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Chapter 141: Drawing Saber in Anger
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu
Ling Han only thought for a short while, and managed to figure out the key factor in this issue.
Li Hao managed to enter Hu Yang Academy, and was practically guaranteed a bright future ahead of him. The Zhu Clan had to be worried that Li Hao would experience a change of heart after witnessing the dazzling and extravagant lifestyle of the Imperial City, and so had Zhu Xue Yi follow him here.
However, this couple seemed to have finally broken through the last layer separating them, and their relationship has naturally proceeded smoothly. When Ling Han saw this, he nodded internally, happy for them as well.
"Big Brother Ling, I kept looking for you after I entered into the Academy, yet couldn't find you at all," Li Hao said, a little guilty.
Ling Han laughed loudly and joked, "You probably haven’t spent too much time searching, right? Always lovey-dovey with Xue Yi, and so didn't manage to find me, right?"
Li Hao's face turned crimson. The feelings between himself and Zhu Xue Yi had only been a hazy, indistinct kind of affection, and neither of them had dared to speak of their feelings openly. After reaching the Imperial City, the two of them only had each other, and were very far away from home, so their affections naturally increased drastically, wanting nothing more than to cling to each other at all times.
"Big Brother Ling, you're always such a teaser!" Zhu Xue Yi said, acting like a spoiled child, dispersing the awkwardness Li Hao was feeling.
Li Hao smiled faintly. Li Hao was a bit wooden in character and slow in speech, while Zhu Xue Yi was much livelier. The two of them would be able to compensate for one another's shortcomings.
"Yi, poor fool?" it was at this moment that a light 'yi' was heard from behind them, and a young man quickly approached them. It was the young master of the Kong Clan. When he saw Ling Han, a cold smirk appeared on his face, and he said, "What a coincidence for me to see you here!"
He had been tricked out of a hundred silver coins by Ling Han. Though this paltry sum of money was nothing much to him, the crux of the matter was that he was displeased. However, due to the sudden interception of Xu Ke Xin, he did not manage to find Ling Han to settle this grudge.
"Young Master Kong, who's this guy?" a gorgeously dressed woman leaned closely and into Young Master Kong's arms, casting a coy glance at him.
"Oh, just a poor fool," Young Master Kong gave a wave of his hand, looking very disdainful.
"Who are you calling a poor fool?" Li Hao had the short temper of a young man and could not hold himself back from retorting.
Young Master Kong swept a glance over Li Hao and Zhu Xue Yi, and a contemptuous expression appeared on his face, as he said, "You have just recently arrived at the Imperial City, haven’t you?"
"How did you know?" Li Hao blurted out.
"Haha, just look at the air of a country bumpkin surrounding you, I'm sure you must have come out from some rural, out-of-the-way place!" the contempt on Young Master Kong's face deepened, and as he stared at Zhu Xue Yi, he said, "However, this village girl does not look too bad. If properly dressed up, there might be still be a bit of worth playing with her."
"How dare you!" there was no way that Li Hao could tolerate his beloved being insulted like this, and immediately raised his fist in a punch towards Young Master Kong.
"Ah!" the beautiful girl instantly screamed.
"Step aside!" Young Master Kong shoved the beautiful girl to one side and raised his hands to receive Li Hao's attack.
"Peng, peng, peng." The two of them had thus come to blows.
Li Hao was in the fourth layer of Element Gathering Tier, while Young Master Kong was in the fifth layer, so theoretically, Young Master Kong should be stronger. However, his cultivation level was obviously built up through the use of various resources, so his martial arts foundation was not stable at all. From the look of things, Young Master Kong's battle prowess was merely four Stars.
Thus, the two of them were at a tie. Their battle proceeded furiously, yet neither was able to get the upper hand.
"Hahaha, never thought that a village boy would be able to have a bit of ability!" Young Master Kong said with a loud laugh, "Country boy, how about you lend me your woman to play with for a few days? Don't think it’s a loss for you. With my careful teaching, your woman would be able to learn a lot of different moves, and let a country boy like you taste something new."
Hearing him once again insult his woman, Li Hao's eyes turned red. He drew his saber in his anger, and aimed a slash towards Young Master Kong.
"What a good brat, you actually dare use weapons against me!" Young Master Kong gave a humph, and similarly drew his sword and clashed with Li Hao.
