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Divine Pills were quite expensive.

However, there were much more Level One and Two alchemists than those better ones. Thus, the pills at these two levels were relatively cheaper, but from Level Three Divine Pills onwards, the price was exorbitant enough to crush anyone's hopes.

If ordinary Mountain River Tier cultivators could still buy a few Level One and Two Divine Pills after saving some money, then a Level Three Divine Pill was definitely not something that could be obtained by just saving money for a while.

The price for cheapest Level Three Divine Pill started at 1,000 True Origin Stones. If it was one of the few types that were more difficult to concoct, it was not rare for the price to start at 2,000.

The Jade Heaven Pill belonged to the category of Level Three Divine Pills that were harder to concoct, and the rate of successful concoction was low. Thus, even Level Three alchemists were not fond of concocting it. Though Level Four alchemists had this ability, what Level Four Divine Pill was not more expensive than this? Then, why would they waste their effort to concoct a Level Three Divine Pill?

Thus, when Ling Han could concoct a large amount of Jade Heaven Pills, he had finally opened up a path to endless wealth for himself.

This caused him to consider opening up his own shop.

When he sold the alchemical pills directly to the pharmacies, it was equivalent to the pharmacy taking a share of his profit even though he could quickly earn back his capital. Furthermore, this was not a small portion, either.

He told Li Weiwei of his idea. However, Li Weiwei was not very keen on opening a shop, because she did not like trouble.

Thus, Ling Han went to discuss this with Shui Yanyu.

In the end, the Shui Clan still did not recognize him. Although Ling Han did not care much for the opinion of the Shui Clan, he knew that Shui Yanyu still very much desired the approval of her clan. Hence, he still had to consider them for her sake.

If he could open a very profitable pharmacy, and offered it as a betrothal gift, the voice of objection from the Shui Clan would definitely become much smaller.

Shui Yanyu was smart, and immediately guessed his motive. She naturally agreed gladly, and even took the initiative to kiss him to express the excitement she felt.

Since Ling Han had decided so, he was going to do it.

The money in his hands would allow him to do things right even in the Imperial Capital, what more when he now had a considerable status? Who did not know that the Ninth King was backing him?

After choosing the right location, the renovation and hiring staff followed.

But at this time, Ling Han encountered a problem.

No one applied for a position!

After expending some effort, he finally found out that the combined order from Zhao Lun and Sha Yuan, these two young masters, banned anyone from going to his shop to work.

These were the descendants of two Great Generals. Who would dare ignore their words?

You, Ling Han, had indeed obtained the "favor" of the Ninth King, but how could the Ninth King step out to interfere just for the sake of a few shop staff members?

Hence, though Ling Han raised the benefits very high, there was still no one who dared come to work.

Ling Han pondered, and decided to simply advertise in the Academy.

This time, the conditions he laid out were much higher—if anyone worked in his shop, they would be able to get a number of Divine Pills every month.

Level One, 10 pills! Level Two, five pills! Level Three, one pill!

With that, the applicants swarmed.

They were mostly there for that Level Three Divine Pill. Even if there was only one every month, this thing was practically something with great demand but no supply. It had been completely monopolized by the powerful clans. They didn't even have enough to supply their own members, so how could they possibly take any out to sell off?

It was not that pharmacies did not have this kind of Divine Pills, but there were just a pitifully few of them every month. The moment they were placed on display, they were immediately sold out.

Ling Han was generous, and directly hired 10 people, dividing them into two shifts.

In this way, the pharmacy successfully opened. Although the alchemical pills they sold were limited in variety, as there were only a pitiful three types, in this era, who would be afraid of not being able to sell out the alchemical pills they had in stock?

Especially the Jade Heaven Pill. Even if its price was tagged at 2,000 apiece, it was still fought madly over, causing Ling Han to have no choice but to change the selling method. Every day, there was a limited supply of five, and one person could only buy one.

There was nothing else that could be done. The time to concoct alchemical pills was fixed, and he could only concoct one batch of Jade Heaven Pills in a single day. Every batch would have 10 pills, and that would still be on condition that Ling Han was working at full effort. Practically every two days, he would have to concoct a batch.

