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Chapter 172: Blood Sucking Origin Gold
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Becoming friends with Ling Han before and later... the significance of the two scenarios were completely different.

Even a Black Grade middle level alchemist had to address Ling Han respectfully as Young Master Han. What an honor it was to be able to become Ling Han's friend!

Jiang Fei Yan's parents and Jiang Fei Yan herself were all extraordinarily delighted by his words. Meanwhile, Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt both shamelessly approached Ling Han. Eldest Aunt said, "Young Master Han, my Hua Lian and Yuan'er are both good boys. They will definitely be able to become good friends with Young Master Han."

"That's right, that's right. You can all become good friends," Youngest Aunt hurriedly continued.

They were really without any sense of shame.

Ling Han asked calmly, "Do I know you?"

Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt were instantly struck speechless by his question. If it was just a moment ago, they would definitely have bared their fangs and brandished their claws. Yet now, they dared not say even one word. Instead, they continued to signal at Jiang Fei Yan with their eyes, hoping that she could speak up on their behalf.

If their sons could become good friends with Ling Han, then wouldn't that mean that they would be able to do as they liked in this Imperial City?

"You all can get lost now!" Ling Han said impatiently.

How could Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt give up as easily as that? They simply pretended that they had not heard him, and planned to continue pestering Ling Han.

Ling Han smiled coldly, and said, "Or do you want me to invite Wu Qian Feng and Yuanchu back to call an account to your old debts?" Sparing them once was already him giving face to Jin Wuji. If not, he would have given them both a well-deserved slap long ago.

Hearing his threat, Eldest Aunt and Youngest Aunt could only reluctantly leave with their sons in tow.

Ling Han retook his seat and continued to drink with Jin Wuji and the rest for a while before taking his leave. Firstly, the atmosphere was not too comfortable. His status had all of a sudden shot up to such formidable heights that it caused Jin Wuji and the others to behave very reservedly in his company. Secondly, he was also in a rush to return and study the item that he had gotten from Wu Qian Feng.

With Hu Niu in tow, Ling Han very quickly returned to the Academy. Faced with a challenging look from Liu Ru Er, he closed the door to his room. With a single thought from him, an item immediately appeared from within the Spatial Ring.

It was a very black thing, thin and long. Once it appeared, it actually moved a little before quickly shooting towards Ling Han, as if it was an arrow shot from a bow.

The thing was extremely fast, so fast that even Wu Qian Feng could not defend himself against it, causing him to stagnate at the current cultivation level for a period of ten years. This more than showed how fast it could be. Even an elite warrior of the seventh layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier was not spared, what more Lign Han who was merely in the seventh layer of Element Gathering Tier?

Xiu , the thing had already shot to Ling Han's waist, and was actually about to penetrate his body through his waist.

"Heng!" Ling Han's face turned cold, and suddenly, a burst of crimson flame erupted from his waist. "How dare you. Since I had the ability to force you out, how could it be possible that I would be afraid of you?"

The thing continued to shoot in various directions, still intending to create a hole on Ling Han's body to allow it to enter his body. However, its attempts were repeatedly blocked by the Strange Fire, and it was finally captured by Ling Han once again. Hong , the Strange Fire came forth and began burning the thing.

The thing continued to twist around and struggle. It actually transformed from its initial long, thin shape to the shape of a block, then transformed into the form of a sword, then a saber, and so on. It was an amazing sight.

"So it is indeed Blood Sucking Origin Gold." Ling Han smiled.

The Blood Sucking Origin Gold was not a demonic beast nor any kind of living organism. In fact, it was a unique kind of metal. However, this metal was extremely strange because it loved to suck and devour blood, as if it had a life of its own. Not even Ling Han possessed a detailed knowledge of this thing.

But, someone had once guessed before that when this strange metal absorbed a sufficient amount of blood strong enough, it might be able to open the door to life and become a completely new life form.

And the greatest advantage of this metal was that it could freely change its form. Once it was forged into a weapon, the weapon would be able to change into uncountable forms! In Ling Han's last life, the Slashing Sun Saber, the weapon of one of the seven ultimate warriors of Heaven Tier, the Setting Sun Saber Emperor, was forged precisely from this Blood Sucking Origin Gold. In battle, the treasured saber would be able to continuously absorb the blood of powerful warriors to endlessly increase its power. It was practically able to compare to the might of an ultimate warrior of Heaven Tier on its own. That was how terrifying it could be.

