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Chapter 160: Swapped
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu

Ma Tian Sheng took the pill bottle from Fan Dong Ping. He had not observed closely the original pill bottle that Ling Han had brought, so he naturally had no idea that Fan Dong Ping had done a swap. He uncorked the bottle, took a look inside and could not hold back on expressing his displeasure.

These were indeed Spirit Gathering Pills, and the quality was nothing too impressive either. They looked to be only about five to six Stars and completely not valuable enough to be auctioned by the Spirit Treasures Pavilion.

"Young man, these are just ordinary Spirit Gathering Pills, and they are not valuable enough to be auctioned." Ma Tian SHeng threw the pill bottle back to Fan Dong Ping, anger flickering across his face. He actually lost his composure because of a bottle of Spirit Gathering Pills. This was extremely displeasing to him.

Liu Yu Tong already understood what was going on, and the gaze she directed at Fan Dong Ping had a sliver of killing intent.

Meanwhile, Fan Dong Ping was extremely pleased with himself. He did not know that the pill bottle he had swapped contained Foundation Building Pills, but was able to ascertain that they were at least Black Grade alchemical pills. To be able to obtain such a valuable item for merely ten thousand silver coins was indeed an extremely, overwhelmingly profitable business venture.

...If he had known that they were Foundation Building Pills, he most likely would not have dared to try such a scheme, because it would involve a lot of trouble that he would not be able to cope with.

Moreover, the person he had cheated was just a young man that was about sixteen to seventeen years old. So what if he found out that the pill bottle was swapped? What could he do against a Yellow Grade middle level alchemist like him?

"Let's go!" he said to the gaudy woman next to him. After all, he had something on his conscience, so the best option for him now was naturally to leave this place as soon as possible.

Ling Han could not help but smile, and said, "You are indeed quite bold to actually dare to scam me!"

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm leaving!" Fan Dong Ping's heart beat wildly in his chest. It was an absolute windfall for him to have managed to get a bottle of Black Grade alchemical pills out of a scam.

"You can't leave anymore!" Ling Han said calmly.

"Heng, I am a Yellow Grade middle level alchemist. Do you intend to stop me from leaving?" Fan Dong Ping asked coldly, preparing to walk forwards.


Ling Han stretched out a hand and grabbed onto Fan Dong Ping's wrist. He said with a smile, "I'm not just going to stop you from leaving, I'm also going to thrash you!"

"You dare!" Fan Dong Ping shouted loudly, "Let go!"

"Let go your sister!"

Ling Han's fist flashed out and with a pa, hit Fan Dong Ping's left eye, instantly causing the guy to cry out in pain and use a hand to cover his eye. When he lowered his hand, his eye had become black and blue.

"Ba-bastard!" Fan Dong Ping roared fiercely, "The people of Spirit Treasures Pavilion, are you not going to interfere and allow someone to commit crime in your territory? Are you still planning to continue your business?"

A troubled expression appeared on Ma Tian Sheng's face at his words. Indeed, it was forbidden to make trouble at Spirit Treasures Pavilion, but he was not happy with Fan Dong Ping's character. That was why he had not stepped out to stop Ling Han at the first moment. But as Fan Dong Ping had pointed out the inaction of the Spirit Treasures Pavilion so directly, it was not proper for him to pretend that he had not heard Fan Dong Ping either.

"Young man, stop immediately!" he shouted at Ling Han.

Peng, peng, peng, peng. Ling Han looked like he had not heard anything at all. He simply concentrated on giving Fan Dong Ping a harsh beating. Actually daring to try to cheat him... how outrageously brave of him.

Fury appeared on Ma Tian Sheng's face. This young man actually ignored his words, and even dared to use violence in Spirit Treasures Pavilion. He was really too brave. He snorted and called out, "Guards, apprehend this brat!"

Liu Yu Tong immediately took a step forward. Hu Niu's ferocious nature also surfaced as she bared her teeth at Ma Tian Sheng.

Ling Han retrieved a jade bottle from Fan Dong Ping's clothes. He was of course very familiar with his own possession. He did not even take another look, and simply threw it over to Ma Tian Sheng as he said, "This is what I wanted to auction!"

Ma Tian Sheng smiled coldly, and said, "You actually dared to make a move at Spirit Treasures Pavilion, and still want to pretend nothing had happened?"

