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Ling Han would drill Ding Ping every day until the latter cried out in pain, but his improvement was also obvious. He did not know that possessing a certain kind of bloodline—or rather being born fortunate, and thus possessing some kind of powerful power—would allow his strength to burst a hundredfold over.

This was extremely terrifying. Merely this ability alone would allow him to possess battle prowess to surpass two stars in the Immortal level!

And that was an eternal boost!

The gap in strength between each sub-minor level and the next should be about 10 times. Thus, a burst of a hundredfold could compensate for the gap of two sub-minor levels. From this, it could also be clearly seen how massive the gap between each cultivation level in the Immortal level was. That was why there were so few geniuses that could surpass four stars, while five-star geniuses only existed in legends.

Ling Han wanted to squeeze out all of Ding Ping's potential and train an awesome, brilliant disciple.

Four days later, the Reincarnation Tree finally matured completely. The treetop stretched out as wide as 300 meters, and there was the air of the Great Dao wandering about the leaves. It was mysterious, powerful, and ancient. Ling Han had obviously watched it grow, yet he felt an ancient, aged feeling from this great tree as if it had gone through millions and millions of years.

A Reincarnation Tree that required 12 trillion years to mature grew up just like that!

'The Black Tower is even more awesome,' Ling Han mused. His abrupt rise could not be separated from the help of the Black Tower. Otherwise, even if he had not died in his last life, he would now only be an Alchemy Emperor by now. In martial arts, however, his achievements would definitely be limited because the foundations he'd laid down in his early stages were really too terrible.

"This Reincarnation Tree had not grown naturally, but rather its growth had been expedited through my use of the mystical power of Source Power. Thus, the effects are slightly weaker." Small Tower appeared, and explained to Ling Han, "Comprehending Dao underneath the tree is far from reaching the extent that one instant would be equivalent to a lifetime, but rather one day would equal a single year."

That was already awesome enough!

"After another 10 years, the leaves can be plucked to be processed into tea leaves. The effects would be also better. You probably would be able to obtain the spiritual comprehension worth 10 years with a single cup.

"Unfortunately, my Source Power has been fully expended once more, and I can no longer expedite it further."

Ling Han was already so nicely surprised there was no room for further happiness. He said, "Enough, enough. This is already awesome enough."

"That is because you are a frog at the bottom of a well, so you do not know that there aren't few treasures that can speed up the passage of time—" Small Tower probably had let its tongue slip once more, for it quickly fell silent. "I have to mend the Black Tower. If there's nothing important, don't come and bother me!"

As it said so, it disappeared in a flash, and no matter how much Ling Han summoned it, it was not willing to reappear.

"F***, I am the master, in any case. This is really too disrespectful!" Ling Han gritted his teeth. This Small Tower was really too much of a tsundere.

Never mind, he'd first improve the abilities of those around him!

Ling Han drew Shui Yanyu, Feng Po Yun, and the others into the Black Tower, and had them comprehend Dao under the Reincarnation Tree.

It was madness!

When one had reached the heights they had, what they lacked was the time to comprehend Dao, but underneath the Reincarnation Tree, one day would be equivalent to a year. What kind of concept was that? Really, even a dump pig would be able to become a true god with that!

At first, it was their comprehension of the profound secrets of heaven and earth that could not catch up with their advancement in Origin Power and stamina. Now, it was the exact opposite. Their spiritual cultivation had surpassed their physical cultivation, and it was their physical cultivation that was now holding them back.

Thankfully, Ling Han was the Alchemy Emperor. If his ordinary cultivation could not catch up, he only needed to take alchemical pills to speed it up. In any case, since he was comprehending Dao under the Reincarnation Tree, he had no fear that his cultivation level would advance too rapidly.

However, the first to break through was still Ling Han.

He was already at the peak stage of medium extreme, and now with the help of the Reincarnation Tree, the rate of his comprehension of Dao was practically like the speed of light.

If an ordinary genius wanted to take this step, they would need a few hundred years' time at the very least. Even if Ling Han was a super genius, a few dozen years were still necessary, right? But underneath the Reincarnation Tree, a few dozen years would only become a few dozen days.

Most importantly, Ling Han still had the essence of the Demon Master in him, which solved the problem of accumulation of Origin Power. Working on two tasks at the same time, what need did he have to worry about his cultivation level not speeding up in advancement?

