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"What!" Liu Yu Tong immediately jumped to her feet, "Something like that actually happened?"

Spirit Tools could only be created by powerful warriors in Spiritual Ocean or higher Tiers; they would have to use their own energy to cultivate these tools, and after a long period of time, their respective cultivation techniques would be engraved on the tools using a unique method. These tools would then have power about equal to their maker.

It may seem like the creation of a Spirit Tool was a simple process, but there was a limit to the lifespan of a martial artist. To be able to successfully create and perfect a Spirit Tool would require at least twenty to thirty years. Moreover, Spirit Tools had very specific, very high requirements regarding the materials that could be used to forge them. As a result, there really were very few Spirit Tools in existence.

Of course, this was the situation in a small place like Rain Country.

...In Ling Han's last life, what warrior would not have a few Spirit Tools by their side? Some people who had specifically put their focus on the path of "Tools" would have a few dozen, or even a few hundred tools, and in battle, they would use all these Spirit Tools, and that was indeed a very awesome display.

But in Rain Country, the most likely to appear were the raw materials for Spirit Tools... how could there appear so many completed Spirit Tools?

And now, a lot of Spirit Tools actually appeared floating in waters of an underground river, what kind of unbelievable idea was that?

Ling Han did not have much interest in this. His target was returning to Heaven Tier. With incredible, unbeatable battle prowess on his side, what Spirit Tool could he not obtain? Moreover, that black tower standing proudly within his Dantian was definitely a Spirit Tool as well, and most likely, it was of an inestimable grade too.

After all, he had been in Heaven Tier in the past, so no matter how weak his actual ability was, he had been uncountable times stronger than Deity Transformation Tier... yet a tremor produced by the black tower still obliterated him easily!

And now, he need only concentrate on breaking through to Gushing Spring Tier, and then he'd be able to enter the black tower and could perhaps discover the secrets hidden behind it. He may even be able to control the black tower. Since that was the case, what use was there for him to expend extra effort to work hard for the sake of obtaining other Spirit Tools?

"Yi, how can you still be so calm?" Li Si Chan looked at Ling Han strangely. When she first heard this news, she had also lost all composure like Liu Yu Tong, but what about Ling Han? He was acting as if he hadn't heard anything at all.

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "Just a couple of Spirit Tools, what's so rare about that?"

"A couple of Spirit Tools?" Li Si Chan gave a hiss. This guy really liked to talk big! They were talking about Spirit Tools here, and for minor martial artists like themselves, if they could get their hands on a Spirit Tool, then even if it would not signify a complete rebirth, their battle prowess could definitely increase by three Battle Stars or even five!

And that wasn't awesome enough?

She tilted her head and fixed her eyes on Ling Han. She suspected that the guy was only pretending, but Ling Han continued looking completely serene, causing her to feel disappointed.

"Why did I not hear of this news?" Liu Yu Tong asked curiously. This was too inconceivable. She was the strongest member of the younger generation of the Liu Clan. Logically, if even Li Si Chan knew of this, then it was impossible that her clan would not inform her of this.

Li Si Chan deliberately sighed, and cast a pitying gaze at her.

Liu Yu Tong could not help feeling flustered with this sigh from Li Si Chan, and began to doubt her value in the eyes of her own clan.

Yet Ling Han only smiled, and said, "Yu Tong, you need not be sad. This girl knows because Wu Song Lin wants to do me a favor, and so sent her to inform me. There suddenly appeared a lot of Spirit Tools floating out through an underground river. This kind of news would definitely be strictly controlled, and only high-ranking individuals would have the privilege to go."

He paused, and continued, "There may be an ancient historical site at the source of the underground river, and passage of time may have caused a certain change in the site, causing the Spirit Tools from within to float out with the underground river. The higher ranks most likely are intending to open up this ancient historical site, but there may be unforeseen dangers within this historical site, so of course they would not be taking members of the younger generation like you girls to venture into this likely dangerous site."

Li Si Chan stared at him in dumb shock, and after a while, she finally said, "Are you really a seventeen-year-old young man? You said the exact same thing as my master!"

