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"Wait, no!" Shui Yanyu shook her head, and said, "There shouldn't be any stars at that location!"

Ling Han was a bit unsure, and he asked, "Are you certain?"

Shui Yanyu nodded her head seriously, and said, "I'm certain!" Her talent in cultivation was indeed far below that of Ling Han. However, she liked to read all kinds of books, so in terms of knowledge, she definitely knew far more than Ling Han.

"How strange… Then what on earth is that thing?"

Both of them looked at the sky where the large star continued to emit a dazzling radiance. Waves of energy fluctuated toward every corner of space; such fluctuations were powerful enough to affect all beings in the nearby galaxies.

The next day, everyone was discussing the large star that had appeared the previous night.

This was a truly astonishing event. Generally speaking, stars couldn't be seen in the morning. This was because the light from the sun was far too bright and dazzling. Now, however, that large star could still be seen. The light that radiated from it didn't seem bright at all, yet it was somehow able to shine through the brilliant radiance of the sun.

Everyone was engaged in spirited conversations, curious as to where this large star had come from. They had never seen a star in that location before, and it was as if this large star had suddenly appeared out of thin air.

A large star could appear out of thin air?

This was absolutely unfathomable!

Numerous forces instantly sent starships into the vast universe, wanting to investigate the large star from a closer distance.

Starships were different from warships—these were transport tools specifically used to travel around the universe. The materials that they were made from and energy source that they used were all of far higher quality than those of warships. After all, warships were fine as long as they could fly.

If warships were something that could be made by any force willing to grit their teeth and use some resources, then starships were something that only belonged to truly powerful forces. This was because they were extremely expensive, both in terms of construction and in terms of maintenance.

In any case, who would travel into the universe for no reason?

If one wanted to travel from one large star to another large star, the travel time could easily extend into years. If the stars were further apart, this time could even blow out to hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years. Few people were willing to stay in the boring and lonely universe for so long.

Only a mere few days had passed, yet a starship had already returned with an important piece of news—no, it was more accurate to describe this as a stunning piece of news.

That large star was actually a tomb!


Ling Han was, of course, shocked upon hearing about this. A tomb had actually appeared among the stars? This was already an extremely uncanny situation to begin with. However, what was more surprising was the fact that they could see this tomb from so far away. Just how large was this tomb?

Even if a mountain were tossed into the universe, one would be unable to see it after traveling suitably far away. Even Ling Han, with his Eye of Truth, wouldn't be able to see it.

So, just how large was this tomb?

Ling Han couldn't help but feel curious. He suddenly wanted to head over and have a look for himself.

Ling Han wasn't the only one who felt like this, with even the Majestic Heaven Sect sending out a notice about pushing the sect entry exam back by an indefinite amount of time. They were going to send a team to explore that large tomb first.

All of the forces treated this matter with extreme seriousness, and those that owned starships were already bustling around and preparing to head over for exploration.

This large tomb among the stars was a gigantic treasure trove no matter how one looked at it!

However, only a few super-powerful forces owned starships. Would ordinary people have the right to catch a free ride?

Of course not!

However, it wasn't only the Heavenly Body Tier forces that owned starships. Traveling merchants also owned starships.

Some merchants did inter-planetary business, meaning that they had to travel back and forth between planets in order to deliver resources and purchase specialty products. There were huge profits to be made from these businesses—of course, as mentioned before, traveling between planets consumed an exorbitant amount of time, and there was also a possibility that one would come across unpredictable space storms. Such storms would bury their victims in the dark universe, never to return home again.

Merchants were especially good at seizing opportunities, and they immediately opened a new route to ship people to the large tomb. However, this required the purchase of a ticket, each costing a whopping 10,000 True Origin Stones. This was dear enough to scare most people off.

Even so, demand for these tickets was still greater than the supply—they were sold out in an instant.

One had to realize that even the empress, the Seven Generals, and the Left and Right Ministers were actively preparing to enter the large tomb. This highlighted just how astonishing the opportunities on the large tomb were.

Ling Han managed to purchase two tickets—one for himself, and one for Shui Yanyu.

Of course, he would also bring the Rain Emperor and the others over. However, they would all have to stay in the Black Tower first. Once Ling Han arrived at the large tomb, he would decide what to do according to the situation there.

Numerous starships soared through the sky. It wasn't only the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire that was active, with the super-forces of the other two Majestic Empires also joining in on the expedition. Of course, these Majestic Empires would still leave some elites to guard their land, just like how the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire had left the Nine Kings.

There were still a few days until Ling Han's starship set off, so he decided to pay Old Man Xu a visit first. He had decided on this quite some time ago, however, his plans had been affected by Jin Zhihui's sudden visit. He had upgraded his Divine Demon Sword after that, and then put all of his effort into refining pills. These all pushed his plan back.

When he arrived at the library, it was already quiet, and not busy like normal.

Most people had probably done everything in their abilities to get a ticket to the large tomb—those who hadn't left yet were probably preparing to leave. As such, who had the time to visit the library?

"Senior!" Ling Han walked over and respectfully greeted Old Man Xu.

He owed this old man far too much. Which of the Seven Kill Subduing Soul Technique and Universal Eight Desolation Technique wasn't a supreme secret technique?

Even a master mightn't necessarily teach such secret techniques to their disciple. However, Old Man Xu had taught him, and all he had asked for was a promise.

Old Man Xu was currently napping, and he opened his eyes upon hearing Ling Han's greeting. He turned around with a look of astonishment on his face, and said, "How is your cultivation speed so fast?"

Although Ling Han didn't know how powerful Old Man Xu was, he held a firm belief that his cultivation level was definitely profound. Thus, it didn't come as a surprise to him that Old Man Xu could detect his cultivation level with a single glance.

He chuckled, and said, "I came across some rare opportunities."

Old Man Xu didn't press him about what rare opportunities he had come across. His expression became serious, and he said, "Lad, don't focus all of your attention on improving your cultivation level. If you want to reach a profound height, you must ensure that each step you take is firm and unwavering. Don't be greedy and bite off more than you can chew; otherwise, you'll only end up ruining your own future!"

Faithful words grated upon the ears. Ling Han instantly became solemn, and he said, "Thank you for your reminder, Senior. I'll definitely keep your words in mind!"

Old Man Xu nodded before smiling and saying, "Your foundation is strangely stable even though your cultivation speed is so unbelievably fast. Even I'm a little stumped."

This wasn't all that surprising, as Ling Han had a Reincarnation Tree in his Black Tower. Comprehending dao for a day with it was equivalent to comprehending dao for a year, so how could his cultivation level not be stable?

Ling Han simply smiled. Him being grateful toward Old Man Xu was one thing, but him revealing all his secrets was another. In reality, he knew almost nothing about Old Man Xu, so how could he reveal the secrets of his Black Tower and his Reincarnation Tree?

"Since your cultivation speed is so fast, this old man will also remind you earlier lest you find out too late," Old Man Xu said.

"Remind me about what?"

Old Man Xu didn't answer, instead asking, "In your opinion, what's the maximum number of stars a cultivator can surpass?"


'Is this even a question?

'Four-star geniuses are already incredibly rare, and five-star geniuses only exist in legends. This is a widely acknowledged fact.'

However, Ling Han knew that his battle prowess was definitely above five stars.

Right now, just his power alone could already surpass five stars. If he unleashed all of his other abilities, even surpassing seven stars was no problem at all.
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