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Chapter 135: Thoroughly Clearing Away the Filth in the Body
Translator: _Dark_Angel_ Editor: Kurisu
He was a little loath to part with it!
Ling Han did not immediately refine it. This kind of a godly medicine had the life-saving abilities of growing flesh on bones and reviving a dead man. For him to simply refine it like this, he really felt a bit hesitant to make a move.
However, this was only a moment's hesitation.
He had already learnt Body of Dead Tree, and thus had condensed a single drop of Indestructible True Fluid. This had the incredible effect of saving his life. Although its effects were a bit weaker when compared with the godly medicine, it had the advantage of being able to be condensed again after being used.
Moreover, as long as he managed to learn the Body of Rock Cliff of the Invincible Heaven Scroll, he would be able to condense another two drops of the Indestructible True Fluid.
...There would be no more godly medicine once it was eaten, while the Indestructible True Fluid could be continuously condensed. It was obvious which one was more profitable.
Additionally, the godly medicine could give his physical body a complete upgrade, strengthening his core and banking up his Origin Power. These were all solid benefits for him. Ling Han did not lack comprehension of cultivation. What he lacked was time, and the godly medicine could compensate for his lack of time very well.
'In this life, luck is on my side!' Ling Han tossed the root of the godly medicine into his mouth. One bite, and he could feel a strong fragrance spread out in his mouth, and there was a light, airy feeling in his whole body, as if he would be flying at any moment.
'Invigorating!' He continued to circulate the Invincible Heaven Scroll while directing the medicinal effects to spread into every part of his body.
Changes were immediately apparent.
He could clearly feel his cells strengthening, his bones becoming sturdier, and the blood flowing in his veins becoming more energetic, as if there was an ultimate warrior thoroughly clearing away all the filth accumulated in his body. Very soon, a black layer of filth appeared on his body. This black layer was made up of the impurities accumulated in his body which, with the effects of the godly medicine, were now forced out of his body.
Don't underestimate this.
When a martial artist cultivated, that was a process of upgrading one's physical body. When he reached Flower Blossom Tier, there would be a change in the nature of his body, casting off his mortal body and evolving into a higher level of existence. Just like a rock that, with continuous grinding and refining, slowly becomes a beautiful piece of jade.
Forcing out the impurities in one's body was equivalent to refining oneself, and speeding up the process of "transforming into jade".
This change was very slight, but the effects were extremely obvious.
Ling Han could immediately feel the Spiritual Qi entering his body was obviously circulating faster than before.
That was natural. Since the impurities in his veins have decreased, Spiritual Qi could flow throughout his body at a faster pace. And that was not the only benefit. Now that the circulation of Spiritual Qi had become faster, when he began circulating Origin Power in future, it would also be a faster process than before.
What it meant was clear—the faster Origin Power was being circulated, the greater the destructive power behind his blows. This was a solid upgrade.
His life and vitality were continuously becoming stronger, and there was also a certain level of upgrade to his divine sense, making him experience the feeling of having a clear head. When he pondered, his thoughts were forming at a faster pace and were clearer than before.
Exhilarating! Exhilarating! Exhilarating!
After about half a day, he had completely refined the root of the godly medicine.
"What a pity that there is practically no increase to my cultivation level!" Ling Han sighed. But it was all right. Previously, he had taken advantage of the opportunity and embezzled the resources provided by the Imperial Family of Rain Country as well as the Eight Great Clans to concoct a large amount of alchemical pills that could help him increase his cultivation level, so he was not missing out.
He took out the second root of the godly medicine, swallowed it, and continued the refining process.
"Hong long long." This time, he could sense a thunderous noise within his body, as every bone was groaning and crashing one into another. This time, the effects of the medicine had gone even deeper, and it was stimulating a great change within the bones of his body.
This was not so exhilarating. On the other hand, the remolding of his bones was an agonizing process, as if his whole body was being shattered to be rebuilt once more. The pain caused him to suck on his teeth, and sweat poured down like rain from his body.
"Urgh... Ah..." He released a series of low groans. "Peng, peng, peng." Very quickly, there was a banging on the door. It was Hu Niu who had heard his moans of pain and had thus come to check up on him.
"I'm fine!" Ling Han said through gritted teeth.
