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Guo Xiuwen didn't move, yet the puppet tiger roared as it hurriedly leaped before Ling Han.

Xiu, xiu, xiu!

A ring of tiger teeth flew out, transforming into 24 daggers.

Pu, pu, pu, pu!

This puppet tiger had a battle prowess at the late stage of the consummate level, so even Ling Han was no match for it. 24 tiger teeth instantly pierced into his body, causing blood to gush from his wounds.

Even though his physique was extraordinarily sturdy, it was still unavoidable that he would be wounded by an opponent who had a battle prowess at the consummate level. After all, there was a huge gulf between each sub-minor level of the Immortal levels.

The puppet tiger sucked in a powerful breath as it attempted to retrieve the teeth that it had spat out.

"In your dreams!" Ling Han said with a sneer. With a thought, his divine sense wrapped around the 24 dagger-like teeth, and instantly absorbed them into the Black Tower.

There was no martial intent on the teeth, so it was extremely easy for Ling Han to place them into the Black Tower.

"What?!" Guo Xiuwen's eyes widened in shock and surprise.

'How is this possible?'

The biggest flaw of puppets was that they didn't possess any self-awareness. Thus, it was extremely easy to place them into Spatial Spirit Tool. However, the method to mitigate this flaw was also extremely simple. That was, one could simply transform the body of the puppets into Spatial Spirit Tools as well.

Indeed, only great elites at the Genesis Tier could forge Spatial God Tools. But Spatial Spirit Tools? Such tools were widely available and, with a little effort, could be forged by cultivators at the Shattering Void Tier. Starting from the Mountain River Tier, creating a small and unstable space really couldn't be any easier.

It was common sense that one Spatial Spirit Tool couldn't absorb another. This wasn't due to storage volume, but rather due to the quality of such tools.

Meanwhile, regardless of whether it was the puppet tiger or the tiger teeth that it had spat out, all of these contained an independent micro-space within them. The reason for this was naturally to prevent others from absorbing them into a Spatial Spirit Tool.

But now? The 24 tiger teeth had vanished in the air!

Guo Xiuwen racked his brains in an attempt to make sense of the situation, yet due to his limited cultivation level and knowledge, how could he ever suspect that it was a Spatial God Tool? Thus, he could only wallow in his shock and disbelief.

"Ang!" The puppet tiger roared angrily, and swiped its paws at Ling Han as it ferociously lunged toward him.

Ling Han also came to a sudden realization. It could be said that the Black Tower was a natural nemesis of puppets. As puppets didn't have any will or martial intent, he would be able to absorb them into the Black Tower simply by wrapping his divine sense around them.

'Haha! This is wonderful!'

He gazed at the puppet tiger, even clasping his hands behind his back as he did so. His air of arrogance was already soaring through the heavens.

Meanwhile, however, his divine sense was already expanding toward the puppet tiger like a net.

The speed of the puppet tiger's lunge was incredible, and any other cultivator at the medium extreme would definitely be ripped to shreds before they could even wrap their divine sense around the puppet tiger's body. After all, there was a gulf of two minor levels between them.

Moreover, even if they were able to wrap the puppet tiger with their divine sense, it was very likely that it would be able to rip through it.

However, the strength of Ling Han's divine sense was far above his cultivation level, and it had even more so become tremendously tough after being tempered by the Indestructible Heaven's Scroll.

"You're seeking death!!" Guo Xiuwen screeched. He pointed at the puppet, and said, "Kill that person! Still, be careful not to obliterate his body. Otherwise, it'll be a pain to piece it back together!"

The puppet tiger lunged over.


It… vanished.


Guo Xiuwen was so shocked that his eyes almost popped out of his head. His mouth gaped open, and even his tongue was shuddering slightly.

'It disappeared!

'It was a puppet at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier! And it disappeared soundlessly just like that? I'm not dreaming, am I?!'


At this moment, Luo Wu pushed Shui Yanyu back with a punch, and charged toward Ling Han.