However, in the process of pill concoction, Ling Han also obtained some comprehension. He had the Demonic Power Source in his body, so he did not have to worry about accumulating Origin Power. What he lacked was comprehension of the Regulations of the heaven and earth.

Alchemy was a process of comprehension.

Because the raw herbs and materials had absorbed the Spiritual Qi from the heaven and earth to grow, in the process of alchemy, he would interweave the divine patterns in them, which was the embodiment of the Regulations of heaven and earth. The more alchemical pills he concocted, the deeper became Ling Han's comprehension of the Regulations of the heaven and earth.

"As the saying goes, all the techniques in this world share the same roots. So this is the principle." Ling Han nodded.

However, alchemy would only raise one's comprehension of cultivation. As for martial arts techniques or secret techniques, they would be up to him to cultivate on his own.

Thus, aside from alchemy, Ling Han placed his complete focus on cultivating the Fast Technique.

This sword technique was created by the Sword Saint, who had also been known for being Invincible. This was definitely the highest level secret technique in the Immortal Realm. Since he could cultivate it, he would naturally not waste this opportunity.


"Big Brother Lun, I found a death warrior." In the Great General Zhao's Manor, Yang Luodan was lying in Zhao Lun's arms. "He was supplied by the Dark Night Hall, with the cultivation level of consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. But, even an elite at the consummate level of the Sun Moon Tier would only think he is in the medium extreme of the Mountain River Tier.

"Furthermore, he has also cultivated a secret technique. The moment he uses it, his battle prowess would spike up to pseudo Sun Moon Tier, but he would only have an hour's life.

"Let him go and challenge Ling Han. After he has killed Ling Han, he would soon die as well, and would not leak any secrets."

Yang Luodan revealed a dangerous smile. She intended to become the young mistress of the Great General's Residence, so she naturally had to remove a thorn like Ling Han. Otherwise, he would not just be a humiliation of Zhao Lun, but hers as well.

Zhao Lun was quiet for a moment, and then said, "Did you leave behind any loose ends?"

"None. I disguised myself three times over to change my appearance and bearing. The people of the Dark Night Hall could not possibly know who I am," Yang Luodan vowed solemnly.

"Good, then let him go and challenge Ling Han!" Zhao Lun nodded. Otherwise, it was too difficult to kill Ling Han in the Imperial Capital. Even the Dark Night Hall could not find a chance to do it.

"However, the Dark Night Hall asked for a price of 300,000 True Origin Stones," Yang Luodan said with a little hesitation.


Even a rich young master like Zhao Lun almost jumped up in shock, dumbfounded, but he immediately controlled himself, and said, "Agree to their demand! Humph, as long as they can kill that lowly commoner, so what if I have to spend 300,000! Moreover, there will definitely be a betting pool. We will bet on Ling Han dying, and we will still be able to earn back what we spend."

"Big Brother Lun is really clever!" Yang Luodan flattered as she stretched out her hand to tease Zhao Lun.

Zhao Lun instantly became h***, and pulled Yang Luodan over in a swift movement, quickly turning her around. He pressed down on her and began to indulge in his pleasure. After the novelty had passed, only this kind of position would be able to stir his interest. This woman, after all, was still not Shui Yanyu.

Only from the back would she have a few hints of Shui Yanyu in her. From the front… there was too big a difference.

Meanwhile, Yang Luodan revealed a sinister expression. How could she not know what Zhao Lun was thinking? But what Zhao Lun did not know was that when she went to the Dark Night Hall, she deliberately disguised herself as Shui Yanyu. With how similar the two of them looked, and added with the fact that she had deliberately imitated her mannerisms, the possibility that she would be mistaken for Shui Yanyu was extremely high.

When Ling Han died, if the Dark Night Hall was found out, the crime would only be born by Shui Yanyu—this was killing two birds with one stone.

She did not want to become a mere substitute!Author uses 嫁妆, translated as 'dowry', but this is usually what the bride brings into the marriage. Should be a typo since it's what Ling Han would be offering to the Shui Clan to ask for Shui Yanyu's hand in marriage.
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