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Chapter 177: The Eldest Imperial Prince Has Arrived
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Peng, peng, peng, peng. Feng Yan's fists crashed into the Blood Sucking Origin Gold and actually created flashes of silver light upon impact. That was the Origin Power of the fists being shattered and once again transforming back into Spiritual Qi.

With Feng Yan's current ability, he was not yet able to break through the shield of Blood Sucking Origin Gold, but he was indeed much more powerful than Ling Han. The extremely powerful impacts were like rolling waves that crashed into the shield repeatedly, forcing Ling Han to retreat uncontrollably again and again.

When he saw the blade of his sword was getting farther and farther away from Feng Luo's shoulder, Ling Han gave a cold humph, and six flashes of Sword Qi swept forwards at the same time. Pu , Feng Luo's left arm was also unable to escape from the fate of being sliced off.

"Ah!" Feng Luo had fainted from the agony of his right arm being sliced off, but this strike actually caused him enough pain to wake him from his unconscious state.

Ling Han quickly shot back in a retreat, and drew back his left hand. The Blood Sucking Origin Gold once again transformed back into a bangle that encircled his wrist. He looked a bit pale. After all, even with his Body of Dead Tree ability, suffering such a round of powerful attacks caused him to feel as if his body was boiling, so he was in a lot of pain.

The area was once again in dead silence.

Upon the first glance, Feng Yan was naturally at the advantage in their clash, being able to force Ling Han to retreat simply by punching a fist at empty air. However, Ling Han had still managed to slice off Feng Luo's other arm with a single strike and retreat completely unscathed, so it also looked like it was his victory.

Awesome, he was really too awesome. Not just having power, but also courage.

Feng Yan's face was filled with a powerful killing intent that transformed into a solid state encircling around his body. His younger brother had both his arms crippled right in front of his eyes. This caused killing intent to blaze within him. He really had to kill Ling Han—he would definitely not let this matter go.

"Your previous actions have completely forfeited your own life," he said with a wooden, expressionless face. As he walked towards Ling Han, his right hand gave a wave and drew out the long saber from his waist. It was eerily cold like autumn waters, and was obviously an amazing weapon.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "You have already moved twice, and I'm still standing here completely unharmed. Your ability only goes so far!" Although that's what he said, he dared not underestimate Feng Yan in the slightest. After all, when he added together the different cultivation levels of both him and Feng Yan, they actually had a gap of seven whole layers!

"Today, no one will be able to save you!" Feng Yan declared coldly. Every step he took created a heavy sound, and it was as if his steps were falling on their hearts, making everyone feel very uncomfortable.

"Oh, has this Rain Country changed surnames to Feng?" A clear voice rang out, and a tall man walked over. He looked to be about thirty years old, and was quite handsome. He was dressed in a crimson embroidered robe, and walked with a majestic gait, possessing the aura of a king.

About a meter behind this man was a plain-looking middle-aged man, who followed his steps closely.

"Eldest Imperial Prince! It's the Eldest Imperial Prince!"

"Yi, why is the Eldest Imperial Prince suddenly here? Didn't he leave the Academy two years ago?"


"Hehe, this is getting fun now. Feng Yan completely takes himself to be the boss of the Academy, but the Eldest Imperial Prince is the real owner here. Is this a sign that these two are about to come into conflict?"

"No matter how awesome Feng Yan is, he would not dare to oppose the Eldest Imperial Prince publicly, would he?"

"Not necessarily. Just take a look at Feng Luo's previous arrogant display and look at how Feng Yan wants to commit murder in broad daylight. They have obviously no regard for the Emperor's laws at all."

"Let's just wait and see."

The spectators all started murmuring their thoughts and ideas to each other. Now that things had come this far, it was already a bit out of control; even the Eldest Imperial Prince had come to involve himself in the matter.

"Feng Yan, why are you not paying your greetings when you see the Eldest Imperial Prince?" the middle-aged man behind the Eldest Imperial Prince rebuked coldly.

Feng Yan slightly hesitated for a moment, then raised his clasped hands in the Eldest Imperial Prince's direction and said, "Feng Yan hereby greets Your Imperial Highness, the Eldest Imperial Prince!"

How arrogant, he actually only raised his clasped hands in greeting.

The middle-aged man was about to speak up in reprimand again when he saw the Eldest Imperial Prince stretch out an arm, which forced the former to swallow whatever words he was about to say.

"Feng Yan, step back!" the Eldest Imperial Prince said.

