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"Fourth Brother, you have not returned for a long time, causing some people to have inappropriate ideas." Murong Qing was the first to speak.

"Recently, when government decrees are relayed, they encountered obvious obstruction. Some of the people underneath are no longer willing to know their own place." The Rain Emperor humphed, killing intent burning in his eyes. When speaking of the management and government of a country, he was the most experienced. He was also the one among the four brothers whose killing intent flourished the most and was the most domineering.

Ling Han smiled slightly. As long as one had enough ability, they would be able to easily suppress everything else.

Attaching oneself to a Majestic Empire had at least one advantage, and that was that the safety of your nation would be guaranteed, and other nations would not easily launch an invasion into your territory… and even if there was an invasion, you would still be able to ask for help from your suzerain empire, just like the Eastern Rain Nation previously.

Thus, the possibility that the Great Ling Empire was facing an external threat was not high, but if there was internal strife among them, the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire would not be so free as to interfere in their internal matters. In any case, they only had to guarantee that this territory was still attached to the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, and that was sufficient.

This was an internal matter, so outsiders were naturally not going to interfere so easily.

Ling Han said, "My three brothers, these are all just trivial matters. Today, we are pleased, so let's not speak of this sort of thing. We will drink and only stop when we are all drunk!"

"We will get thoroughly drunk!" Feng Po Yun and the others were all open-minded people, and immediately raised their cups and drank heartily.

It was rare that Ling Han would get himself drunk. When he awoke on the morning of the second day, he realized he was lying on the bed, and there was a ravishingly beautiful seductive beauty in his arms. Who else could it be but Shui Yanyu?

He turned pale with fright, and asked, "Did we do 'that' yesterday?"

Shui Yanyu was both embarrassed and irritated. She rolled her eyes at him, and said, "You got drunk yesterday, and I helped you into the room. However, you kept holding onto me and wouldn't let go no matter what, so I could only stay by your side."

In other words, he had been so drunk that he couldn't even do anything.

Ling Han let out a sigh in relief, and said, "Good, good. If the first time happened in such a muddle-headed manner, that would be too much of a loss!"


Shui Yanyu immediately threw a pillow over, which pounded into his face.

"Aiyo, I say, Wife, was it because that I did not do you yesterday that you are currently dissatisfied and resentful?" Ling Han asked, smiling.

Shui Yanyu was about to explode in anger. This lecher, this damn pervert!! He actually had the face to say that? Shua, shua, shua. Whatever she could grab, she threw over. At first, it was the other pillow, followed by the blanket. Then, she even tossed the cup and the saucer at Ling Han.

Meanwhile, Ling Han quickly caught the projectiles, and threw them onto the bed. When Shui Yanyu realized that there was nothing else she could throw, he chuckled and pounced on her, pushing Shui Yanyu down, and imprisoning this seductive beauty beneath his own body.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. I am really too amazed with myself!" he said in self-satisfaction.

"Amazed with what?" Shui Yanyu was uncomfortable underneath his weight, her eyes soft. Even her delicate body had turned to water, soft and weak.

"Due to my earnest, hard work, this place of yours seems to have gotten slightly bigger!" Ling Han laughed naughtily. With a gentle squeeze, Shui Yanyu released a captivating moan.

"Damn pervert!" Shui Yanyu felt like she was going to die from blushing. Why did this villain always like to grab her breasts? Weren't they just a couple lumps of flesh? Were the other parts of her body not considered flesh, then?

"Wu!" Her mutterings were lost underneath Ling Han's burning kiss. Very quickly, Ling Han ignited her passion, and she entwined her jade-like arms around Ling Han's neck, passionately kissing back.

Bang, bang, bang. It was just at this crucial moment that a knock sounded at the door.

Ling Han was greatly irritated. Who was it? He had just been planning to devour this bewitching vixen.

"Little Han, wake up and go to the toilet!" Helian Tianyun's snicker rang out from behind the door.

F***, he knew that it had to be this old pervert!

