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Chapter 138: Assasination
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu
The old man looked up and when his eyes fell upon the beautiful woman, the music took a different note.
The music that had been sinuous like springtime in the month of March and a young girl that had been declaring words of love to her beloved had become harsh in a single instant, as if announcing the marching of military troops on their way to attack their enemies, resounding with a predatory air.
The young girl had also changed. The song she was singing changed, and she sang a song of inciting strength and attack. At the same time, she began to dance as if she was practicing sword techniques, and though there was no sword in her hands, she displayed the grandness of a skilled swordsman.
The area she was moving in became wider and wider, and she got nearer and nearer to that beautiful woman.
The song resounded, and like an ocean's wave, captured the hearts and minds of those who listened. The only unexpected factor was Ling Han. His divine sense was not only stronger than any normal Element Gathering Tier martial artist, he also possessed the martial heart of a Heaven Tier elite, and was most able to protect his heart and mind.
So the real intention was revealed now?
The young girl had neared the beautiful woman in her dance when her right hand suddenly waved and a bright sword appeared in her hand, which swept towards the beautiful woman.
With this one slash, she looked like a fairy descended from the heavens, too beautiful for words.
"I already expected it would be you people!" It was at this moment that the beautiful woman suddenly slammed her hand onto the table. "Pa," and a table made of high-quality rosewood was instantly turned into pieces. The broken pieces of wood shot towards the young girl as if they were arrows shot from a bow, and though the beautiful woman had made her move later, the broken pieces of wood reached the young girl first.
"Ding, ding, ding." The young girl waved her sword and parried away the pieces of wood. However, it was also at this moment that the three members of the Black Cloud Army came back to themselves. They all wore expressions of shock, because they had reacted much too slowly. If they had been the targets of the young girl's assassination plot, then they would have died from their carelessness.
"How dare you!" the three men shouted furiously in unison as they all drew their respective weapons and charged at the young girl.
Who cares if you are an outstandingly beautiful woman? Anyone who dared to make a move against an Imperial Consort would have committed a crime of high treason and would have all their relatives executed with them as punishment.
"Three smelly bugs!" the young girl's eyes turned cold, her sword swept forward in an arc, and instantly, three flashes of Sword Qi shot out.
"What?!" the three members of the Black Cloud Army gasped in shock. Three flashes of Sword Qi meant that this young girl was already in the ranks of rulers. The young girl was obviously a high level Gushing Spring Tier elite, and the terrifying power of her Sword Qi was not something that could be withstood by these three men. As the Sword Qi danced unhindered, "pu, pu, pu," a wound appeared on the chests of the three men, and blood gushed forth. They were killed in a single instant.
The young girl gave a light whistle, and continued to attack the beautiful woman.
"Murder!" Those few customers who had remained in the restaurant finally came back to reality and they all shouted in shock as they all fled downstairs.
"Little Sister, so you people are the ones who used the Falling Flower Command to lure this big sister out?" The beautiful woman giggled. She did not stand up, but simply used her bare hands to defend herself and solidly blocked the young girl's sharp blade.
When one looked closely, there was a pale light wrapped around both her hands. Every time her hands clashed with the sword, the light would brighten and block any damage that could possibly be inflicted by the sharp blade.
The young girl did not respond. She simply increased the power of her attacks, and every slash was swift and fierce.
"Little Sister, which one is your master?" The beautiful woman looked very calm. She was in Spiritual Ocean Tier, and was completely dominant over the young girl who was only in Gushing Spring Tier, so she naturally appeared to be completely at ease.
"Qiang!" The old man who had been playing the huqin by the side stopped playing his music. He pounced and also leaped towards the beautiful woman. He waved his right hand, and a few strings of the huqin flew forwards to coil around the beautiful woman.
"Ancient Thousand Silk Threads?" The beautiful woman narrowed her eyes before smiling softly, and said, "You are not this big sister's type. Big sister does not like to be tied up by you. If you were a handsome man, then big sister would be a little interested."
