nation could help an elite of Spiritual Pedestal Tier break through to Flower Blossoming Tier. Such a huge secret was only discovered by the Eldest Imperial Prince under the most coincidental of circumstances. Moreover, this was not the actual Flower Blossoming Tier, as it required the continuous instillation of power of the nation to allow one to maintain his cultivation of Flower Blossoming Tier. Otherwise, one would very quickly once again fall back to the mortal plane.

It was precisely because of this that there existed only a single elite warrior of Flower Blossoming Tier in the whole of Rain Country.

When the Eldest Imperial Prince set out this condition, he was actually being a little untruthful. When he ascended the throne, he would definitely stimulate the power of the nation for Ling Han's use, but the length of the period that Ling Han could access it... That was a different story.

After all, by that time, he would be the new Rain Emperor, and have gained control over the entire empire and immeasurable power. Who would dare go against him, or object to his actions?

He had never thought that Ling Han seemed to have a deeper understanding of the power of the nation than even him, and Ling Han obviously did not place much importance on it either.

He could not help but be flabbergasted. Women, wealth, and power—all of these were unwanted. He could still understand that, but that even the possibility of breaking through to Flower Blossoming Tier could be set aside so easily as if it was something common... He was really at a loss by now. Such a man seemed to have completely no wants or desires, and as the saying went, a man without wants could stay firm in his resolution. What else could he offer that would successfully attract Ling Han to support him?

Ling Han smiled and said, "In truth, I am only friends with the Third Imperial Prince, and have never become his subordinate. I can also become friends with Your Imperial Highness. I have no desire for power, and have no intention to interfere in a struggle for power either."

The Eldest Imperial Prince finally looked better at this. He frowned slightly, considered for a while, then spoke, "Does Young Master Han have any interest in Mystical Power?"

Previously, he had already taken Ling Han to be a profligate spoilt young master who had somehow managed to obtain the favor of a considerable number of alchemists—just like Feng Yan, who had some kind of unknown background. As a result, though he still placed a lot of importance on maintaining an amiable relation with Ling Han, it was a different story whether he truly respected Ling Han or not in his heart.

However, through this conversation with Ling Han, he did not dare underestimate this young man who was only sixteen or seventeen years old any longer, and unconsciously began to use a respectful address for Ling Han.

Ling Han was surprised, and asked, "Mystical Power?"

"That's right, Mystical Power!" The Eldest Imperial Prince nodded, and began to explain, "Mystical Powers are extremely unique. Some Mystical Powers could wound your enemies and possess formidable power. Some Mystical Powers could only assist and support you in battle. Some claim them to be a kind of martial arts technique, yet they will not expend your Origin Power. However, every kind of Mystical Power is extremely precious, and could never be obtained even with a large amount of wealth!"

Ling Han naturally knew what Mystical Powers were. These techniques were extremely rare; even he in his last life had not witnessed the use of Mystical Powers too many times. However, from the few times that he had seen them in action, they had left behind a very powerful impression on his memory.

When he ventured deep into various historical sites, he encountered a kind of special physical constitution that could use a Mystical Power that could "Swallow the Heavens and Devour the Earth". The user was obviously only in Deity Transformation Tier, yet still managed to swallow him into his stomach, and he was almost digested.

Though the holder of this special physical institution was later eliminated by Ling Han, if he was to be honest, then if both of them were at the same cultivation level—even if Ling Han was in the ninth layer and his opponent was merely in the first—the conclusion of their battle could possibly be completely different.

Unfortunately, he had not managed to pry the origins of this Mystical Power from the mouth of that enemy of his.

Ling Han's interest was stirred, and he asked, "From the words of Your Imperial Highness, you apparently possess a Mystical Power then?"

"I do not, but the National Treasury does," The Eldest Imperial Prince said with a serious expression. "As long as Young Master Han helps me ascend to the throne, I will definitely hand over this Mystical Power over to you!"

Ling Han shook his head, and said, "Your Imperial Highness is not being very sincere. If you can manage to bring this Mystical Power and show it to me within these few days, I can consider your offer."

"The Mystical Power is much too precious, and is locked within the inner chambers. Even I am unable to enter within, so how am I supposed to bring it out for you!" the Eldest Imperial Prince said with a little frustration.

