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"Heh, Xi Cheng, your opponent is me!" There was a loud laugh, and a heavily built male appeared before Ling Han. His left hand was ordinary, yet his right hand was surprisingly large. Moreover, it was as black as ink, and radiated with the luster of metal.

"Yang Xuan, is this brat a new prodigy of your Yang Clan?" the pirate who had been referred to as Xi Cheng asked. His voice rumbled like thunder.

Yang Xuan was none other than the Sun Moon Tier elite of the Yang Clan, standing before Ling Han at this moment. His right hand was significantly larger; who knew if this was because of his brilliant self-pleasure skills…

"So what if he is? So what if he isn't? Either way, it's none of your business," Yang Xuan said coldly. His pitch-black right hand started to glow and radiate a terrifying aura as strands of divine patterns appeared, forming an ancient image.

"Heh, it looks like my guess was correct!" An almost tangible killing intent seeped from Xi Cheng's body as he glared at Ling Han coldly.

This youth was extremely dangerous, and he had to dispose of him as soon as possible. Otherwise, it would be too late for him to express regret when this youth grew up and came looking for revenge.

Yang Xuan raised his right hand and pointed it at Xi Cheng, saying, "The gravity field over the Star Sea has already disappeared, and the good days for you guys have already come to an end. Prepare to die!"

"Hahahaha! Keep dreaming!" Xi Cheng raised his hand, and a burst of sword light instantly raced toward Ling Han.

"You dare?!" Yang Xuan slapped his right hand down, and the divine patterns on his hand instantly transformed into a length of chain that whipped toward Xi Cheng's body.

"Ferocious Waves Domineering Flash!" Xi Cheng roared. A wave surged from his body and slammed into the divine pattern chain, causing it to falter momentarily. Seizing this opportunity, Xi Cheng charged forward and stabbed his sword at Ling Han's chest.

Yang Xuan was slightly astonished by what had happened. He had fought Xi Cheng several times before, and knew that the Ferocious Waves Domineering Flash was his trump card. He could only use it a limited number of times in a set time period, so Yang Xuan was caught off-guard upon seeing Xi Cheng unleash this attack again so soon.

His killing intent was far too resolute.

Meanwhile, Ling Han was a complete stranger to Yang Xuan, and Yang Xuan also knew that Ling Han was not a passenger on his ship. So, how could he protect him with all of his strength?

Their attitudes were completely different, so the effectiveness of their techniques was naturally different as well.

Xi Cheng broke through Yang Xuan's defenses and dashed toward Ling Han!

How could a cultivator at the medium extreme of the Mountain River Tier fight an elite at the Sun Moon Tier? There was no way this was possible, even if Xi Cheng was only at the middle stage of the low extreme.

This battle would definitely be over in a single strike.

The sword reached its target!


Xi Cheng's sword pierced Ling Han's chest, directly where his heart was.

Then… everything stopped.


There was a crisp sound, and everyone saw Ling Han aggressively slap Xi Cheng across the face.

It was crisp, and it was loud.

The battles all stopped at this instant, and everyone turned their widely open eyes toward Ling Han. Their mouths gaped so wide open that even a fist could probably fit inside.

'Holy f*ck! What just happened?!'

"Are my eyes going blurry? Why do I feel like I saw Captain Xi Cheng being slapped across the face?"

"F*ck! Who is that brat? He's far too freakish! He actually slapped the captain of the pirates!"

"Is he really only at the Mountain River Tier?"

"When he was fighting just then, I only saw two mountains and a river, which means that he hasn't even reached the late stage of the medium extreme yet…"

"How is that possible?!"

Even Yang Xuan spluttered and coughed, unable to accept that Ling Han was only at the Mountain River Tier.

Ling Han flapped his hand, and said, "Your face is truly thick! Even my hand hurts after slapping you!" He had used the Fast Technique when slapping Xi Cheng, meaning that the speed of his hand had been incredibly quick. Meanwhile, Xi Cheng had been extremely careless as he had thought that his sword strike would be able to insta-kill Ling Han.

Who would raise their guard up when facing a dead person?