Although he had received a command to kill both Ling Han and Shui Yanyu, his memories from his previous life still affected him, causing him to harbor a stronger hostility toward Ling Han. Thus, he was determined to kill Ling Han before he killed Shui Yanyu!

"Retreat! Retreat!" Guo Xiuwen shouted frantically. He had already become aware of Ling Han's uncanny abilities.

Ling Han turned his head around to glance at Luo Wu. He had always planned to kill Luo Wu, yet Luo Wu's fate right now was probably even worse than a simple death—he had already died, yet he was still being commanded around like a dog.

Ling Han shook his head. Such a person didn't deserve his sympathy. He was merely sighing about fate.

Luo Wu was only a puppet right now, so of course his decision-making couldn't compare to that of a real person. Although Guo Xiuwen had issued a command, Luo Wu had already launched an attack. Thus, he would naturally have to complete this attack before retreating.


Luo Wu also vanished.

Ling Han turned around to smile at Guo Xiuwen, and said, "There's only you and me left now!"

Guo Xiuwen trembled in fright.

Generally speaking, alchemists, formation cultivators, and weaponsmiths all had a common flaw. That was, their battle prowess wasn't high. It would be already quite excellent if their battle prowess was equivalent to their cultivation, while it would be almost impossible for them to possess a battle prowess that exceeded their rank.

The reason for this was simple. They spent most of their time and effort on areas other than martial arts, so how could they increase their battle prowess?

If this were not the case, it would be far too unfair to others.

Guo Xiuwen was no exception to this trend. However, he was a puppeteer, and he had been protected by two puppets just then. Moreover, the puppet tiger had possessed a battle prowess at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier. That being the case, what did it matter whether his own battle prowess was powerful or not?

The puppets were the root of his confidence.

Now, however, both of his puppets had vanished mysteriously and without as much as a peep. This baffled him, and also terrified him. In addition, his cultivation level was only at the late stage of the medium extreme, so he truly didn't have any confidence in his own battle prowess.

More importantly, the sound-proofing ability of this room was far too good. No one would hear his cries for help even if he screamed at the top of his lungs.

His only hope was to escape from this place.

'I'll make a run for it!'

He wasn't good at hiding his intentions, and his eyes drifted toward the door as this thought flashed through his mind.

He immediately made a dash for the door, hoping he could escape and call reinforcements. Now that it had come to this, his initial thoughts of hiding Ling Han and refining him into a puppet of the Sun Moon Tier had naturally disappeared as well. He would consider these matters after escaping from here.

To his surprise, Ling Han didn't pursue him.

'Excellent!' he exclaimed in his mind.

A delighted smile stretched across his face as he drew closer and closer to the door.


A cold glint shot over.

"Ahhh…" Guo Xiuwen shrieked in pain as he viciously face-planted into the floor.

He turned around, only to see that there was a wound on his leg. He had no idea what it was caused by, yet it was clear that several meridians and tendons in his thigh had been snapped.

This damage was naturally caused by the Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow, an attack that was as quick as light!

Guo Xiuwen forcefully endured the agonizing pain as he frantically crawled up and limped toward the door. There was only one thought racing through his mind right now, and that was to escape.

"I overestimated you!" Ling Han leaped over and extended his hand toward Guo Xiuwen's head.

"Don't come over!" Guo Xiuwen screeched. He swatted his hands toward Ling Han.

His battle prowess was only so-so. In fact, it was slightly lower than his cultivation level.

Ling Han shook his head. Guo Xiuwen's counterattacks and struggles were completely useless in the face of his overwhelming power, and he was able to capture him with a single move.

"Come, tell me about your legless master!"

He hadn't planned to become enemies with Pei Ji before. However, it was inevitable that they would end up battling each other now that Pei Ji's disciple had already revealed his true nature. Thus, Ling Han had to seize this opportunity to learn about his opponent's abilities.
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