Ling Han had obtained a useful piece of information, and that was that the National Treasury had an inner chamber within. He laughed, and said, "Then what is the effect of this Mystical Power? Your Imperial Highness should at least know this, right?"

"Eye of Truth," the Eldest Imperial Prince said, looking a bit guilty.

He had never cultivated this Mystical Power before, but knew that the Eye of Truth would not increase one's battle prowess in any way, and could only help one to see through false illusions. In his opinion, what use was there for this ability?

Thus, he was naturally a bit guilty. But no matter how lousy a Mystical Power it was, it was still a Mystical Power. That was why he dared to offer it to tempt Ling Han to support him.

Ling Han was stunned for a moment before ecstasy rose up in his heart.

The Eye of Truth indeed did not possess any ability to damage or harm one's opponent. However, it was even more precious than a lot of other Mystical Powers that had ability to attack, because it would allow one to see through all kinds of false illusions and see the real truth. In a simpler example, after cultivating the Eye of Truth, he need not fear any kinds of illusionary arts nor deceptions.

And what was even more terrifying was the fact that the Eye of Truth would allow him to see the weaknesses of both himself and his opponent.

Being able to see the weaknesses of others would allow him to maximize his attacks to the full extent, while being able to see his own weaknesses would allow him to improve upon them. Even if there was no way he could improve his weaknesses, he would still be able to protect these weak points of his better.

Ling Han did not know whether there was any even stronger ability to this Mystical Power or not. After all, he had only heard of this kind of Mystical Power and had never seen it before in his last life.

Who would have thought? Who would have thought that, in this tiny little Rain Country, there would actually be hidden such a powerful Mystical Power?

Ling Han thought for a moment. He had indeed discovered a considerable number of precious treasures in Rain Country, such as... the remains of an ultimate warrior of Shattering Void Tier!

Perhaps when so many elites and ultimate warriors had gathered all those years ago, there had been a few that had only suffered heavy injuries but had not died. After the battle, they stayed in Rain Country, and left behind such a powerful Mystical Power like the Eye of Truth.

Ling Han was moved in his heart, but there was no hint of change in his expression. How could he so easily wear his heart on his sleeve after two whole lifetimes 1 ? He asked, "Your Imperial Highness does not seem to have cultivated this Mystical Power?"

Otherwise, he may not take it out as a bargaining chip.

The Eldest Imperial Prince shook his head and said, "The Eye of Truth has a very special condition for inheritance. It is hidden in an eyeball, and one must somehow gain its acceptance and acknowledgement before it would directly enter into one's consciousness. Otherwise, it is only a piece of scrap."

Ling Han gave an 'oh' at this. No wonder he had not managed to find the Mystical Power 'Swallow the Heavens and Devour the Earth'. So this kind of inheritance was completely different from cultivation techniques and martial arts, and was not depicted in mere words or pictures.


He smiled and said, "When Your Imperial Highness can bring that eyeball to me, we can continue to discuss our cooperation. But, as for now, let's just be friends, all right?"

The Eldest Imperial Prince knew very well that empty promises would not be able to move Ling Han—whatever he could promise, so could the Third Imperial Prince, which meant he had no advantage over the latter. However, he had at least managed to befriend Ling Han, so other matters could be advanced slowly.

"Young Master Han, there will be an auction at the Spirit Treasures Pavilion the day after tomorrow, and it is rumored that there will even be an incomparably precious Foundation Building Pill up for auction. Are you interested to go take a look?" the Eldest Imperial Prince earnestly inquired him.

Ling Han could not help but put on a strange expression. This Foundation Building Pill was naturally his, but he had never thought that it would actually become the most precious of auction items. He was just about to shake his head in refusal, but then reconsidered. Rain Country's overall level was too low. Who knows if there may be some treasures that may not be recognized for their worth.

"I don't mind going for a look." He changed his mind.

"Hahahaha, then I shall come receive you personally the day after tomorrow." The Eldest Imperial Prince was very satisfied. If he appeared in public with Ling Han, then that would definitely create an image that he had a very close relationship with Ling Han. By that time, those middle-class clans would have to reconsider their decisions.

Ling Han nodded and took his leave. He still had to go and visit Li Hao and Zhu Xue Yi.
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