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Chapter 149: Retreat
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu
Feng Yan's expression changed greatly, and he could not stop himself from making a move as he declared, "Then let me experience your ability!" he slashed out with his saber, and shot an attack at the pervert who had called himself Gu Feng Hua.
Gu Feng Hua parried this slash with his bare fists, using some kind of unknown martial arts technique that turned both his fists completely black at the moment of his attack, as if they were made out of metal. Clashing with the saber caused a series of fiery sparks from the friction.
After this exchange, both of them took a few steps back, and a serious expression appeared on their faces at the same time.
"You should be in the ninth layer of Gushing Spring Tier, right?" Feng Yan asked with a lofty expression, "Otherwise, you would not be able to block this slash of mine!"
Gu Feng Hua looked very astonished, and said, "Ugly man, you are obviously not a pervert, but why do you have such power?" apparently, in his eyes, all powerful elites had to be perverts.
Feng Yan humphed, and said, "Stop trying to scam me. Tonight, I'll give you some face, and temporarily let this brat off the hook."
"Ugly man, what kind of unfathomable nonsense are you blabbering on about? How could a handsome pervert like myself know such an ugly brat?" Gu Feng Hua's face was filled with disdain, and he turned and said to Yun Shuang Shuang, "Girl, look at how extraordinarily big your breasts are, and the clothes you are wearing are obviously a bit too small. Why don't you let this big brother take your measurements and make you a new suit of clothing?"
He stretched out a hand, and looked to be about to grab her breast, scaring Yun Shuang Shuang so much that she took another few steps back.
Feng Yan looked deeply at Gu Feng Hua. There was actually such a young and powerful elite in Rain Country, but why had he never heard of this man? He was a decisive person by character, and immediately turned and left.
"Pervert, thanks," Ling Han grinned at Gu Feng Hua.
Yun Shuang Shuang's face turned pale. It was one thing if he proclaimed himself a pervert, but it was a completely different matter if another person called him a pervert. Who knows if this would incite the anger of this pervert?
"You have good taste!" Gu Feng Hua gave him a thumbs up, "Actually able to tell that I am a pervert. I am definitely going to befriend you!"
Yun Shuang Shuang coughed repeatedly. Who would not be able to tell that you are a pervert? Was that something you should be proud of and boast about?
Indeed, the heart and thoughts of a pervert could not be understood with conventional reasoning.
"You are not a citizen of Rain Country, right?" Ling Han looked at him, thought for a moment, and asked, "Was that 'Black Iron Hand' you were using just now?"
"Yi, how do you know of Black Iron Hand?" Gu Feng Hua looked extremely surprised at this. This was a secret technique of his school, and it was actually recognized by a youth of Rain Country. This was practically inconceivable. He widened his eyes, stared at Ling Han, and asked, "Could it be that you are also a pervert?"
The corners of Ling Han's lips twitched. One indeed had to prepare to become a pervert in order to converse with a pervert. He laughed loudly, and said, "The identifying characteristics of Black Iron Hand are too distinctive. When it is used, the user's fists would look like black iron, and with the advancing of cultivation level, the level of hardness would continue to increase. It is definitely not weaker than any Spiritual Tools of the same level."
Gu Feng Hua's expression changed a few times, before settling on delight, and he said, "You are indeed a pervert. We can definitely become very good friends!"
"Why have you come to Rain Country?" Ling Han repeated his question.
"My master foresaw that a secret treasure would appear here, so I came to take a look to see if I could get a share for myself," Gu Feng Hua said.
"Then you'll have to be disappointed. An ancient historical site had indeed appeared some time ago, and high-level Spiritual Tools had floated out on the waters of an underground river. However, it's gone by now," Ling Han said, shaking his head.
"Aiya, what a wasted trip!" Gu Feng Hua beat his chest and stamped his feet, looking very disappointed. But he immediately smiled right after, and said, "However, I managed to encounter another pervert on this trip, so it would still be worth it."
Ling Han could not help but sweat at this, and said, "Only someone with your charm could be called a pervert. My name is Ling Han, and I definitely would not be able to compare to you in terms of perversion!"
