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This time, the whole truth was out.

Everything was now linked, and there was a perfect explanation. But, the problem was still very serious because Ling Han had not managed to stop the progress of the blood sacrifice, and the Chang Clan was still going on as they had planned.

Tomorrow, the Eternity Sky Emperor would arrive personally, and collect the Nine Demons Sword.

This was a Level Thirteen God Tool, at least. If it actually burst out its might, killing a Heavenly Body Tier elite would be child's play. The Eternity Sky Majestic Empire would take over the entire Joint Peace Planet, and no one would be able to stand against them.

No wonder they were so deranged, and performed such a large-scale blood sacrifice. It was because once they obtained the Nine Demons Sword, they would become invincible. By then, what need would they have to consider the critique of others?

Ling Han was slightly anxious, but he did not have any idea what to do at all.

Now that the Nine Flames Heavenly King was standing guard here, if he went out, that would be a path straight to death. There was absolutely no second possibility.

'My only hope is Empress Luan Xing as well as the Absolute Beginning Stone. It can absorb all attacks, and can stand against even a Divine Sword on the level of the Eternal River Tier. However, the Absolute Beginning Stone is so small, so there is a limit to the vital points that it can shield. She would still be at a massive disadvantage.

'What to do now?'

Ling Han scrambled his brains, but in the face of absolute power, any kind of plan would appear to pale in comparison, and so he was helpless. The Nine Flames Heavenly King only needed to send out a palm strike, and everything would be over.

Time passed rapidly, and the blood sacrifices were still continuing. Copious amounts of life energy and vitality were absorbed by the altar, wearing away at the air of violence from the Nine Demons Sword.

By the second day, it could be clearly felt that this altar was filled with an air of violence.

This was not a bad thing. On the other hand, this was a sign that the blood sacrifice was about to succeed. That was because the air of violence from within the Nine Demons Sword had been forced out, and what would come next was that it would flourish the most before rapidly declining.


By this time, the Nine Demons Sword was already exhibiting its frightening might. One after another, sword's light flew out of the blood lake, easily destroying the prison cells inside the altar. As the sword light slashed past, blood and flesh flew in all directions.

The might of this sword's light had already reached the level of the Heavenly Body Tier. Putting aside those prisoners that had had their cultivation restricted, even those guards were no match for it. If they were actually hit, it meant definite death. They would be directly turned into pieces, unable to leave behind even a complete body.

The Nine Flames Heavenly King, on the other hand, was not shocked, but rather pleased. Laughing loudly, he exclaimed, "As expected of our ancestor's Spirit Tool. It is really too powerful and strong! It obviously has yet to awaken, and there is even only a sword's hilt left behind, but already possesses such might. After we collect it, its might would reach pseudo Eternal River Tier, at the very least. Then, when we completely combine it with the Divine Sword, it would not be difficult to kill a low-level Eternal River Tier elite!"

He was so pleased that he had revealed a considerable number of secrets.

Firstly, this God Tool was not complete, but rather had been broken. Secondly, the Nine Demons Sword should have been broken up into quite a number of parts, and what was buried here was the sword hilt. Thirdly, the Chang Clan should have obtained information about the location of the other broken parts of the Divine Sword.

Hiss, this also meant that this altar was not the only one in existence!

Ling Han's heart beat madly. The problem now was that the Eternity Sky Emperor had not gone to collect the other parts of the Nine Demons Sword first. Otherwise, his current battle prowess could have possibly leaped into pseudo Eternal River Tier.

This was invincible power on the Joint Peace Planet!

Sword light flashed out in gradually quicker succession, and even the Nine Flames Heavenly King did not dare continue to stay here. It was not that he could not defend against such might, but rather doing so was not worth it. He would just be wasting his stamina, and with how closely the sword's light was flashing out, the whole altar would soon be destroyed, so he would no longer need to consider the problem of Ling Han stirring the waters any further.

…He was sure that if the latter was still inside the altar, he would definitely be killed by the might of the God Tool. If he still managed to survive from that, that would be really too illogical.