Ling Han sighed. Looking at Shui Yanyu who was rapidly entering into a daze, he knew that he would not be able to devour this bewitching vixen today. Furthermore, this woman was extremely shy, so she would probably be avoiding him as much as possible in the next several days. If he wanted to devour her, he would have to wait a few more days.

Forget it, he should deal with serious matters first.

Ling Han went out, and called over his three brothers, Ding Ping, and Helian Tianyun. Then, he began to teach them the cultivation techniques of the Immortal Realm.

It would not be proper for Ling Han to teach them the Universal Eight Desolation Technique privately before he had gotten permission from Old Man Xu, as the latter had been the one who had taught him. Thus, the cultivation technique he taught Helian Tianyun was what he had managed to obtain at the auction. Though it was not the highest-level cultivation technique, it was definitely better than what he had obtained at the Scarlet Heaven Academy.

…Additionally, he could not privately teach them the cultivation technique of the Scarlet Heaven Academy, either. There was a ban on such actions. Aside from that, Ling Han had not been able to afford redeeming higher-level cultivation techniques.

"My three Brothers, you were not the main lead in opening the sky, so your strength could not possibly reach 20 stars, but you will still be able to reach 18-19 stars. I hope that you all can cultivate until you feel like you can advance no further before attempting to break through to the Immortal level," Ling Han said.

"En!" Feng Po Yun and the others nodded. All of them were men of ambition, and were thus naturally unwilling to be ordinary Immortals. If they were going to cultivate, they would become invincible among others of the same cultivation level.

This time, it was not like when Ling Han had first entered into Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire, when he did not have any cultivation resources on hand at all. On the contrary, this time, the things Ling Han produced were not the slightest bit inferior to what an elite of the Heavenly Body Tier could take out.

After all, they were just ultimate treasures for the Mortal Realm, so no matter how expensive they were, there was a limit to their price. Moreover, the Jade Heaven Pills that Ling Han concocted were a very profitable business; the rate at which he earned money from it was shocking.

Meanwhile, Helian Tianyun sighed. He was a descendant of the Dragon Race, and had an advantage in terms of bloodline. He had not been in the Immortal Realm for many days before he had broken through to the Immortal level with the aid of his bloodline. Thus, he had not cultivated his strength to the maximum, and this made him feel slight regret.

Unfortunately, he could not possibly abandon this life for this reason and resurrect himself for a third time, could he? Where would there be so many ultimate treasures for him to squander? Treasures that could allow the soul to reincarnate were pitifully limited even in the Immortal Realm.

Thankfully, strength of 16 stars could not be considered weak, either. After all, the Shattering Void Tier was only one stage on the path of cultivation, and it alone could not possibly decide the future of a cultivator.

Ling Han handed out the resources generously. He wanted to help his three brothers break through to the Immortal level in the shortest amount of time—and that was with the prerequisite that they had to temper their foundations to an incredibly stable, solid extent. After that, he turned his attention to Ding Ping.

He had indeed recognized this disciple, but he had not taught him for long. He was really too irresponsible as a master.

Thus, after deep self-reflection, he began to drill Ding Ping.

Ding Ping was having a miserable time. In the Black Tower, he screamed endlessly. His yells sounded so extremely tragic that anyone who heard him would shiver. That was how terrifying he sounded.

"In a few more days, the Reincarnation Tree would have completely matured!" Ling Han broke out in a grin. This was his greatest rare treasure!

To comprehend Dao underneath the Reincarnation Tree, every instant was an entire lifetime. This was practically cheating.

The cultivation of Origin Power and stamina could all be boosted with the help of alchemical pills and various natural treasures. In comprehension, though, one could only depend on oneself. The Reincarnation Tree, meanwhile, would endlessly shrink down the time that one would need to comprehend Dao, or rather, extend it.

"Master, can I rest for a while?" Ding Ping asked, grimacing. He was carrying a huge boulder on which Ling Han was seated. It was incomparably heavy, causing his arms to keep shaking.

That was because Ling Han was using the divine patterns of gravity. Of course, he was only using a little of their effect; Ding Ping, who was merely in the Spiritual Infant Tier, could not possibly bear the weight otherwise.

"No, run another three rounds!"
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