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"What happened?" Ling Han asked.

The student hesitated for a moment before answering, "I passed by the main gates of the Eastern Institution just then, and I saw someone being cornered by the students of the Eastern Institution. He kept saying that he wanted to visit you."

"Visit me?" Ling Han stroked his chin in thought. Who could this be? Someone who wished to visit him had actually gone to the Eastern Institution? Who didn't know that the four major institutions of the Scarlet Heaven Academy were extremely hostile toward one another? Weren't you humiliating the Eastern Institution by saying that you wanted to visit Ling Han there?

It was evident that this person only knew that he was at the Scarlet Heaven Academy, and not which specific institution he was in. It was because of this that they had accidentally fallen into a "wolves' den".

"Is there anything special about that person?" Ling Han asked.

The student who had delivered the news pondered for a moment before saying, "He's fairly ordinary… That's right! He's always hugging a sword to his chest!"


Ling Han was slightly surprised. 'Could it be Jin Zhihui, the heir to the Swordforge Manor?'

He had indeed made a promise with Jin Zhihui—if Jin Zhihui succeeded in forging the "the number one Divine Sword in the world", he would personally deliver it to Ling Han. Only a year had passed, yet Jin Zhihui had already succeeded?

'No matter what, it's best that I head over first.'

"Thanks." Ling Han tossed a vial of pills toward the student who had delivered the news.

An excited expression spread across the student's face as he caught the vial and opened it, revealing the emerald green pill inside.

'Senior Brother Ling is so generous! He rewarded me with a Heavenly Pearl Pill for delivering a simple message!'

Ling Han directly strode into the Eastern Institution's territory—he couldn't be bothered walking around to avoid it—and headed straight for its main gates.

The uniforms of the four institutions were all unique in their own ways. Thus, Ling Han quickly attracted the attention and stares of the students from the Eastern Institution once he boldly entered their territory.

They all knew who Ling Han was. Not only was his battle prowess impressive, but he had more so become a seventh-rank military officer of the Majestic Empire!

First of all, they couldn't defeat him. Second of all, who wanted to offend a prodigy who also had an official rank? As a result, the students simply spectated and followed behind Ling Han, all of them walking with him toward the main gates.

The students all wore strange expressions when they realized that Ling Han's destination was the main gate.

'F*ck! You're not barging into the Eastern Institution simply to take a shortcut, right?!

'Holy f*ck! How much are you looking down on the Eastern Institution? This is downright humiliation!'

The students of the Eastern Institution were all seething with anger. Although Ling Han had neither said a word nor hit a person, the students all felt as if they had been slapped across the face.

'So high-profile! So triggering! How can he be so arrogant?!'

"Ling Han, you've gone too far!" A powerful student finally appeared and blocked Ling Han's path.

Everyone knew that Ling Han was still at the peak stage of the medium extreme now, and they also knew that his battle prowess could perhaps surpass five stars. As such, his genuine battle prowess was at the early stage of the consummate level. If one wanted to block Ling Han, this was the minimum cultivation level that they needed to possess.

This student was at the early stage of the consummate level, and he could surpass around half a star. His strength was relatively impressive.

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "I'm just taking a shortcut because I don't want to walk around."

"This is the Eastern Institution!" the student shouted sternly.

"Regardless of whether it's the Eastern Institution or Northern Institution, they're all part of the Scarlet Heaven Academy," Ling Han said. "I can naturally go wherever I want."

A sinister expression appeared on the student's face, and he said, "Since you won't listen to my polite warning, I can only use force!" He immediately charged toward Ling Han after saying this.

According to academy rules, students at a higher cultivation level couldn't actively attack students at a lower cultivation level. However, who told Ling Han to barge into the Eastern Institution? He had already barged into someone else's home, so wasn't it only natural that they counterattacked?

Thus, what did it matter if he beat Ling Han up? He was the one in the right!

Ling Han clasped his hands behind his back. The moment his opponent's attack arrived, he suddenly extended two fingers as if they were swords, creating a burst of sword light.