However, this block of Blood Sucking Origin Gold was much too small to forge it into a weapon. Still, there would be no problems in using it to make a key.

Since it could freely change its shape, that meant that it would be able to become a key that could open any lock in this world.

That wasn't awesome enough?

In his last life, Ling Han had only seen the Blood Sucking Origin Gold in the hands of the Setting Sun Saber Emperor, but when he’d heard Wu Qian Feng's story, he deduced the identity of the ‘snake’. Otherwise, how could he have treated the ailment of a member of the Wu Clan without any reason?

Thankfully, he was not disappointed.

"Yayaya!" The Strange Fire sent a blurry thought to Ling Han. It actually wanted to continue melting this block of metal. Ling Han could somewhat sense that the Strange Fire felt disdain towards the Blood Sucking Origin Gold.

It was really strange.

Once it was melted, would the Strange Fire be able to gain the transformation trait of the Blood Sucking Origin Gold? But if he did not melt it down, the thing would not listen to him at all. Its bloodthirsty ‘nature’ was overwhelming. It was appropriate to forge a weapon from it, but it was definitely not recommended to forge it into a key.

Burn and melt it down... he'll just have to see if that would be able to erase its bloodthirsty ‘nature’.

Ling Han made his decision and allowed the Strange Fire to continuously refine this block of Blood Sucking Origin Gold.

However, since the Blood Sucking Origin Gold could gain the favor of the Setting Sun Saber Emperor who used it to forge his own weapon, it did indeed have a very high tolerance against heat. It only became slightly red under the furious burning of the Strange Fire, but did not melt at all.

If it was not for the fact that Fire was strong against Metal, Ling Han probably would not be able to do anything to it.

Then he'd just have to slowly melt it down. He did not believe that he would be unable to subdue a block of metal.

Ling Han sat down in a cross-legged position and stimulated the Origin Power in his body, transforming it into heat that helped in the refining process of the Blood Sucking Origin Gold.

Slowly, this block of unique metal began to become softer and softer, and gradually looked like it would be turning into liquid.

That Slashing Sun Saber of the Setting Sun Saber Emperor was far above this level. That treasured saber was practically invincible against all external damage. Even the Sword Emperor who had learnt Sword Heart and claimed to be able to slice the heavens and the earth apart with a single wave of his sword could not break it in half. That proved how extraordinary a substance it was.

The reason for this should be because the Blood Sucking Origin Gold had the ability to grow. It would be able to become stronger through the continuous absorption of blood. Currently, this block of Blood Sucking Origin Gold had not absorbed too much blood. As a result, it could not do anything against even a martial artist of the seventh layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier. A whole ten years, and it still had not managed to completely absorb the blood of its victim, which was proof enough of its weakness.

Otherwise, if it was that Slashing Sun Saber of the Setting Sun Saber Emperor, then Ling Han would definitely have turned and fled in the opposite direction. How could he stand against that demonic thing with his current ability?

The block of metal continued to change shapes, and had even transformed into the shape of a tiny human being that roared silently. This would cause anyone to suspect if it was actually a metal that had a life of its own. However, living organisms could not be stored into the Spatial Ring, so it was confirmed that the Blood Sucking Origin Gold was an inanimate object.

Anyways, it was just very strange.

After melting it down for a whole day and night, the block of Blood Sucking Origin Gold finally became a pool of liquid and no longer changed forms.

Ling Han's face turned serious, and he began to extend his divine sense into the Blood Sucking Origin Gold.

To make the Blood Sucking Origin Gold take a form of his choosing, he would have to use his divine sense to penetrate into it. It was equivalent to smelting and forging the Blood Sucking Origin Gold like it was a Spirit Weapon.

Weng , Ling Han's divine sense suddenly entered into a world of complete darkness. The furious sounds of battle roared in his ears. As the sight in front of him became lighter, he saw uncountable people all attacking a giant in front of him.

The giant stood firm and sturdy, and there was a metallic sheen all over its body. It was extremely hard, because even with the combined attacks of a few thousand people, there only appeared slight depressions on its body, which immediately turned back to normal. It was as if the depressions were made by fingers lightly pressing down on its body.

Ling Han was shocked—the body of this giant was completely made from the Blood Sucking Origin Gold!
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