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Ling Han called the Asura Demon Emperor over, and said, "Watch me!"

"Yes, Master, oh great Master!" The Asura Demon Emperor was working hard to improve his flattery skills, and he immediately started to perform with all his might. "Master is truly becoming nobler and mightier by the day. When I stand before you, it's as if I'm standing before the sun. Before your brilliant radiance, I only want to kneel down and pray for your longevity. It is you who have brought this world light, it is you who have brought this world hope!"

"Okay, okay, okay. Stop trying to flatter me. Tell me how I look now!" Ling Han channeled the Demonic Power Source, causing a black shadow to instantly envelop him. His appearance didn't change significantly, yet the aura radiating from his body seemed completely different from before.

"M-M-M-M-Master!?" The Asura Demon Emperor instantly plopped to his knees. The aura that radiated from Ling Han was far too terrifying, far surpassing that of any great elite that he had ever seen in the Netherworld.

This was… the aura of a Demon Master!

"M-M-Master, could it be that you're a great elite from the Netherworld?" the Asura Demon Emperor asked, stuttering.

"No, of course I'm a human. It's just that I coincidentally managed to absorb the power of a Demon Master," Ling Han explained. "Do I seem any different from beings of the Netherworld right now?"

"No, not in the least!" The Asura Demon Emperor hurriedly shook his head, and said, "Master, you're fundamentally no different from beings of the Netherworld. No, no, no. In terms of essence, you're in fact countless times nobler than them!

"Oh, dear Master, please allow Little Asura to embrace your leg!"

"Piss off!" Ling Han kicked the Asura Demon Emperor aside. 'Do you think you can act cute just because you're in the body of a wolf?'

Ling Han waved his hand and threw the Asura Demon Emperor into some distant corner in the Black Tower. He then summoned the jade box over again.

This jade box was extremely sturdy, and even elites at the Heavenly Body Tier wouldn't be able to open it.

If he were outside, Ling Han also wouldn't be able to open it. However, he was in the Black Tower right now!

He examined the jade box, and discovered that it was actually one seamless entity. It was like a naturally formed piece of jade, though its large size made it seem more like a box.

He shook his head, unable to sense whatever lay inside the jade.

"Since I can't find any seams, I'll use brute force to open it." Ling Han used his fingers like a knife and dragged them across the jade.

The boundless power of the Black Tower flowed into him, making him feel as if he were an omnipotent god.

"Open," he said softly.


The jade box was cut open by him, and sure enough, it was hollow inside.

There was only a piece of silver paper resting in it. Ling Han tried to pick it up, yet his expression changed drastically as a burst of sword light suddenly slashed over. It was as quick as lightning, and impossible for him to dodge.


Small Tower appeared and blocked the sword light, and then said, "What despicable deeds did you perform? Why are you targeted by everyone everywhere you go?"

"Heh, will you die if you don't bag me for a while?" Ling Han mulled over the sword strike as he walked over. That strike had been incredibly quick, yet that was only because he hadn't drawn on the power of the Black Tower to avoid it. After all, who would be wary of a piece of paper?

'Could this be the decree of a supreme being?'

Ling Han was prepared this time, and he summoned the power of the Black Tower around his body. Right now, perhaps only cultivators at the Genesis Tier would be able to threaten him. He reached toward the piece of silver paper again.


Another burst of sword light slashed toward Ling Han.

'So fast!'

Although he was already prepared, Ling Han was still surprised by the astonishing speed of the sword light. In fact, it was even quicker than his Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow! This kind of speed was completely abnormal!


The sword light ground to a halt as it arrived before Ling Han's body.

This was unavoidable as Ling Han was like a true god in the space contained within the Black Tower. Even the speed of the sword light could do him no harm.

Ling Han's heart thumped with excitement, and he exclaimed, "What on earth is this? How is it so domineering?" He believed that he had genuinely come across an extremely valuable item.

'As expected of a treasure fought over for by two Heavenly Body Tier elites.'

He unfolded the silver paper, and was faced with an even more relentless attack as countless bursts of sword light slashed over in unison. It was as if tens of millions of sword lights were surging over together.

A wall of light appeared before Ling Han's body—it was formed due to the tremendous number and density of sword lights.

"Vanish!" Ling Han humphed softly, and the bursts of sword light disappeared one after another, their might receding like a falling wave.

'This feels amazing.' Ling Han sighed in his mind.

'It would be great if I could physically summon the Black Tower. If I were able to do that, I would be able to force others into the Black Tower and then suppress them. If Empress Luan Xing or the emperor of the Eternity Sky Majestic Empire were trapped inside, their only option would be to submit to me.'

The piece of silver paper finally stabilized, and stopped producing bursts of sword light.

However, there wasn't a single word on the piece of paper. It was completely blank.

'This doesn't make any sense. There were so many layers of protection just for this piece of blank paper?


With a thought, Ling Han's divine sense entered the piece of paper.

Countless pieces of information instantly surged into his mind.

Four Form Sword Technique!

Eventually, only these four words remained in his mind.

This piece of silver paper had been left by an elite who had lived a long, long time ago. He was a grandmaster of the Sword Dao, and people referred to him as the Invincible Sword Saint!

The title "Saint" signified that he was a great elite who had reached the Genesis Tier. Generally speaking, however, even those at the Genesis Tier didn't dare refer to themselves as "Sword Saint", "Saber Saint", and so on. This was because such titles implied that one was the most powerful in a certain field.

That being the case, one who claimed such a title could expect countless cultivators who were masterful in the same field to challenge them relentlessly. After all, no one would easily acknowledge such titles.

Of course, the Invincible Sword Saint hadn't given this title to himself. Rather, this had been a publicly acknowledged title. Moreover, not only was he titled a "Sword Saint", but his title even had the word "Invincible" in it, signifying that he was even more powerful. It was extremely likely that he was the strongest cultivator of the Sword Dao in history.

Meanwhile, his strongest sword technique was the Four Form Sword Technique, which consisted of four parts—the Fast Technique, Slow Technique, Chaotic Technique, and Calm Technique.

What was recorded on the piece of paper was the Fast Technique.

Ling Han sighed with emotion after roughly experiencing the sword technique. 'As expected of a sword technique created by a great elite at the Genesis Tier. This isn't something that ordinary people can practice.'

It was because this sword technique required its wielder to possess a powerful physique.

As its name implied, the Fast Technique focused on speed. Its speed was incredible, so much so that it would surpass the limits of its wielder's cultivation level. This involved the breaking of Regulations, which was why one needed to have an extremely strong physique. Otherwise, one's body would be obliterated by the Regulations before they could even start to break the said Regulations.

'This technique suits me perfectly!'

Ling Han was over the moon. The Fast Technique simply required one's physique to be at the same level as their cultivation level. However, Ling Han's physique was already a level above his cultivation level. This implied that his mastery of the Fast Technique could perhaps even surpass the Invincible Sword Saint if they were to be compared at the same cultivation level.

'However, the Invincible Sword Saint only achieved great accomplishment in the Four Form Sword Technique after advancing to the Genesis Tier. This involves the regulations of the Genesis Tier, so I might be unable to comprehend this sword technique's essence!'

Ling Han shook his head. His comprehension was indeed astonishing, yet due to the restrictions posed by his cultivation level, he was still unable to comprehend techniques of the Genesis Tier.

'Forget about it. Let me practice this sword technique and see how it goes. It's about time that I raised my sword skills.'
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