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A powerful nation couldn't rely on the abilities of only a few people.

Ling Han, the Rain Emperor, and the others all strove for great things. This was especially the case for Ling Han, who also had to find the Roc Palace and the ancestral grounds of the five sects. How could he remain on the Joint Peace Planet forever?

Thus, they had to work hard to groom successors. Since they had split the sky and brought the small world into the Immortal Realm, they naturally had to give her a brighter future.

Everyone improved in leaps and bounds with Ling Han's selfless help.

Ling Han had the most hopes for Shen Zhong Chen, Xuanyuan Zi Guang, and Wen Yi Jian. Shen Zhong Chen and Wen Yi Jian were both supremely talented in martial arts, while Xuanyuan Zi Guang's heaven-defying fortune hadn't disappeared after he had arrived in the Immortal Realm. He had somehow obtained some natural treasures, and these had allowed him to become the first of the three to reach the Shattering Void Tier.

These people didn't seek to compete with Ling Han any longer, and all wanted to place their full focus on cultivation and developing the Great Ling Empire into a behemoth of the Immortal Realm.

Ling Han didn't treat them unfairly, either. It could be said that apart from the Reincarnation Tree, they enjoyed all the benefits that Ling Han could give them.

It was just that without the help of the Reincarnation Tree, advancing to the Immortal level would take them at least 10 years—this estimate was already extremely optimistic. It wouldn't come as a surprise even if it took them several centuries to reach the Immortal level. They only had limited resources, after all.

As they were followers of Ling Han, Can Ye, Guang Yuan, Zhu Wu Jiu, Yuan Cheng He, and the others were naturally treated better. They could comprehend dao under the Reincarnation Tree, and even if Guang Yuan and Zhu Wu Jiu weren't especially talented, cultivating under the Reincarnation Tree could still help them reach the Immortal level even if they were as stupid as pigs… and they couldn't be worse than pigs, right?

The Alchemist Society had become subordinate to the Great Ling Empire, and Ling Han didn't keep his knowledge to himself, either. He imparted his experience and a large number of pill recipes, and believed that once these alchemists developed fully, the development of the Great Ling Empire would enter a positive cycle of growth. At that time, the reliance on him would become much smaller.

Lin Xiang Qin, Wenren Qian Qian, and the other beauties were all happy yet despondent at the same time. They had once had the opportunity to win this god-like man over, yet it was a shame that they had seen their opportunities slip by due to all kinds of reasons and circumstances.

Now, they could only look up to him.

Another month passed, and Ling Han decided to return to the Scarlet Heaven Academy.

He hadn't notified the academy of his destination when he had left. After all, it would have been extremely troublesome had the Dark Night Hall, Sha Yuan, or Zhao Lun targeted him and sent an elite at the Sun Moon Tier after him.

However, if he were absent for too long, these powerful forces would definitely still be able to discover his whereabouts.

How could the Great Ling Empire stand up against Sun Moon Tier elites?

Thus, they all decided to return to the Scarlet Heaven Academy as soon as possible. They were still very weak now, yet Ling Han had made far too many powerful enemies. They had to lie low and endure for the time being.

The Rain Emperor and the others all teased Ling Han about this, saying, "Fourth Brother, although you're tremendously talented, it seems like those that you've offended are even more talented! You're only at the high extreme of the Mountain River Tier right now, yet there are at least several elites at the Heavenly Body Tier who want to kill you."

To this, Ling Han replied, "Those who don't draw jealousy are mediocre people! This proves that I'm supremely talented!"

Ling Han handed the affairs of the empire to his uncle, Yue Zhen Shan. With his help, Yue Zhen Shan had already reached the Shattering Void Tier. Although this was insignificant in the Immortal Realm, it was still fairly impressive in the Great Ling Empire. At the very least, his battle prowess could soar to 15 stars after drawing on the power of the nation.

Ling Han placed everyone in the Black Tower before setting off on his Cloud Piercing Shuttle with Shui Yanyu. They landed outside the Point Star City after 10 or so days, and everyone exited the Black Tower and then walked toward the city gates.

Since they were going to live in the Imperial Capital for a long time, they all had to obtain a legal identity. Thus, they naturally had to enter the city gates properly.

They entered the city after registering their identities and paying the entrance fee.

The Rain Emperor and the others were temporarily settled in the pharmacy. Ling Han would use his power and relationships to help them get into the Scarlet Heaven Academy.

He was already quite influential now, so helping others get into the academy was well within his abilities.

