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Chapter 165: Guess Whom We Saw?
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

"Why are you making such a fuss? You have a tiger's bottom, is it that I can't even touch?" Zhang Hua Lian, the eldest cousin, humphed, looking very displeased. After all, touching someone else's bottom was a very lowly thing to do—even he, who thought himself a casanova, would not want to be exposed for doing such a thing in such a public venue.

"Aren't you going to apologize to my cousin?" Tong Yuan, the second cousin, spoke up as well, arrogance all over his face. "We are the most honored customers of your Cherishing Flower Pavilion! Do you know who honored customers are? Those who are able to enter into a side courtyard are all in the ranks of Spiritual Pedestal Tier elites. One word from us, and your whole family would be dead!"

The female attendant looked both angry and embarrassed. However, she was only a female attendant with little power. It was obviously she who had experienced a loss, yet now, according to them, it was also she who was in the wrong.

The two aunts looked on indifferently. In their eyes, a mere female attendant was naturally not worth even a single hair off the heads of their sons. So what if their son touched her bottom? She wouldn't lose a pound of flesh anyway. Moreover, weren't the women here all selling their bodies? What was the point in acting all noble now?

"Eldest Cousin, Second Cousin, just let it go!" Jiang Fei Yan spoke up. As a woman, she was naturally sympathizing with the female attendant. However, the one who had taken advantage was her own cousin. She couldn't possibly help outsiders against her own family members, right?

"Fei Yan, you are going to be a bride of a major clan in future, and going to have a very noble status. There is no need for you to sympathize with these little b******!" Eldest Aunt immediately said to Jiang Fei Yan in a lecturing tone.

"That's right, Fei Yan. You can't be too kind. As the matriarch of a major clan, you must learn to be ruthless in your ways," Youngest Aunt continued. Both Jiang Fei Yan's own parents remained silent, however. From the looks of it, both her parents did not have much of a voice within the Jiang Clan. Instead, they couldn't even compare with these two daughters who had married outside the clan.

The truth was indeed so. The current clan head of the Jiang Clan was Jiang Fei Yan's grandmother, and she very much doted on these two daughters of hers who had married outside the clan because they had both managed to marry well—both their husbands were members of middle-class clans. Though their husbands were not very important in their own clans, they still benefited from the protection and influence of their clans. Naturally, they were very confident in front of their relatives who were only members of a minor clan.

Every time they returned to their parents' home, they would strut around in front of their siblings. As time passed, Jiang Fei Yan's parents spoke less, allowing these two aunts to speak as much as they liked.

This time, the plans to marry Jiang Fei Yan off to a middle-class clan was naturally the handiwork of these two aunts. In their eyes, this was naturally all for Jiang Fei Yan's own good.

However, Jin Wuji suddenly transformed to become so awesome that he could even manage to reserve a side courtyard of Cherishing Flower Pavilion. The attitudes of these two aunts naturally changed, and they began to mend their relationship with Jiang Fei Yan's father, intending to get to a higher position through the help of Jin Wuji in the future.

The female attendant was already crying from the harsh words of these two aunts. Unfortunately, the Cherishing Flower Pavilion had its own rules. She did not dare to cover up her face and leave at all.

Zhang Hua Lian saw this and became even bolder as he said, "Come and sit beside me. Accompany me for a cup of wine."

"Hmph!" Ling Han stood up. He knew that the members of the Jiang Clan were snobbish and overbearing, yet had never thought that even two juniors would behave so lecherously out in the open. He approached that female attendant, handed her a monetary note, and said, "I am really sorry. This is a small token from me. Though it cannot compensate for the wounds to your self-esteem, but please accept it."

That female attendant took one look at the monetary note, and paled in shock. It was a monetary note worth ten thousand silver coins!

One had to understand that she was only a female attendant who had a cultivation level of the seventh layer of Body Refining Tier. The most she could earn in a single month would be about three hundred silver coins. Though this was also quite a considerable sum of money, when compared with the colossal amount of ten thousand, there was indeed a huge difference.

"Mister, I do not dare accept!" she said, blushing.

"Just accept it!" Ling Han said, smiling. He waved his hand and said, "We do not need your service here anymore. All of you may leave!"