These two people were obviously assassins. There was no change in their expressions when faced with their opponent's "flirting". On the other hand, their attacks were quick and forceful, and they moved in well-practiced coordination. However, they were both only in Gushing Spring Tier. Even if they were in the ninth layer of Gushing Spring Tier, how could they be a match against a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite?
The beautiful woman only slightly increased the effort she was putting into this battle, and it was enough to cause these two people to face danger on all sides.
"Never thought about it, right? I betrayed and left the Falling Flower Court, yet my cultivation level has broken through to Spiritual Ocean Tier!" she laughed lightly. Her figure moved lightly, but her attacks became faster and more powerful. If a Spiritual Ocean Tier elite became serious, how could mere Gushing Spring Tier martial artists stand against her?
The two assassins were instantly in dire straits, and looked to be trapped in a very difficult situation.
"I only need one person to go back and report!" the beautiful woman revealed a cold killing intent, "Go and tell that b****, Hua Wu Yue, that when I break through to Spiritual Pedestal Tier, that would be the day that b**** has to surrender her head!"
Her killing intent blazed, and her attacks were even more ruthless.
The old man and the young girl exchanged a look before they each stretched out a hand to hold onto each other. Instantly, there was an indescribable power circulating, and there actually appeared an inconceivable increase to their battle prowess, which helped them withstand the beautiful woman's killing moves one after another.
Ling Han was astounded as he thought, 'Was this "Two Hearts Beat as One"?' This was a secret technique that could force out ten times the amount of potential two people had. However, when the technique's effects ended, these two people who had used the technique would experience a setback in their cultivation levels. This technique belonged to the last resort category of martial arts techniques.
However, the "Two Hearts Beat as One" technique had very strict requirements for it use. The two people who used this technique had to be siblings, but there was such a large gap between the ages of these two people, so how could it be possible that they were siblings?
While he was still feeling surprised, the two assassins obviously knew they were no match for the beautiful woman. Only managing to withstand a few attacks from the beautiful woman, they suddenly leaped out the window, fleeing off into the distance.
The beautiful woman chased after them to and stood by the window, watching the spot the two assassins had vanished at, but made no move to continue her pursuit.
The people who had been walking on the streets had heard the window break and they all turned to look up. However, what they saw was an extremely beautiful woman standing from the window. As a light breeze blew, her silken garments were tightly wrapped around her shapely figure, clearly outlining her voluptuous body, and the passers-by could not help but salivate at this sight.
This was indeed an extremely captivating beauty!
The beautiful woman turned back round and cast a look at Ling Han, and said, "Little Brother, you are really quite brave not to flee."
Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "I'm so scared that my legs have become weak. Even if I want to flee, I can't."
"Giggle!" the beautiful woman covered her mouth and laughed. The beauty trembled in her humor, and had an indescribable allure to her. "Big sister is fond of your type—having a sweet mouth for flattery and a good sense of humor. What a pity that big sister is already married!"
Her figure suddenly leaped out the window, completely ignoring the corpses of the three members of Black Cloud Army.
The most vicious is a woman's heart!
Ling Han shivered internally. Just now, that beautiful woman had actually borne killing intent towards him, but for some reason, gave up on her intention.
Just having a simple meal and things could become so hair-raising. This really made him lost for words.
Ling Han rose up from his seat and left. This had nothing to do with him. He did not have the free time to concern himself with unnecessary matters.
This was an area directly under the control of the Emperor and three members of the Black Cloud Army had died, so it was a very serious matter. In mere moments, the whole Imperial City was completely on alert. One infantry troop after another was seen patrolling the streets, searching for the location of the two assassins.
After Ling Han returned to the Hu Yang Academy and entered his courtyard, his brow immediately creased into a frown.
Someone had touched his restriction and had entered his courtyard!
"Shua," a bright light flashed, and a sword was pointing right at his chest. A beautiful young girl appeared. "Don't make any noise, or else I will kill you!"

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