But it was obviously completely pointless to say this to Hu Niu. The violent nature of the little girl had activated, as she crashed in. After rolling around on the ground once, she looked at Ling Han simplemindedly. When she saw that he was still able to sit in a cross-legged position, though he had sweated a lot, she immediately bared her teeth in a grin.
What a heartless little girl.
Ling Han did not have the time to bother with her at the moment. The Invincible Heaven Scroll continued to circulate and his body was still absorbing the effects of the medicine to remold the bones in his body.
The agony surged continuously like oceanic waters, crashing into him so hard that he felt like he could faint at any moment. But if he actually lost consciousness, he would not be able to circulate the Invincible Heaven Scroll anymore, so the effects of the medicine could only circulate throughout his body instinctively and without any conscious guidance from him. In that case, the effects would naturally be much weaker.
Most importantly, he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to force his body all the way up to Body of Rock Cliff. That meant that he needed to circulate the Invincible Heaven Scroll, and absorb the effects of the medicine based on the secret arts in the Heaven Scroll.
'I shall endure it! Endure it! Endure it! Endure it!'
Ling Han gritted his teeth. Veins were popping up on his head and his neck. There soon appeared a puddle of water on the spot he was seated at, and it seemed as if he had just been fished out of the water as both his eyes looked a bit empty.
He was also eating godly medicine this time, yet why was there such disparity between the first and second time?
Ling Han let his thoughts run wild to distract him from the agony he was experiencing. He thought about his father who was still in Gray Cloud Town. He also thought about Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan. He even thought about his last life.
He did not know how much time had passed, but that strong feeling of agony finally began to weaken, eventually completely disappearing.
Ling Han breathed out a long sigh of relief. Just now, he had even had the thought of giving up, but thankfully, he had persevered. He looked down at his body. Impurities had also been forced out this time, but they were not black in color, but rather white.
These were the impurities from within his bones.
Thoroughly clearing out the filth in body. It did live up to its name.
The first portion of the godly medicine improved his body and flesh, and the second portion refined his bones, then what about the third portion?
Ling Han breathed out and took out the third portion of the godly medicine.
"Smells nice! Smells nice!" Hu Niu immediately pounced over, her eyes fixed upon the godly medicine, saliva nearly dripping out of her mouth.
"Little girl, you haven't begun cultivating yet, so it would be too wasteful for you to eat this. Moreover, the medicinal effects are too strong, and you'll get constipated," Ling Han said with a laugh.
"Eat!" Hu Niu grabbed Ling Han's arm and tugged repeatedly, acting like a spoiled child.
"No!" Ling Han shook his head firmly. There was no use acting pitiful.
Hu Niu stretched out her little head, and gave a strong struggle, aiming a bite at the godly medicine. She had struggled too strongly, and Ling Han actually lost his grip on her in a moment of carelessness—her mouth had bitten onto the godly medicine.
'Oh no!'
If it was bitten by this glutton, then there wouldn't even be scraps left behind.
Indeed, he immediately felt a little tongue licking at his hand. That was Hu Niu who had still not had enough and was gnawing at his hand like it was a chicken's leg.
This prodigal child!
Ling Han sighed. That was godly medicine, and he had in total only obtained three portions, yet one portion was actually wasted on this little girl.
"Xi xi!" Hu Niu turned back around and gave him a large grin. When Ling Han saw this, he couldn't manage to get angry even if he wanted to. Who asked him to cry out so horribly just now and alert this little girl? When it came down to it, the little girl had barged in because she had been worried about him after all.
"Forget it. Hopefully, you can withstand such powerful medicinal effects!" Ling Han sighed and carried the little girl out. He was in desperate need of a bath. There was filth covering his whole body—so much that he felt horrible just from smelling it.
After taking a bath, Ling Han took a look inside his body, and revealed a satisfied smile when he saw the results.
His body had obtained a great upgrade this time round. Though he had yet to reach the level of Body of Rock Cliff, his bones had become as strong as steel, and his skin had become tougher too. It should not be too far to go before he reached Body of Rock Cliff.
Most importantly, there was a huge upgrade to his life and vitality. He only felt full of energy, and so no matter what he did, he felt full of enthusiasm.
The next morning, Ling Han vaguely felt that something was a bit off. When he thought things over, he finally realized something—Hu Niu had not awakened yet. Usually, by this time, the little girl would be awake, clinging to him and yelling out her "Meat, meat, meat!"

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