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"You, you…" The man was scared witless. What kind of dog was this, having a sinister, malevolent expression? It was obviously an engineered puppet, yet it could actually speak human language. Moreover, it was completely acting like a vile character, which was something he could not accept.

"You? What you!?" The Asura Demon Emperor used Ling Han's authority in this place as an intimidation tactic, one paw clapping onto the man's head. "I am the glorious Little Asura, and this is my master, an even more glorious being! Now, Master is asking you questions here, and answer whatever you know the answer to. Otherwise, I will first rip off your four limbs, then devour your 'fifth' one!"

The man suddenly felt a chill between his legs, and involuntarily clamped his legs together. He only felt that this huge dog was utterly perverted and cruel, actually wanting to eat his d!ck.

However, with such a scare, the man became well-behaved. He had somehow been captured, and had appeared in such a strange place, so being now threatened by the Asura Demon Emperor, his willpower had long since crumbled.

"Why have you all built this altar?" Ling Han asked directly.

"This…" the man stammered. "Ah…!!!" He instantly released a terrible shout as one of his arms had been ripped off by the Asura Demon Emperor.

The Asura Demon Emperor was no nice guy. In the first place, he was from the Netherworld, and in his eyes, all the living beings of the Immortal Realm were equivalent to ants, which he did not take to heart at all. Thus, putting aside the fact that he had just torn off one arm, even if it was tearing apart the man's neck, he did not mind at all.

When the man saw that the Asura Demon Emperor's wolf eyes had turned to focus on his other arm, he was almost scared witless, and quickly answered, "It is to use blood sacrifices to dispel the violent air of a treasure underneath, or there would be no way to collect it!"


Ling Han was slightly surprised, and asked, "The operation this time round was ordered by your emperor?"

"Yes, it is by order of His Imperial Majesty!" Since the man's mouth had loosened, he no longer had the intention to resist thereafter, and replied truthfully.

"This involves a decree and the army, which clearly means that your emperor places great importance on this treasure, yet he did not come personally to collect it himself, which means… that even your emperor has no way to collect it, and has to use blood sacrifices to dispel its violent air, and only then will he be able to collect it!" Ling Han deduced.

Pa, pa, pa, pa. The Asura Demon Emperor immediately clapped his wolf paws together in applause, and praised, "Master is wise, Master is intelligent, Master is this Little Asura's bright sun that has lit up a path of light in front of me!"

"Ah…!" The captive once again let out a loud scream. He looked innocently at the Asura Demon Emperor. Why had you bitten me all of a sudden?

"My master has made such a brilliant, wise deduction, and you actually dared not applaud. Are you planning on rebelling?" The Asura Demon Emperor glared out of its wolf eyes, looking monstrous.

The captive couldn't help but be sullen. If he currently had supreme power, the first being he would suppress would definitely not be Ling Han, but rather this damn dog. It was too f****** devious.

"What treasure is it?" Ling Han asked.

"I don't know." The captive shook his head. "Ah…!" he yelled. His other arm had been suddenly ripped off by the Asura Demon Emperor. "I really don't know," he quickly called out, not wanting both his legs to be ripped off too.

The Asura Demon Emperor turned to Ling Han and said, "Master, looks like he really doesn't know."

The captive was incredibly aggrieved. 'You really turn to violence too easily at the slightest disagreement, don't you?'

Thankfully, after one had entered Immortal level, it was a piece of cake to regrow any severed limbs, and it only required a little time. However, if one was wounded by an elite, and the latter's martial intent was still left behind in the wound, the limb could not possibly be regrown without expelling the foreign martial intent.

Ling Han pondered, a hand on his chin. The Asura Demon Emperor dared not disturb him, and quickly signalled to the captive to go to one side. He was going to start a second round of interrogation to find out everything the latter knew so he could win Ling Han's favor.

The Eternity Sky Emperor used the invasion of the Golden Lion Nation as a cover, while his purpose was the treasure buried under that place. Furthermore, he had gone through so much trouble, which was proof that the significance of this treasure had to be extraordinary.

All the way here, he had seen that the land within 1000 miles of this place had been dyed crimson, all living beings completely eliminated. He surmised that they had to have been captured to become sacrifices. Not only humans and animals, even living beings such as plants and trees were unable to escape this calamity.

Even if ordinary people were mere ants in the eyes of Immortals, such actions would still be considered deranged. No wonder the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire wanted to seal off the furious river. Otherwise, should he allow this matter to leak out, it would definitely incite the terrible fury of the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire.

However, the truth always came out. This matter would be known to the world sooner or later. Then, Ling Han came to two possible truths.

Firstly, the treasure here was precious enough to make the Eternity Sky Emperor willing to bear such infamy, and even take the risk of starting a war with the other two Majestic Empires just to obtain it.

Secondly, this treasure was a supreme God Tool. As long as he could obtain it, the Eternity Sky Emperor's battle prowess would be enough to crush all life. Even if the truth came out then, so what? Only he would be able to suppress others, and who would be able to go against him?

In this world, it was ultimately the strong who made the decisions. When one's strength was enough to crush all opposition, what need would he need to consider the opinions of others? Would others even dare to disagree?

'This is far from good. This art of blood sacrifice is practically demented, and would incite public fury. Yet the Eternity Sky Emperor still did it, which means that what he conspires is far larger than the consequences of being subjected to the combined assault of the two Majestic Empires after everything is over.

'I must wreck it!'

Ling Han clapped his hands once, and made his decision.

The best method was to first snatch the treasure in this place so the Eternity Sky Emperor's efforts would be wasted. But, even the Eternity Sky Emperor had to use blood sacrifice to dispel the violent air of this treasure before he could even think about collecting it. Then, what would qualify Ling Han to obtain it first?

The violent air that had merely seeped out could take human form and attack the spirit. Then, how terrifying would the violent air exuded by the "treasure" itself be? Was it something the current Ling Han could withstand?

'If I had the Absolute Beginning Stone, I could still make an attempt.'

Ling Han couldn't help but bemoan his misfortune internally. He felt an urge to kidnap Empress Luan Xing and give her a good spanking. As this thought flashed through his mind, he grimaced involuntarily. Oh no, unknowingly, the figure of this empress had already been planted in his heart, and kept creeping out without his will.

She was practically a siren, and was furthermore the especially powerful kind.

'If I can't collect the treasure beforehand, then I will create a large commotion, and release all the prisoners here to destroy the rhythm of the blood sacrifices. Then, I will flee immediately, and bring the news back to the Imperial Capital to let Empress Luan Xing come personally to resolve this issue.

'Empress against emperor, a battle on this level is not something that I can get involved in.'

His present destiny was already linked with the Chaotic Stars Majestic Empire. If the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire really became invincible, then the Joint Peace Planet would face a large reshuffling of the power balance, which also meant that authority would be completely concentrated on one side, and there would be no longer any precarious balance of power among the three Majestic Empires.

A genius like him would then be in danger. What a dictator was most unwilling to see was the possibility that someone could challenge his dictatorship.

Moreover, he still had the Great Ling Empire on his shoulders, and he could not allow it to fall into the hands of another.

'And that is decided!'

Ling Han flashed out of the Black Tower. There was only one person patrolling this floor. Hence, even though he had vanished, this fact shouldn't be noticed until the next shift.

He appeared in front of a prison cell, and drew out the Divine Sword. With a few slashes, the iron door was sliced open. Then, he broke out into a grin, and asked the prisoners inside, "Do all of you wish to go out?"The 'fifth' limb usually refers to men's pen!s; only applicable to the male population.
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