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Chapter 131: Breaking into the Forbidden Area
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"Anyone else not convinced?" Ling Han stopped moving, and smiled at the others.
Everyone else shook their heads. This guy was really too fierce. Anyone who was not in Gushing Spring Tier was completely unqualified to come to blows with Ling Han.
The few Gushing Spring Tier martial artists gave a humph. They had no fear of Ling Han, yet they dreaded facing Liu Yu Tong. Currently, Liu Yu Tong had her sword in hand and was standing guard by Ling Han's side, so no one dared to make any reckless moves.
Most importantly, they did not have the time to bother with Ling Han right now. That stalk of Spiritual Medicine had escaped into the mysterious zone, so the most important thing now was how they were going to tempt it out of there.
More and more people poured out to surround this area on all sides.
This was probably the central zone of the whole underground space. It was circular in shape, and occupied quire a large area. Most importantly, that dark area seemed to be swallowing all of the surrounding light as if it was a solid object, capable of blocking their sight. A person standing at one end would not be able to see the other end at all.
Thankfully, there were enough people who had entered here, and could somewhat ensure that this area was completely surrounded. At least, if that stalk of godly medicine ventured out, they would know instantly.
"What now?" After they had formed a circle around the dark area, everyone asked awkwardly.
"Make sure it's trapped! I don't believe it's never coming back out!" Someone said.
"Are you stupid? That is a plant. It can completely dig its roots inside for a few years to a few hundred years, but what about us? We would have to leave after three days, at most!" Another person rebuked.
"Oh, right!" The person who had spoken earlier said with a bit of embarrassment.
Everyone was frowning in thought. That was definitely a stalk of Spiritual Medicine and may have even reached the legendary godly level, yet they could only stand here and watch. This feeling was really about to drive them crazy.
Some of them left to inform the old monsters waiting outside the opening, hoping that they could have some idea about what to do, while the others continued to stand guard here.
Ling Han slowly neared that invisible wall. He stretched out a hand to feel it.
A very familiar feeling.
A sliver of a smile turned up the corners of Ling Han's lips. Years ago, he had ventured to a lot of ancient historical sites and had witnessed a lot of similar situations. That was also why he had shouted out the warning earlier on.
This was not a wall, but an aura field, an aura field that was at a level above Heaven Tier!
If he was still in Heaven Tier, then based on the studies he had done on this kind of aura field, he could break through it by force and allow himself to pass through, but now.... he was completely unqualified to attempt that kind of thing.
Could it be... that he would have to use that?
Ling Han took out the damaged saber. This was his disciple's treasured saber, and could also possibly be the only remnant of his disciple that he would be able to find. If he used all the remaining might of the Spiritual Tool in a single explosive burst, he should be able to forcibly use the power on par with Heaven Tier.
But, the problem was, such an explosive burst would also mean the complete end of this treasured saber.
Ling Han hesitated. Moreover, there was another problem. This treasured saber could only explode with such power once, so after he entered, how was he going to get back out?
But after a short moment, he finally made his decision. He had to go in!
Because, there was not only the godly medicine inside. The secret behind that great battle years ago should also be hidden there, and he wanted to find out the reason for that battle. Moreover, if there was really the corpse of an ultimate warrior of Shattering Void Tier inside that had formed this aura field, then who knows, he may have a way to disperse this aura field.
"You two, cover for me," Ling Han said to Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan.
As this area was very big, everyone was standing about ten metres apart from each other to completely surround this area. Thus, Ling Han was standing in between the two girls. It would not be very easy for the people standing at the other side of the two girls to notice him there if they weren't paying attention.
The two girls did not know what he intended to do, but they both nodded, because they knew that this guy had the ability to achieve the impossible.
Ling Han began to revive the treasured saber. Jiang Yue Feng's martial intent originated from him, and though he was extremely weak at the moment, their martial arts were of the same vein. With the stimulation of his divine sense, the martial intent engraved in the treasured saber began to awaken. "Weng," the seals on the treasured saber began to light up one by one, shining brightly.
However, this was the last light that would be coming from it. Soon, it would become completely ordinary, like any other normal weapon.
Ling Han did not have the slightest bit of hesitation. He used the treasured saber to pierce through the aura field to open up a path for himself.
Even so, he was still in a very emotionally tense state. The treasured saber in his hand was shaking as if it was a fish out of water, and even his body was shaking along with it from the force of its quivering, so much that he was forced to walk in a zigzag pattern.
His figure instantly disappeared into that dark area, and could no longer be seen.
Liu Yu Tong and Li Si Chan were both dumbstruck with shock. They exchanged a look with each other, and in the other's eyes, they could both see deep astonishment, as well as strong admiration. Was there anything that this youth—no, this man—could not do?
They quickly withdrew their gazes and became alert, focusing on the task of covering for Ling Han to ensure that no one would notice that he had disappeared. Otherwise, even if Ling Han did manage to get any treasure, based on his current ability, he would not be able to keep it.
Sweat covered Ling Han's whole body. There was danger everywhere in this aura field. Years ago, when he was still in Heaven Tier, a single wrong step would mean severe injury for him, and with his current cultivation level of only the sixth layer of Element Gathering Tier now, this was practically trying to pull chestnuts out of a roaring fire. Any slightest bit of mistake could cost his life, and there were definitely no second chances.
Yet this made him even more excited. He was completely focused, and his eyes were extremely bright.
There was usually not much difference between a genius and a maniac.
In his last life, he had put his focus on alchemy. Once he began to concoct alchemical pills, it would be as if he had transformed into a maniac, and this life, he had put his focus on martial arts, and so similarly also had one part of him that was a maniac—though he had not had a chance to display this part of him before.
This kind of situation where danger was surrounding him on all sides caused his whole body to shiver, yet also made him even more excited. To be wavering between the boundaries of life and death allowed him to deeply feel the significance of life, and his divine sense was surging like oceanic waters.
He even had a kind of feeling that perhaps this kind of dangerous place was the only way to train one's divine sense.
The light from the treasured saber began to flicker, and Ling Han experienced a shock. The damage to this treasured saber was far worse than he had imagined. It had only withstood such a short while, and it looked like it was about to go out. Although he enjoyed taking risks, but taking risks and going straight to his death were two different things.
He hurriedly sped up. As he had to calculate the changes within the aura field, his mind was extremely focused, and his mental energy was being expended at a very fast rate. The sweat covering his whole body was dripping down like water, and in a few short moments, had dampened all his clothes and even left behind traces of water underneath his steps.
Yet it was as if he did not feel anything. His eyes were bright, and he continued to advance.
"Weng," the treasured saber gave a final flicker and the light from all the seals vanished all at once, the seals shattering. This meant that the martial intent inside the treasured saber had been completely wiped out. "Hu," Ling Han took a leap and charged out with a loud breath. He had finally managed to make his was out of the area that had been sealed in by the aura field.
Light had again appeared in front of him.
This was an area that was only about a hundred feet in size. In the center, there was a corpse that was sitting in a cross-legged position on the ground, and that stalk of godly medicine was currently working hard on rooting itself into the ground. However, it seemed like the ground here was especially hard. Such a long time had passed, yet the stalk of godly medicine had only managed to insert half of its roots into the ground.
Ling Han's eyes lit up, and he quietly approached the stalk of godly medicine. He did not know if there was a back and face to the godly medicine, but it was obvious that the stalk of godly medicine had not yet noticed that he was there.
Ten steps, eight steps, five steps, three steps!
Ling Han suddenly leaped out, and stretched out a hand to grab that stalk of godly medicine.

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