Ling Han laughed, and said, "I've actually lived for over two hundred years."

These words instantly caused these two girls to roll their eyes. Who would believe such a thing?

Ling Han gave a sigh. Even when he was telling the truth, it would be completely taken as a joke by others. This caused him to feel very hurt.

"Since that is the case, why would Headmaster Wu inform us?" Liu Yu Tong very consciously put herself and Ling Han together.

A faint displeasure arose in Li Si Chan's heart, and she immediately emphasized, "Master wanted me to inform Ling Han alone!"

This time, Liu Yu Tong did not look angry. She only gave a slightly meaningful smile.

The displeasure in Li Si Chan's heart increased a bit, and she turned back round and said, "Master said that these Spirit Tools seem to have their own consciousness, and there is no way for anyone to get their hands on them. After they appeared floating on the underground river, it would be fine if they were not disturbed. But if they were disturbed, they would immediately zoom up into the sky and disappear."

"Yi?" Ling Han suddenly stood up, a solemn expression on his face.

There were two kinds of Spirit Tools. One was the ordinary type, which was a Spirit Tool created by a martial artist engraving their martial intent on the Spirit Tool, as if they were putting their own stamp on it. As long as you managed to activate it, then it would be a very powerful weapon.

But no matter what, it was still only a weapon, an inanimate object. This kind of Spirit Tool's power would slowly deteriorate with the passage of time, and the martial intent engraved on it would also slowly disappear before the Spirit Tool would finally degrade into a normal weapon or tool.

This was very normal. A martial artist needed to absorb Spiritual Qi to replenish their energy, and once a Spirit Tool left the hands of this powerful warrior and was used by a weaker person, the energy expended would be less than the energy inserted. Thus, naturally the power contained within the Spirit Tool would slowly be exhausted.

But there was another type of Spirit Tools, the ones produced with certain unique materials—in the process of becoming "Spirit Tools", they would develop their own consciousness, their own spirits.

Spirit Tools that had their own spirit were able to absorb Spiritual Qi on their own to replenish their energy, like how a martial artist cultivated. And no matter how much time passed, their power would not diminish in the slightest.

To forge this type of Spirit Tools, it'd require indescribably valuable and priceless materials.

Rain Country?

Perhaps, there may appear some of those extremely rare materials here, but there was absolutely no one with the ability to forge such Spirit Tools—even if powerful warriors of Spiritual Pedestal or Spiritual Infant Tier all blasted full-power attacks at these materials, there wouldn't even be a scratch on them, so how could they be forged into weapons?

Moreover, there was an even higher requirement on the martial artist's cultivation level to be able to cultivate such Spirit Tools. The minimum requirement was at least Deity Transformation Tier.

Thinking this, how could Ling Han not be shocked?

There actually appeared so many Level Eight or even Level Nine Spirit Tools, simply floating out with an underground river— damn, even in his last life, there were only seven powerful warriors of Heaven Tier!

Ling Han was instantly interested, and said, "Where is that underground river?"

"Che, I thought you considered yourself above such worldly matters, but you're still interested, aren't you? Pretending to be mature!" Li Si Chan mumbled.

"Stop blabbering, where is it?" Liu Yu Tong instantly asked in a reprimanding tone, having no fondness for Li Si Chan at all.

"Apologies, master told me to tell Ling Han only!" Li Si Chan countered, not showing any weakness.

"Ha, I am Ling Han's attendant. Whatever you want to tell my master, you must first tell me!" Liu Yu Tong said a bit proudly.

"What!" Li Si Chan was astonished, casting a gaze filled with disbelief at Liu Yu Tong.

Liu Yu Tong was the princess of the Liu Clan! She had so many admirers they could queue up in a line and surround the whole Imperial City a few times, and now she had actually become Ling Han's attendant? But when she thought about it, even her master, Wu Song Lin, addressed Ling Han as Young Master Han, so the princess of the Liu Clan did not seem that much of a VIP when compared with him.

Moreover, just take a look at this girl's expression, she was obviously showing off!

Li Si Chan really felt that she was going to be driven mad by frustration!
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