"You're wrong. I only caught a thief myself, retrieved my stolen possession, and gave the thief a well-deserved thrashing," Ling Han said calmly and directed a dignified stare at Ma Tian Sheng.

Ma Tian Sheng's heart trembled. The eyes of this young man seemed to be able to see into the inner depths of his soul, causing his whole body to tremble. Involuntarily, he uncorked the jade bottle. It was only a single instant, and an expression of utter shock appeared on his face.

As an appraiser, he was naturally not familiar with the ways of alchemy. However, he was very familiar with the various types of alchemical pills, because this was part of his job.

"Foundation, Foundation Building Pill!" Ma Tian Sheng immediately gasped out in shock, indescribable astonishment on his face.

In that one moment, he had already believed that Ling Han was telling the truth and that Fan Dong Ping had definitely played a trick on them both and swapped the pill bottles. Otherwise, how could a mere Yellow Grade middle level alchemist like Fan Dong Ping be able to possess Foundation Building Pills?

"So you do have good judgement." Ling Han nodded. Foundation Building Pills definitely had never appeared in Rain Country but this man could recognize that they were Foundation Building Pills with a single look, so it seemed like he did have some knowledge and experience.

Ma Tian Sheng could not bother with Ling Han at that moment. He drew out a Foundation Building Pill and scrutinized it to ascertain the quality of it.

Ling Han smiled calmly. Since that was the case, then he'd deal with his own issue as well. His foot pressed down on Fan Dong Ping's face and he smiled as he said, "You are very brave to actually dare to scam even my things!"

"Brat, you're dead!" Fan Dong Ping said grimly, "I am an alchemist, and you actually dare to injure me. That is a crime punished by death! Moreover, you even stole my alchemical pills. This will only make your crime worse!"

"You still dare not to repent for your crimes!" Ling Han shook his head, and asked Liu Yu Tong, "According to the laws of Rain Country, how much money should a person like him steal to be able to be sentenced to death?"

A crime of theft could either be heavy or light. It depended on the amount stolen, as well as the identity of the victim. If ten silver coins was stolen from a poor commoner, that would be considered a heavy crime. But for a rich man, a theft of ten silver coins would only cause him to be looked down by others for a while.

If a Yellow Grade middle level alchemist like Fan Dong Ping were to be sentenced to death for theft, the amount stolen would have to be exorbitantly colossal.

Liu Yu Tong thought for a moment, then said, "At least ten million."

Ling Han turned and asked Ma Tian Sheng, "Are these Foundation Building Pills worth ten million?"

Ma Tian Sheng immediately glared at Ling Han furiously. What kind of joke was he talking about? These were Foundation Building Pills they were talking about, and the lowest price for one was ten million and above. Do you have any common sense at all? But when he recalled that these Foundation Building Pills were Ling Han's own, he instantly softened, and said, "There are in total nine Foundation Building Pills here, and if they were to be auctioned off, the lowest price they could be sold at would be a hundred million silver coins!

A hundred million!

Fan Dong Ping instantly felt like he was going to pass out as an incomparably cold shiver travelled all over his body. How could Ling Han be any ordinary person if he were able to take out an auction item that was worth a hundred million? But, when he thought about the reality that he would really be arrested for theft, it was not only something shameful for him—the colossal amount of a hundred million was more than enough to sentence him to death.

Beside him, the gaudily dressed woman had already begun to shiver and silently moved away from him, obviously trying to draw a clear dividing line between herself and Fan Dong Ping.

"No, these alchemical pills are mine! Mine!" the only thing Fan Dong Ping could do now was to insist stubbornly that he was telling the truth. If not, he would really be finished.

"Are you an idiot?" Ling Han gave him a kick, "How could a stupid pig like you be able to concoct alchemical pills that are close to Earth Grade? You yourself are an idiot, so you think others are idiots too?"

Fan Dong Ping's face became ashen. He knew that he had poked a hornet's nest now... Alchemical pills close to Earth Grade... perhaps not even the two big bosses of alchemy of Rain Country would be able to concoct such high-grade pills, this young man must definitely have a terrifying background!

"Master Ma!" three guards approached quickly and looked at Ma Tian Sheng in question. They had come because they saw that there was a big commotion going on here.

"Apprehend this man!" Ma Tian Sheng commanded coldly, "Then make a report to the imperial guards! Tell them we have encountered a crime of theft here!"

"Yes, Master Ma!" Fan Dong Ping, who was currently looking like a dead dog, was immediately dragged out by the three guards.
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