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Chapter 171: Treatment
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Ling Han did not take it to heart. There was a flash of delight in his eyes that no one else noticed.

It was not a snake that had bitten Wu Qian Feng, but a treasure.

Of course, he could not confirm it yet. However, he was quite sure that it was the case.

"Come, change your position and lay your leg down flat," Ling Han instructed.

Wu Qian Feng quickly sat down and laid his leg down on another chair. He then looked at Ling Han anxiously.

There was no way that a great alchemist like Yuanchu would make empty boasts. Thus, when he said that Ling Han's alchemy skills were even above his, then that had to be the truth—even if that was a very astonishing fact that he really couldn't believe.

Everyone else now had become minor characters as they all directed their stares at Ling Han, an unbelievably young man with unbelievable skills.

Ling Han did not feel uncomfortable at all. In his last life, he was already long used to becoming the focus of everyone's attention. What he wanted now was to confirm the idea he had in his mind. He stretched out a hand and tapped repeatedly on Wu Qian Feng's leg. After every few taps, he would stop and observe for a moment.

After a moment, a confident smile came over his face as he said, "Old Wu, I'm going to start the treatment now. However, it will be very painful!"

"Please don't worry, Young Master Han. I am a practitioner of martial arts, so what hardships have I not experienced before? Please do as you like, Young Master Han. I can- ah!" Wu Qian Feng was just getting impassioned talking about his pain tolerance when all of a sudden, he let out an agonized yell.

A powerful crimson flame suddenly appeared on Ling Han's palm that transformed into a sharp point that was currently burning Wu Qian Feng's skin.

Yuanchu was watching from the side, and sighed ruefully, "Young Master Han is indeed extremely fortunate to be able to fuse with a Strange Fire. I am about to die from envy!" In front of Ling Han, there was naturally no need for him to act all high and mighty.

Strange Fire!

When the others heard this, the majority of them were confused. Only Wu Qian Feng looked astonished. He naturally knew what Strange Fire was. This thing was extremely rare, and by itself, it possessed great power. But to actually refine it?

Sorry, even the current Rain Emperor may not be able to accomplish such an extraordinary feat. Perhaps only that mysterious old monster from the Qi Clan would be able to subdue a Strange Fire.

Ling Han was only in Element Gathering Tier. How had he managed such a feat?

Wu Qian Feng definitely did not believe that Ling Han had managed to fuse with a Strange Fire all on his own ability. Then it was very simple. It must have been the master behind Ling Han or his clan that had helped him to fuse with a Strange Fire. A party that could retrieve a Strange Fire and allow one of their juniors to fuse with it... How abominably generous was that?

As his thoughts turned in this direction, Wu Qian Feng could not help but feel gratitude towards Yuanchu. The matter just now had become too serious. Putting aside the problem of his treatment, merely Ling Han's terrifying background was not something that the Wu Clan would be able to stand against.

"Ah!" His thoughts flashed through his mind, and he once again released a horrible scream. Just now, he had been distracted and had managed to momentarily forget the agonizing pain. But now, the pain made a comeback, driving him practically crazy enough that he wanted to beat someone up.


The people surrounding them all revealed expressions of utter shock, because they actually saw one vein after another all reveal themselves on Wu Qian Feng's leg. Upon a closer look, these veins were actually continuously twisting around as if they were a group of very slender snakes.

Ling Han gave a humph. His fingers continuously touched, pressed and pushed. With the burning of the flames, these slender snakes kept retreating and finally converged around the ankle.

Wu Qian Feng's thigh was visibly regaining the color of normal skin at a detectable speed. As the black color continuously moved downwards, it became darker and darker, as if it was about to turn solid and gush out of his leg.

It was really very strange.

However, Wu Qian Feng looked elated at this. Even if he was an idiot, he could tell that Ling Han did have his ways, and was slowly forcing the "poison" in his body to accumulate in his foot.

But it was... really painful! Very painful! Extremely painful!