"Haha, so you do know yourself very well!" Gu Feng Hua looked very proud at this before he suddenly sighed and shook his head, "Ai, since I've already missed out on the chance of getting a fateful encounter, then I'll just go back to the mountains to continue my training!"
"Please! Please!" Ling Han and Yun Shuang Shuang both made a gesture of respectfully seeing him off. Neither of them were able to deal with this pervert.
"Then I'll go now," Gu Feng Hua said.
"We won't bother with seeing you off," Ling Han and Yun Shuang Shuang said at the same time.
"Er..." Gu Feng Hua took a few steps before suddenly stopping, turning around, and saying, "Girl, you really can't let me measure your breasts?"
"Get lost!" Yun Shuang Shuang pointed with a finger, forcing down the urge to commit murder.
"Looks like I have yet to complete my training to become a full-fledged pervert," Gu Feng Hua mumbled. "This time when I return to the mountains, I must surpass my master in terms of perversion, and become the most perverted!" after saying so, he took a great leap, and his figure disappeared into the darkness of the street.
"There are indeed many extraordinary things in this wide world!" Ling Han said pensively.
Yet Yun Shuang Shuang said, "Feng Yan actually dared to damage a carriage of Cherishing Flower Pavilion. I will definitely report this to milady when I return, and let milady pressure the Academy into harshly punishing that evil man!"
Ling Han shook his head, and said, "You will most likely be disappointed. Feng Yan should have gotten the support of a great power this time round, so the Academy would definitely not deal with him."
Otherwise, Feng Yan would not have opposed the Third Imperial Prince so openly. In terms of reputation in the Imperial City, the Third Imperial Prince was definitely not weaker than Lady Yan.
Yun Shuang Shuang was still very furious. She beckoned the coachman back, and the two of them returned to the Cherishing Flower Pavilion.
Meanwhile, Ling Han stored the wooden box into his Spatial Ring. Since he had already promised Lady Yan, and had also received the reward from her, he would of course have to fulfill his promise and concoct the Permanent Pill. This time, his trip was completely peaceful, and he soon returned to Hu Yang Academy.
"The security in the Imperial City does not seem very good!" he said to himself. Feng Yan actually attacked him so brazenly on a street, yet there was no sign of any soldiers. He did not know whether it was that they had reacted too slowly, or they had not made a move at all.
‘I'll just concoct the Permanent Pill first!’  
He began to concoct the pill. With the ability that he has retained from his last life, concocting an Earth Grade alchemical pill was of course a piece of cake, but he did not dare to be careless now. After all, he was increasing the temperature of his flames with the use of the Strange Fire, so he would not be able to fully control the flames as he wished.
But for the Alchemy Emperor, this would only need a slight bit of extra attention from him.
Separating the ingredients, purification, and these techniques were used very smoothly. If Fu Yuan Sheng and Wu Song Lin were here, they would definitely again turn pale from shock, because the speed Ling Han was displaying now was a considerable few times faster than what he had shown in front of them.
Ling Han just had not wanted to scare them too much previously.
"Hong," the Strange Fire burnt brightly, contributing heat that far exceeded what Ling Han could produce based on his current cultivation level.
This caused Ling Han to sweat greatly, but the droplets of sweat quickly turned into water vapour from the extreme heat. There even appeared a few cracks on his skin, as signs of impending dehydration appeared on his body. Thankfully, his physical body was strong enough and nearing Body of Rock Cliff, so it was not a problem for his body to withstand such high heat.
After half an hour, three differently colored flames suddenly appeared on his hand.
Three Fire Guide, this was his trademark secret skill that he had invented himself.
"Pill completed!" he laughed, and removed the lid of the alchemy furnace. His eyes swept over the contents, and a shocked expression appeared on his face, "The Strange Fire is indeed extraordinary. At first, I would definitely not have been able to concoct a pill so close to Earth Grade at my current level, but now, I not only successfully concocted it, but its quality has even reached sixteen Stars, which is far above my expectations!
No wonder there had been so many alchemists wanting to obtain a Strange Fire in my last life. It would indeed be of great help in the process of concoction!
If I was able to fuse with even more Strange Fires, then wouldn't the quality of the pills I concoct be even higher?"

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