He drove the Cloud Piercing Shuttle out of the Great Ling Empire in advance, and headed to an empty, uninhabited plain to get through the heavenly tribulation.

Since there were dark currents in the Great Ling Empire, and some wanted to rebel, he would give them the opportunity. Otherwise, if these ambitious people hid themselves, the danger they presented when they exploded in the future would be even bigger than now.

Thus, Ling Han strictly sealed off news of his return. Now that he had to go through the heavenly tribulation, he naturally could not choose to do so in the Great Ling Empire.

Advancing a minor level, to the present Ling Han, was practically a kind of torture. He had to shatter his body and allow his godly bones to be tempered by the tribulation so that they could improve to another level. This caused him to shout repeatedly in agony. If Ding Ping had heard his screams, the former would definitely feel much better.

This freakish master could actually also experience a time when he would scream out so horribly.

After half a day, the heavenly tribulation dispersed. Ling Han used a drop of Indestructible True Fluid, and his body instantly recovered. He felt that his power had spiked drastically, and his Godly bones were incredibly hard, reaching the sturdiness of Level Four Godly metal.

"Now, though I am still unable to suppress an opponent at the peak stage of consummate level, I can still be completely unafraid of him. Even if I have to resort to a drawn-out battle, I would be able to wear him out to death!" Ling Han said, smiling.

His defenses, added with his recovery ability, were practically shameless. As long as they could not insta-kill him, his opponent would definitely lose hope.

Putting Ling Han aside, it would be the Rain Emperor who improved the fastest.

The height of his talent was almost no inferior to Ling Han's. He was only not as fortunate as Ling Han had been, and had not obtained a Black Tower.

Two months later, the Rain Emperor's power had advanced to 19 stars of the Shattering Void Tier!

The might of the Reincarnation Tree was on full display.

The Rain Emperor began to comprehend the secrets of Immortal level, and with Ling Han and Shui Yanyu as consultants, he would definitely be able to break through in a mere few days' time with his talent… Of course, a few days of comprehending Dao under the Reincarnation Tree were equivalent to a few years of physically comprehending it.

Another dozen or so days later, Feng Po Yun's power also advanced to 18 stars of Shattering Void Tier, whereas Murong Qing had 17 stars.

The gap between the four brothers' talent could also be perceived from this. The Rain Emperor was practically as talented as Ling Han, Feng Po Yun was slightly inferior, and Murong Qing was slightly inferior to Feng Po Yun.

But even so, Shui Yanyu still got a scare. This was power of 17 stars of the Shattering Void Tier. The battle prowess they could exhibit would at least be 22 stars, or perhaps even stronger than that!

How many geniuses of such caliber could be found in the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire?

Yet the small Great Ling Empire actually had four of them!

Furthermore, Helian Tianyun had also reached 16 stars, which was still very frightening, while Ling Han's disciple, Ding Ping, was also a little monster as he could increase his power a hundredfold. If he could also attain power of 18-19 stars of the Shattering Void Tier before he broke through, then when he broke into the Immortal level, his battle prowess might even be able to surpass six stars!

Six stars—just the thought of it was frightening to Shui Yanyu. That was because a five-star genius merely existed in legends, and now there had actually appeared a six-star genius?

Even Ling Han was no match for that!

Ling Han was not about to be jealous of his own disciple. Strength was merely the most important part of battle prowess, but not all it was about. He was sure that if the Rain Emperor battled Ding Ping on the same cultivation level, it would definitely be Ding Ping who would lose.

If it was against Ling Han, Ding Ping had even less hope for victory. His master's freakish physique and recovery abilities could not be dealt with.

Additionally, Ling Han discovered that his present strength was increasing further and further.

The Nine Dragons Tyrant Body Art and Universal Eight Desolation Technique were both supreme techniques, allowing his stamina to burst and his Origin Power to become pure. Vaguely, his pure strength would reach the height of five stars.

Another several days later, the Rain Emperor, Feng Po Yun, and Murong Qing broke through into the Mountain River Tier one after another.

The Great Ling Empire finally looked a sliver what a Royal Empire should be like.A reminder. Stars measure two things: power, which means physical strength, and battle prowess, which means overall power that includes energy, soul, etc.
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