As a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite, Wu Qian Feng still had a very high pain tolerance. By now, he could already force himself not to let out any moans of pain. However, layer after layer of cold sweat appeared on his skin, and both his legs were endlessly quivering.

By this point, all the black color had converged into the sole of his foot.

Ling Han drew his sword, and said, "Old Wu, I have now forced all the 'poison' into your left foot. Everything would be all right after I amputate your foot. Is that fine?"

‘Fine your sister! This is one of my feet we're talking about here!’

Wu Qian Feng mocked internally. However, he had visited many doctors previously, and they had all advised him to amputate his whole left leg to be able to preserve his life. In comparison, merely cutting off his left foot was already a much better bargain.

After all, his life was important, and it would only become more and more troublesome if he continued to drag it out.

"Young, Young Master Han, please do it," Wu Qian Feng said, gritting his teeth.

Ling Han drew his sword, and shua , a cold flash passed. Immediately, black-colored blood sprayed out.

He did not cut off Wu Qian Feng's foot, but merely made an incision in the sole of his foot to let out blood. With the continuous urging of the Strange Fire, black blood gushed out endlessly.

‘Here it comes!’

Ling Han's eyes suddenly lit up. He quickly dropped his sword and stretched out a hand towards the fountain of black blood. Then, he immediately drew back his hand. No one noticed that there was an additional something in his hand, because he had immediately stored the item into the Spatial Ring.

The black blood was continuously forced out, and very quickly, Wu Qian Feng's left leg had completely returned to normal. However, it still looked a bit pale. After all, Wu Qian Feng had lost a lot of blood.

"It's done," Ling Han said.

Wu Qian Feng sensed for a moment, and an expression of uncontrollable elation appeared on his face. He hurriedly stood and raised his clasped hands in Ling Han's direction and said, "Many thanks, Young Master Han! Many thanks, Young Master Han!" This venom had troubled him for many years. There was no hint of recovery even after he had taken many different types of medicine that were supposed to heal poison. Every day, he had to use his Origin Power to suppress the poison. If not, the poison would make its way upwards and absorb his blood.

If it was not because of this poison, he would not still be in the seventh layer of Spiritual Ocean Tier now. Instead, he would have managed to reach the ninth layer, with a high chance to break through to Spiritual Pedestal Tier.

If the Clashing Yang Pill still had no effects, he was indeed preparing to give up his left leg. After all, a living man who had lost a leg was still much better than a dead man who had all his limbs.

He had never thought that Ling Han would so easily manage to solve a problem that had troubled him for almost ten years.


"Cover up that hairy leg of yours. Do you think it looks very nice?" Ling Han said disdainfully. By now, Wu Qian Feng's leg was scorched black in some places, and those places that were not burnt were covered with body hair. It was indeed a disgusting sight.

"Yes! Yes!" Wu Qian Feng was currently very elated, so he ignored Ling Han's extremely rude tone.

"All right. You may go now!" Ling Han flicked his hand, and issued the command for them to leave.

"Yes!" Wu Qian Feng quickly raised his clasped hands in farewell. As he continuously made his apologies to the members of the Jiang Clan, he picked up the three juniors of his Clan. Since the poison was now cured, he naturally did not need to beg Yuanchu for any favors. Thus, he directly returned home.

"You return too," Ling Han said to Yuanchu.

"Yes, Young Master Han." At first, Yuanchu was planning to flatter him a bit more, but when he recalled that Ling Han was currently staying in the Imperial City and would definitely come over to the Heaven's Medicine Pavilion frequently, he did not continue to bother him and took his leave.

Now that the outsiders were gone, the members of the Jiang Clan all looked at Ling Han with reverence.

Ling Han smiled, and asked, "What is it? Do you not know me anymore?"

"I do indeed feel like I don't know you anymore," Jin Wuji said with a bitter smile. "Even Grandmaster Yuanchu and Master Wu had to show you utmost respect. I am really at a loss what to do. How about if I call you Young Master Han as well?"

"Go to hell!" Ling Han laughed loudly. "Do you not take me as a friend?"

All of a sudden, Jin Wuji felt a warmth spread out in his heart.
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