"Yes, Mister!" The eight female attendants all bowed in response. They naturally were well aware that the real boss here was Ling Han, and they all looked at Ling Han with gratitude in their eyes. When their eyes swept over the few members of the Jiang Clan, their gazes were filled with strong disdain and despise.

"Who allowed you to leave? All of you are to stay here!" Zhang Hua Lian immediately called out.

"That's right. How dare you leave?" Tong Yuan even stood up, and from the look of him, he was planning to stop them from leaving.

Jin Wuji hurriedly stood as well and pushed Tong Yuan back into his seat as he said, "Second Cousin, forget about it." He was aware that Ling Han was already displeased. If Tong Yuan dared to step forward and make trouble, Ling Han would most likely fly into a rage on the spot.

Those two aunts of the Jiang Clan were also about to explode, but when they saw that Jin Wuji had spoken up to settle the issue, they could only push down their anger. They did not dare offend Jin Wuji now. After all, he was a man who could manage to reserve a side courtyard of Cherishing Flower Pavilion.

"Wuji, Youngest Aunt is not really trying to reprimand you. However, your kindness to your friends is because of your own loyalty to friends, but friends would still be outsiders. How could they be as dependable as your own people!" Youngest Aunt pursed her lips, targeting Ling Han with her words.

"That's right. Just take a look. You kindly invited your friend over to broaden his horizons, and what does he do? He actually brought a filthy little girl with him. She looks like she has not eaten anything in her entire life. How embarrassing. My advice is, it's best to break off the friendship with such a person!" Eldest Aunt said as well.

The two had not spoken in very low voices, obviously deliberately loud enough for Ling Han to hear their words.

Jin Wuji received a horrible scare. Break off the friendship with such a person? If he did not have the friendship with such a person, how would you all be able to sit here to enjoy dinner tonight? He stole a look at Ling Han, and when he saw that Ling Han did not appear to be angry, he was greatly relieved. Still, he did not dare to allow these two shrews to continue with their words, and quickly said, "Come, come, come. Everyone, please enjoy your drinks and food! Uncle, Aunty, please allow me to offer you a drink!"

He raised his head directly, and drained his cup.

Ling Han knew that Jin Wuji was making his apologies in this way. He smiled calmly. Tonight's dinner was to repay Jin Wuji's previous favors to him, so he would naturally not easily be angered. All would depend on whether those two aunts of the Jiang Clan continued to seek their deaths.

After a few rounds of wine, they were all a bit tipsy. Eldest Aunt stood up, and said to Youngest Aunt, "We have never been to a side courtyard before. Let's go stroll around. Who knows, we might meet with some important people. If we manage to befriend them, then we'd flourish in the future!"

"Right, right, right!" Youngest Aunt hurriedly stood up as well.

This pair of snobbish sisters leaned on each other and made their way out. However, after only a few moments, they returned, and it was as if their faces were shining. "Guess whom we saw just now?"

Without waiting for an answer, they both quickly answered their own question. "Grandmaster Yuanchu Yuan! Do you all know who Grandmaster Yuanchu is? A Black Grade middle level alchemist! His status is high enough to scare all of you to death!"

The members of the Jiang Clan did indeed receive a scare. That was a Black Grade middle level alchemist they were talking about. A being like that was like a mountain to them, someone that they could only look up to.

"Hua Lian, Yuan'er, come with me, quick. Let's go and greet Grandmaster Yuanchu. Who knows, when Grandmaster Yuanchu is happy, he'd decide to concoct a few furnaces' worth of alchemical pills for us. By that time, it would be very easy for the two of you to break through to Element Gathering Tier," Eldest Aunt said excitedly. That was why the two of them had returned in such a hurry.

"That would not be appropriate, would it? Grandmaster Yuanchu is of very noble status. If we so rashly disturb him, it may possibly anger Grandmaster Yuanchu," Jin Wuji said immediately. Ling Han did not get angry for his sake, but who was Grandmaster Yuanchu? There was no way that he would give face to Jin Wuji, and definitely not to the Jiang Clan.

"Che, we are now high up on the social ladder as well. We're just asking for a few furnaces' worth of pills!" Youngest Aunt said calmly.

You two are f****** idiots!

Jin Wuji cursed internally. He suddenly felt an uncontrollable urge to rush forward and slap these two silly.
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