Although this was an illegal way of entering the academy, the Rain Emperor and the others were all supreme talents. Thus, them entering the Scarlet Heaven Academy was actually a win-win situation.

However, another piece of news traveled over before Ling Han could even act on his plan.

The Majestic Heaven Sect was recruiting disciples!

What kind of force was the Majestic Heaven Sect that news of them recruiting disciples could actually cause the entire city to bubble with excitement?

Ling Han asked around, and found that this Majestic Heaven Sect was indeed impressive.

The Joint Peace Planet, Flying Cloud Planet, Light Dragon Planet, and another 100 or so planets formed a large galaxy. The cultivation level of these planets was similar, with the Heavenly Body Tier being the strongest. However, there was a super-elite at the Eternal River Tier on the Flying Cloud Planet.

Not everyone was interested in fame, money, and power, though, and this super elite at the Eternal River Tier was respectfully referred to as Venerable Trinity. It was rumored that he had been battling at the passageway of the two realms this entire time, and had only returned to the Flying Cloud Planet several tens of thousands of years ago.

He hadn't founded an Imperial Empire—empires founded by elites at the Eternal River Tier were called Imperial Empires—and had instead founded the Majestic Heaven Sect. He recruited a large number of disciples and students; the founding mission of the sect was to raise prodigies who could battle against the Netherworld.

It was a large sect with a transcendent standing, and although Venerable Trinity was a super-elite at the Eternal River Tier, he didn't aspire to become a supreme ruler. Who didn't wish to enter this sect or perhaps even become a disciple of Venerable Trinity himself? Who didn't desire to listen to him explain the true meaning of the great dao?

To say nothing of the Eternal River Tier, if one could enter this sect, there was a great chance that they could become an elite of the Heavenly Body Tier, right?

Wasn't this impressive enough?!

An envoy from the Majestic Heaven Sect had arrived several days ago, and notified the three Majestic Empires that the Majestic Heaven Sect was preparing to recruit a new cohort of disciples. When the time came, the Majestic Heaven Sect would send personnel to examine those who had expressed their interest. Those who satisfied the requirements would be recruited as disciples and sent to the Majestic Heaven Sect to comprehend the great dao.

This examination would take place in one month's time.

Ling Han scrapped his plans to help the Rain Emperor and the others get into the Scarlet Heaven Academy after learning of this.

Wouldn't entering the Majestic Heaven Sect be even better?

Ling Han informed the Rain Emperor and the others about this, and they all agreed with his decision.

"Hehe, Little Qing, your talents mightn't be enough to get you into the Majestic Heaven Sect!" Helian Tianyun said with a chuckle.

Murong Qing humphed, and said, "Don't forget that I broke through after reaching 17 stars of the Shattering Void Tier! How many stars did you reach?"

"Wayaya!" Helian Tianyun roared, and said, "I directly broke through to the Immortal level after activating my ancestral bloodline! If I had cultivated for a few more years, I might've been able to reach 20 stars of the Shattering Void Tier, much less 17 stars of the Shattering Void Tier."

This was his sore spot.

Ling Han swept his gaze around. Apart from his three brothers, Helian Tianyun, and Ding Ping, his cousin Yue Kaiyu and his four followers—Guang Yuan, Can Ye, Yuan Cheng He, and Zhu Wu Jiu—had all followed him over. Meanwhile, the Rock Spirit had stayed back to guard the Great Ling Empire. In any case, it could maintain its extremely fast pace of cultivation as long as Ling Han sent some rocks back from time to time.

If their aim was to enter the Scarlet Heaven Academy, apart from Guang Yuan and Zhu Wu Jiu, there would naturally be no problems at all for everyone else. However, if their aim was to enter the Majestic Heaven Sect, everything would be uncertain.

How strict were the requirements for entering the sect?

Ling Han was confident that he and the Rain Emperor would easily qualify to enter. If even they couldn't enter, then this sect definitely wasn't recruiting prodigies. Instead, they would be recruiting freaks.

Ling Han would adjust his plans according to the outcome. Those who qualified would enter the Majestic Heaven Sect, while he would find a way to get those who didn't into the Scarlet Heaven Academy.

Ling Han returned to the academy. He planned to visit Old Man Xu as there was a possibility that he knew more about the Majestic Heaven Sect.

"Senior Brother Ling! Senior Brother Ling!" However, a fellow student suddenly knocked on his door, appearing extremely short of breath.Take such terms with a pinch of salt. Remember? Everyone thought they saw stars in the sky before Immortal Realm arc, but they were only some asteroids and stuff.
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