Hong, long, long. Finally, the altar that was as tall as a mountain crumbled, and turned into ruins. However, sword light was still ****, and slashed towards the heavens, tearing apart the skies itself, its terrifying might on full display.

Now was the most violent time for the Nine Demons Sword.

Xiu, in the distance, a figure streaked through the air. He was of sturdy build, and also had a long cloak billowing behind him. However, it was bright crimson, and fluttered wildly in the air. There were similarly nine black-colored balls of light behind his back, but they were not flames, as they were so black that they seemed rather eerie.

"Imperial Brother!" The Nine Flames Heavenly King rushed up to greet him.

The Eternity Sky Emperor, one of the three greatest overlords of the Joint Peace Planet!

There was a chaotic air entwining his whole body, and his features could not be clearly distinguished. It seemed like his features were constantly changing, but whoever took a look at him would definitely be able to recognize him on their next meeting.

This was a unique bearing, just like how Empress Luan Xing had one. It was obvious that not many had even glimpsed her true face, yet they would definitely not mix her up with any other women.

The Eternity Sky Emperor stopped, his tall figure seemingly capable of supporting the sky itself. In front of him, even the heaven and earth seemed so small in comparison. His eyes swept over, and he said, "Very good. The air of violence inside the Nine Demons Sword has been completely released."

"This is the ancestral Spirit Tool of our Chang Clan, and has an unbreakable link with the bloodline of our Chang Clan. Later, I shall collect it with a secret technique, and success would be mostly assured."

"Congratulations, Imperial Brother!" The Nine Flames Heavenly King laughed loudly. "The sword's hilt is the easiest to collect. In the future, after we collect the remaining three segments of the sword's blade, we will be able to let our ancestral weapon shine with its supreme brilliance once more.

"But, Imperial Brother, the Nine Demons Sword has been buried for millions and millions of years. Furthermore, it is an extremely ferocious object in the first place, and now, its air of violence is sky-high. Even if we have a link through our bloodline, Imperial Brother should still not be too careless."

The Eternity Sky Emperor laughed loudly, and exclaimed, "Of course, I know!" A proud expression appeared on his face as he then said, "When I will have collected the Nine Demons Sword, I will sweep aside the Jade Drop, and conquer the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire. After that, I shall take Empress Luan Xing into my imperial harem!"

Right, so after all the trouble, it was still for the sake of obtaining Empress Luan Xing.

Although he was full of great goals and magnificent aspirations, wanting to conquer the other great Majestic Empires and unite the entire Joint Peace Planet, his last words had still revealed his true nature. He was filled with longing for Empress Luan Xing.

However, even this supreme overlord was so captivated by Empress Luan Xing that his lifetime goal was to take her into his imperial harem, showing how charismatic this Empress Luan Xing truly was.

'A guy that will bear sons without behinds!' Ling Han cursed internally, but the present him could only watch helplessly, and could not do anything at all. This kind of helplessness made him feel very displeased.

"Hehe, it is time for our feud with the Jade Drop Majestic Empire to be resolved completely!" The Nine Flames Heavenly King revealed a sinister killing intent.

"That's right!" The Eternity Sky Emperor humphed, a similar killing intent burning in his eyes.

Sword light filled the air, endless and boundless. The air of violence endlessly condensed, and was then dispersed. At this instant, it had reached its maximum. Finally, it transformed into a colossal human figure, focusing on the Eternity Sky Emperor and the Nine Flames Heavenly King.

"Imperial Brother, just leave this guy to me. You go and collect the Nine Demons Sword!" the Nine Flames Heavenly King declared heroically.

"All right!" the Eternity Sky Emperor shouted, and pressed a palm directly where the altar was among the ruins. Origin Power condensed, and formed a huge palm about the size of a mountain. Levelling up, it dug out a large amount of loose dirt.

When the giant-sized humanoid aura figure saw this, it immediately slammed down with its fist, bringing with it a frightening attack to the divine sense.

"Your opponent is me!" The Nine Flames Heavenly King headed skywards to intercept this attack.
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