However, Xi Cheng was at the Sun Moon Tier, after all, and so he had been able to protect his face with some Origin Power even though he hadn't been able to dodge Ling Han's strike. Thus, even though Ling Han had slapped Xi Cheng, it was actually the former who had been hurt more.

Xi Cheng was slightly dazed. Then, his face immediately became pale before flushing red with anger. In the end, it turned dark with fury.

F*ck! Even if he had used his "Iron Face Technique" to shatter Ling Han's hand, that was still an unbelievably embarrassing sight!

He, an elite at the Sun Moon Tier, had actually been slapped by a mere ant at the Mountain River Tier! How utterly humiliating!

Xi Cheng's hair stood on ends, and he shouted, "Brat, I'm going to kill you!" Right now, he didn't have the patience to mull over why his strike had failed to kill Ling Han, and why Ling Han had managed to slap him instead.

The main point was that he had been slapped!

He raised his sword and slashed it at Ling Han.


Yang Xuan dashed over and grabbed the blade of Xi Cheng's sword with his large and powerful right hand.

Peng, peng, peng!

A burst of power surged out, and the deck of the ship instantly started to undulate like waves. The people on the deck were all tossed into the air and thrown into the water.

Fortunately, the sea didn't possess the uncanny gravity field anymore, meaning that the people who had been tossed overboard wouldn't need to worry about drowning. They were quickly able to stand above the water.

Killing intent soared from Xi Cheng's body, and he shouted, "F*ck off! Otherwise, I'll kill you along with the brat!" Ever since his cultivation level had improved, he had never been slapped by anyone again, much less by an ant at the Mountain River Tier.

If he didn't kill Ling Han, he would never be able to raise his head again—of course, even if he killed Ling Han, he would undoubtedly still become the butt of many jokes.

"Hahahaha!" Yang Xuan roared with laughter, and said, "Xi Cheng, everyone here saw you being slapped. Perhaps you want to kill everyone present?"

He shook his head, and his laughter became even louder. "I'm truly embarrassed to be associated with you. You're an elite at the Sun Moon Tier, yet you were actually slapped by someone at the Mountain River Tier!"

"You still dare to speak?!" Xi Cheng was wild with rage, and his sword slashed toward Yang Xuan without regard for anything else. Each strike was performed with his life on the line, and it was as if he wanted to kill Yang Xuan even if it meant sacrificing his own life.

Yang Xuan didn't dare tease him anymore. He wasn't planning to die alongside Xi Cheng, so he naturally wouldn't provoke him any further.

However, Xi Cheng had truly gone berserk with anger, and he was indeed planning to kill everyone present to hide his embarrassment.

"Die! Die! Die!!!" Xi Cheng unleashed his full strength.

"Damn it!" Yang Xuan hadn't anticipated that Xi Cheng would be so rash. He was under immense pressure right now, and a slip was all it would take to end his life.

Most importantly, he had never planned to fight with his life on the line. Thus, his strikes were all full of hesitation, and as a result, he was forced onto his back foot.

"Ghost Shadow Step!"

Xi Cheng unleashed another trump card, and his body became like an illusory shadow while the red sun behind his back became incredibly dazzling. In fact, it became even more dazzling than the genuine sun in the sky.

"Holy sh*t!" Yang Xuan's expression changed drastically. Xi Cheng had drawn on the power of his sun and moon, the essence power of elites at the Sun Moon Tier. By drawing on this power, it was clear that Xi Cheng was truly fighting with his life on the line.

"F*ck off… or die!" Xi Cheng roared coldly. In fact, he hadn't fully lost his reason yet. He had merely entered this state to show Yang Xuan his determination. If Yang Xuan dared to block him, he would drag Yang Xuan down with him, even if this meant dying!

Yang Xuan's mind whirred as he analyzed the situation.

If Ling Han were a disciple of the Yang Clan, he would definitely give his all to protect him, even if he had to sacrifice himself. However, it was a shame that Ling Han was no disciple of the Yang Clan.

Potentially sacrificing his life for an outsider?

It wasn't worth it!
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