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"This is the abode of a great human elite!" the turtle said.

"No, no, no. This is most likely a mountain sect that has had most of the regions inside destroyed," the seahorse said. "Only this one place still remains."

"This place definitely holds rare treasures!" the other Demonic Beasts exclaimed in unison.

They all communicated with their divine senses, and thus they were able to converse directly and overcome the difficulties posed by the language barriers between them.

"The treasures of humans might not be useful for us," the crab said. It was a Demon Faced Crab, and there was a demon-like pattern on its shell. It was in human form right now, yet its pair of huge pincers still remained in their original form.

The bodies of Demonic Beasts were akin to God Tools—this was Heaven's blessing to them. Of course, they wouldn't mind owning a few more God Tools, either.

"Hehe, you can leave if you want. I don't mind using the treasures of humans," the prawn said. It was a Black Armoured Prawn that had a pitch-black body and an extremely sturdy shell. In fact, its outer shell was as sturdy as similarly ranked Godly metal.

This prawn could also shapeshift into human form, with a thick layer of black armor covering its body when it did so. This armor was transformed from none other than its outer shell.

This was a residence built by humans, so it was unsuitable for the Demonic Beasts to enter in their original form, which was relatively huge. Moreover, this wasn't a water environment, meaning that assuming human form would naturally be the most suitable.

The Demon Faced Crab humphed, and said, "There's no need for you to stick your nose into this lord's matters."

"Fine, fine. There are many hidden dangers here, so I say that we look for the treasures first, then decide how to divide them among us," the octopus suggested. She was the only female here, and her gray hair was plaited into dozens of braids.

However, looking closely, one could see that each braid was actually a tentacle that was gently swaying about.

She was a Gray Cloud Octopus!

"I agree. Let's look for the treasures first!" The Demonic Beasts reached a consensus and started exploring the ruins.

"It's been too long, and all of the valuable things have already crumbled to dust."

"Damn it! This is the Constellation Illusion Grass, a Level Five Godly medicine! If there were enough, I would be able to break through to the Sun Moon Tier!"

"This is a Peculiar Radiance Stone, and it can temper one's Godly bones. It's a shame that it's already turned into dust. Otherwise, it could have raised my armor's defense by an entire cultivation level!"

"Heavens! This is a Four Emperor Pill!"

The wails and agonized cries of the Demonic Beasts continued to echo throughout the ruins. They were stunned by the amount and rarity of the treasures here, yet they were also filled with a deep grief as all of these treasures had already crumbled, turning into dust. There wasn't a single item that remained in optimal condition.

This treasure storage was divided into several smaller rooms, and they went through each of these rooms one by one. They arrived at the final room, and all they found there was a single stone slab.

This stone appeared extremely ordinary.

This was also the Demonic Beasts' first reaction. This stone was far too ordinary, not even giving off the slightest of lusters. This was the kind of stone that wouldn't attract a second glance if it were tossed onto the ground with other stones.

The problem was, would one really place such an ordinary stone inside a treasure storage?

It would be hard to determine if there was nothing to compare it to. However, the treasures in the other rooms were all at the Sun Moon Tier, and only this room housed a stone that appeared extremely ordinary. How could the Demonic Beasts not be suspicious?

"What on earth is this thing?" a Demonic Beast asked curiously.

"How about we examine it first? There's no need for us to fight over it before we learn of its functions," the Demon Faced Crab suggested.


The Demonic Beasts all shuffled over. No one dared to attack, as they had already reached a consensus. If anyone dared to make a move, they would definitely become the target for everyone else.

However, this stone was truly as normal as normal could be, even seeming extremely irregular in some places. It appeared as if it had been chipped off from a larger boulder.

The Demonic Beasts tapped it and ran their hands over it, yet there was absolutely no reaction from the stone.

However, their expressions changed drastically when they started attacking the stone. This was because attacking the stone was like attacking air, with the stone remaining firm and unmoving no matter how they attacked it.

"Although we're unaware of what other functions this stone has, just the fact that it can absorb attacks is already extremely shocking," the Gray Cloud Octopus exclaimed.

This stone slab wasn't just sturdy. The most astounding part was that it could actually absorb attacks!

The faces of the Demonic Beasts were all filled with greed. Even if this stone slab had no other uses, just the fact that it could absorb attacks was already beyond extraordinary.


Several hands instantly grabbed at the stone. Now that they knew of its effect, everyone naturally wanted to obtain the stone for themselves. If they could use this stone as a shield, the strength of their defenses would definitely increase manyfold.

"Move aside!"

"It's mine!"

The Demonic Beasts roared at each other as they fought over the stone.

This was naturally a chaotic battle. Every single Demonic Beast was aiming for the stone slab, so they didn't have any intention of killing their opponents. However, whenever someone obtained the stone slab, they would instantly be surrounded and attacked by everyone else.

Thus, even if there were Demonic Beasts who were slightly stronger, they still held no advantage at all in such a chaotic battle.


Right at this moment, however, the Golden-patterned Shark's body suddenly exploded.

The other Demonic Beasts were all given a fright. 'What happened? No one targeted him, so how did he suddenly die?'

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared and reached toward the stone slab.

It was none other than Ling Han!

He hadn't lingered in battle just then, and had directly entered the Black Tower instead. However, he'd been swallowed into the Golden-patterned Shark's belly along with some seawater. Just then, he exited the Black Tower and unleashed his full strength, immediately causing the Golden-patterned Shark to explode into pieces.

So what if it was a Demonic Beast? Its internal organs were still extremely fragile and vulnerable.


"Damn it!"

The other Demonic Beasts were all shocked and infuriated. Although they didn't belong to the same race and weren't especially friendly with each other, they were all Sea Demons, after all. Even though they'd attacked each other at times, they were definitely firm allies when it came to fighting against external enemies.

Moreover, Ling Han was actually trying to snatch the stone slab!

They all attacked in unison—the tentacles of the octopus, pincers of the crab, and claws of the turtle all struck at Ling Han.

Ling Han was merely at the early stage of the medium extreme, so he appeared extremely insignificant in the eyes of the Demonic Beasts. He had somehow managed to kill the Golden-patterned Shark just then, but such an event would definitely not happen a second time.


Their attacks all slammed into Ling Han's back, and each of the five attacks was at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. They were confident that no one at the medium extreme could withstand such an attack.

However, although Ling Han spat out a huge mouthful of blood, his speed became even quicker as he shot forward and grabbed the stone slab with his hand.


The five Demonic Beasts were all stunned. How was this possible? This human was merely at the medium extreme, so any single one of them should have been able to blast him into pieces, much less all five of them together. How did he only spit out a mouthful of blood?

People all said that Demonic Beasts had powerful physiques. However, by the looks of it now, it appeared as though this human was the true Demonic Beast.

Ling Han landed on the ground, stumbling forward a few steps before he caught himself. Searing pain burned across his back.

Although his physique was on par with Level Three Godly metal, he still felt a significant amount of pain after being hit by five consummate level Demonic Beasts. He couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood, and then another two mouthfuls of blood. Only then did he feel a little better.

'It hurts so f*cking much!' Ling Han shouted in his mind.

However, the stone slab was finally his now. He wouldn't be afraid of losing it even if a Heavenly Body Tier elite came over right now.

"Sorry, but this stone slab is mine now!"
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