"This man has crippled both my brother's arms and I'm going to take his life in return," Feng Yan said in a calm tone after regaining control over his emotions. However, although he spoke calmly, there was a determination that lay behind his words that said he would not be refused.

The Eldest Imperial Prince could not help but look displeased. With his status, in the whole Rain Country, aside from the Clan Heads of the Eight Great Clans of Rain Country, Lian Guang Zu, Wu Song Lin and the other rare few at the same level, who would dare to not give him face?

"Feng Yan, you have overstepped your bounds!" the Eldest Imperial Prince said coldly. Though he was not the Emperor yet, at a certain level, he could represent the Imperial Family. Any words he said had enormous weight behind them, so how could his words simply be refused like that?

"Heng, he crippled my brother, and I will take his life in exchange. Isn't this fair?" Feng Yan displayed his overbearing and unreasonable nature, actually not giving the slightest face to the Eldest Imperial Prince at all.

"Feng Yan, do you have any idea what you are doing now?" the Eldest Imperial Prince asked. He was also angered by now.

Any lands under the skies were all under Imperial authority, who would dare to disobey the words of the Emperor?

"I have long heard that the Eldest Imperial Prince was a Core Disciple of Hu Yang Academy in the previous generation, please allow this Feng Yan to experience your ability," Feng Yan said.

The area erupted in an uproar. Feng Yan actually pitted himself against the Eldest Imperial Prince!

Putting aside the Eldest Imperial Prince's status, when he left the Academy two years ago, he was a Core Disciple. Though he had yet to break through to Spiritual Ocean Tier now, he was definitely in the ninth layer of Gushing Spring Tier, and added together with the Eldest Imperial Prince's talent in martial arts, he was practically invincible in the Gushing Spring Tier.

In the current Hu Yang Academy, the Third Imperial Prince was considered the most powerful student, but he was only in the seventh layer of Gushing Spring Tier, and even he would most likely lose against the Eldest Imperial Prince. Feng Yan was only a True Disciple, so where did he get the courage and confidence to think that he was worthy of opposing the Third Imperial Prince?

The Eldest Imperial Prince could not help but grow even angrier. This Feng Yan not only dared to disobey his commands, he even wanted to challenge him. He was indeed outrageously bold. However, as the Eldest Imperial Prince, he was a very subtle person and so would naturally not show any sign of his emotions on his face as he asked calmly, "You really want to challenge me?"

"Please!" Feng Yan said very decisively. The aura from his whole body came out in a wave, emanating a powerful might.

"Seventh layer of Gushing Spring Tier!" The Eldest Imperial Prince could not help but look astonished. How had Feng Yan risen to such a formidable height in such a short period of time?

"What, seventh layer of Gushing Spring Tier, really?"

"Since the Eldest Imperial Prince has said so, then it is most likely true."

"No wonder he actually dared to challenge the Eldest Imperial Prince; so he is in the seventh layer of Gushing Spring Tier."

"That's not right. Even if he is in Spiritual Ocean Tier, so what? That's the Eldest Imperial Prince there!"

"That's true. I really don't know what backer Feng Yan has. Could it be he really is the illegitimate son of the Headmaster?"

All of the spectators were exclaiming in surprise. That was the seventh layer of Gushing Spring Tier, and Feng Yan had actually caught up with the Third Imperial Prince... but when one took into account Feng Yan's young age, he could definitely be considered as the most talented and strongest genius of Rain Country.

"No wonder he dared to challenge me!" The Eldest Imperial Prince's expression darkened, and he said, "Then, make your move!"

Without any reservation, Feng Yan leaped forwards in the Eldest Imperial Prince's direction. He did not use his saber, but simply used his fists to create a barrage of attacks. There was a layer of silvery light wrapped around his fists, which exuded an unusually powerful aura.

"Using fists in front of me?" The Eldest Imperial Prince humphed and a cold light flashed through his eyes. He similarly attacked with his fists. It was as if an Emperor had arrived, which caused an irrepressible pounding to rise up in everyone's hearts. They all felt the urge to kneel down on the ground and declare themselves to be loyal subjects of the Eldest Imperial Prince.

Son of Heaven Fist Technique!

Peng, peng, peng, peng. The two of them clashed endlessly, and the Eldest Imperial Prince visibly had the upper hand.

His cultivation level was higher, he had greater power, and the Son of Heaven Fist Technique dominated over Feng Yan's own martial arts technique in terms of grade. If he was still unable to gain the advantage in the clash with all these factors in play, then it was really illogical.

Ling Han's eyes narrowed slightly, and when he looked upon the silvery light exuding from Feng Yan, he murmured to himself, "Special physical constitution?"
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