Li Hao gave a furious roar, and a flash of Saber Qi shot out like an enraged dragon, dancing towards Young Master Kong.
Young Master Kong's cultivation level of the fifth layer of Element Gathering Tier was built up by force, so how was it possible that he would be able to defend himself against Saber Qi? Instantly, a panicked expression appeared on his face. Within a few moves, Li Hao's Saber Qi had already caused multiple wounds on his body, causing him to cry out in pain.
"Stop! Stop!" he exclaimed in fear, quickly calling a ceasefire. He was not a person with an indomitable will.
"Apologize!" Li Hao withdrew his saber, and shouted at Young Master Kong.
Young Master Kong's face turned ashen. For him to actually apologize to a country bumpkin... if this was known by others, what would happen to his reputation? But this country bumpkin was obviously a rash brat. If he clashed with him head on, it was really possible that he would suffer.
He was just about to temporarily humble himself in view of the situation when his eyes swept over the area, and instantly, joy appeared on his face. He called out, "Big Brother Tan, save me!"
A tall, slender young man was slowly approaching them. This newcomer was quite handsome, and every move he made was overflowing with confidence. His name was Tan Wei Qi, and he was a young clansman of one of the middle-class clans of the Imperial City.
In the Imperial City, there were only eight Great Clans—to be qualified as a Great Clan, the clan needed to have a Spiritual Pedestal Tier elite to oversee things. There were a lot more middle-class clans, because they only needed a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite in their ranks. Meanwhile, there were countless minor clans, and they only needed a Gushing Spring Tier martial artist to be qualified as a minor clan.
While Young Master Kong was respectfully addressed by others ‘young master’, the truth was that he only came from a minor clan. The Kong Clan was deeply involved in business and commerce, so although the clan did not produce many elite martial artists, they had substantial wealth and were even richer than a large number of middle-class clans.
Thus, Young Master Kong knew quite a number of young masters from various middle-class clans. This was also his capital.
At first, Tan Wei Qi did not recognize Young Master Kong, because the latter was really cutting a sorry figure at the moment. It was only when he took a closer look that he recognized the latter. He could not help but be shocked, and asked, "Kong Wen Hui?"
"Big Brother Tan, it's me!" Kong Wen Hui replied, scowling miserably.
"Why are you looking so miserable?" Tan Wei Qi could not help but laugh out loud, for he had discovered that Kong Wen Hui's opponent was merely in the fourth layer of Element Gathering Tier.
Kong Wen Hui glared fiercely at Li Hao, and said, "It's this country bumpkin. Just because he managed to form a flash of Saber Qi, he actually dares to be so arrogant in the Imperial City."
"Oh?" Tan Wei Qi glanced over at Li Hao, and a hint of disdain appeared on his face. He could tell with one glance that this was an outsider. The air of the rural countryside was practically hitting him in the face.
As a member of one of the clans of the Imperial City, whether it was Kong Wen Hui or Tan Wei Qi, both had a natural kind of arrogance and pride, and looked down on anyone who came from outside the Imperial City.
"Country bumpkin, kneel and kowtow to apologize!" Tan Wei Qi immediately said darkly to Li Hao, without even asking about how the conflict between the two of them had begun.
He naturally would not have any qualms about doing so. What kind of background could a mere country bumpkin have in the Imperial City?
Li Hao did not dare to be the slightest bit careless. The pressure that came from this person far surpassed the pressure he felt from Kong Wen Hui. The former was at least in the late stage of Element Gathering Tier. Though his Saber Qi could forcibly increase his battle prowess by another Star, he was still no match for the seventh layer of Element Gathering Tier and above.
...Unless Tan Wei Qi was the same as Kong Wen Hui, only having the cultivation level without stable foundations as support.
"A mere fourth layer of Element Gathering Tier martial artist. I would be able to dominate you with a single finger!" Tan Wei Qi humphed coldly, and said haughtily, "I am in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier!"
Li Hao's expression changed drastically. Even if this newcomer's cultivation level was also without proper foundations as support, the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier would still have at least seven Battle Stars of battle prowess, and was still in the position to completely dominate over him.
"Big Brother Hao, let's just forget it!" Zhu Xue Yi spoke up. Although Ling Han, based on his current battle prowess, need not fear any martial artist in the ninth layer of Element Gathering Tier, this was still the Imperial City, after all. Who knows what kind of background these people come from?

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