Fast Technique!

After comprehending dao under the Reincarnation Tree, Ling Han had already developed a profound understanding of the Fast Technique.

One had to realize that the Reincarnation Tree had already experienced four months, or 120 days, of growth. In other words, comprehending dao under the Reincarnation Tree during this time would be equivalent to 120 years. Even with a conservative estimate, this time would be at least 50 years, right?

With Ling Han's strong comprehension ability, how could he not grasp the essence of the Fast Technique after comprehending it for 50 years?


Blood instantly spurted from the student's chest. Ling Han didn't stop, and continued to walk toward the main gate.

Only at this moment did the student finally crash onto the floor, unconscious. No one knew whether he had been beaten unconscious by Ling Han or fainted due to anger.

'Too powerful!'

The other students were all stunned. 'That senior brother was an elite at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier! Yet, Ling Han defeated him in a single strike! How terrifying is his power? More importantly, how many years has it been since Ling Han entered the academy? Most students who entered in the same cohort as him are still striving to have a battle prowess of 20 stars of the Shattering Void Tier. But him? His battle prowess has already soared to the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier!

'His battle prowess is at least equivalent to the middle stage of the consummate level. Otherwise, there's no way he could've defeated Senior Brother in a single strike!'

No one dared to challenge Ling Han anymore. After all, elites at the consummate level didn't have so much free time to be always strolling around outside. They were always cultivating in seclusion.

However, what face would the Eastern Institution have if they allowed Ling Han to casually barge through without any obstruction?

People instantly went to seek help from other senior brothers and sisters from the Consummate Level Division. They had to stop Ling Han no matter what.

The main gates quickly appeared in their sights.

Ling Han walked over, and sure enough, he saw several dozen students standing at the gates and surrounding a youth. However, the sword in his hands was already gone.

This youth was none other than Jin Zhihui!

"Give me the sword back! Give it back!" Jin Zhihui shouted.

A silver-haired student standing at the gates had a sword in his hands, and he was the person who Jin Zhihui was currently shouting at.

"Senior Brother Yang, what do you think about this sword?" a student asked.

"Hehe, this person is bragging and saying that this is the number one sword in the world. However, I don't see anything special about it," a student next to the silver-haired male said.

"Haha, the number one sword in the world? What an absolute joke!" The silver-haired male roared with laughter as he waved the sword, and said, "This sword is merely forged from Level One Godly metal. Although I can't tell what material it's forged from, I know that it's definitely a Level One material! Moreover, although there are some divine patterns carved into it, there's no way to activate them. This sword can't even be classified as a Level One God Tool!

"Number one sword in the world? This is nothing but a trash sword!"

A furious expression appeared on Jin Zhihui's face, and he shouted, "This is the number sword in the world! You don't understand at all! Give it back to me!"

The silver-haired male chuckled coldly, and said, "Haha, although it's a trash sword, it's already in my hands. You still want to take it back? Keep dreaming!" This male was called Yang Shuang, and he was a super genius in the Consumate Level Division of the Eastern Institution.

"Press him down onto the floor! He actually dared to mention Ling Han's name before my face? He's asking for a beating!"

"Okey-dokey!" Several students instantly rushed over and pressed Jin Zhihui down onto the ground, forcing him to kneel on his knees. In fact, they even went as far as to force his head into the ground.

"Let me go! Give me my sword back!" Jin Zhihui shouted.

Ling Han shook his head. These people were treating a disciple of the Swordforge Manor so violently; how were they going to get a sword forged from the Swordforge Manor in the future? He strode over with confidence, and said, "Brother Jin, long time no see!"

There was an aura of rage exuding from Ling Han's body. Jin Zhihui was definitely delivering a sword for him as per their agreement. However, he had ended up being humiliated by these people. This infuriated Ling Han immensely.

"Ling Han!" The students at the gates couldn't help but exclaim Ling Han's name.
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