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A Demonic Beast at the Sun Moon Tier had appeared!

Not only were the cultivators fleeing as quickly as they could, but even the nest of Demonic Snakes was also fleeing in all directions. The Demonic Snake King that had been extremely mighty and ferocious just then was like a mere eel before the gigantic fish.

It became the gigantic fish's main target, and it was captured and disposed of in no time at all. It was crushed in the gigantic fish's maw, and then it was swallowed into its belly.

The Demonic Snake King had been one step away from advancing into the Sun Moon Tier, yet it was this tiny distance that set it apart from a being that was genuinely at the Sun Moon Tier. It was unable to put up any true resistance before being eaten.

The gigantic fish didn't seem satisfied, and it immediately swam toward the remaining survivors.

It wasn't picky at all, and it ate Demonic Snakes and cultivators alike. After wreaking havoc and satisfying its craving, it swished its tail and disappeared into the depths of the sea.

The situation truly changed a myriad of times in the blink of an eye.

The Demonic Snakes had been enjoying a great advantage before. Under the Demonic Snake King's lead, it seemed as though they would be able to wipe out all of the cultivators. However, in the blink of an eye, a large majority of these Demonic Snakes had already disappeared into the gigantic fish's belly. Only less than 10 remained, and they posed absolutely no threat to anyone anymore.

Still, the human cultivators didn't seem to have it any better, either.

The pirates had all been killed, Luo Yu and Zuo Xiao had been killed, and only Liu Ying remained out of Sha Yuan's four loyal guards. The Yang Clan had also suffered severe losses, with Yang Tiecheng being the only surviving member of the ship's crew. In addition to him, Jin Zhihui, Fu Tian, and Yin Yuanxiang had also managed to survive. All in all, there were only seven survivors left.

They were all sitting on a piece of the ship's wreckage, and had already drifted extremely far away from where they had been battling just then. All of them wore solemn expressions.

"Huh?" A look of surprise instantly appeared on Yang Tiecheng's face as he looked behind him.

This was because there was a piece of wreckage drifting toward them from the distance. Moreover, there were two people standing on top of it—Ling Han and Shui Yanyu.

The others were also greatly astonished as they followed Yang Tiecheng's gaze.

'Is this Ling Han an undying freak?'

Not only did he survive everyone's attacks on the ship, he even managed to pull through it unscathed. Afterward, he was targeted by a pirate elite, yet he still managed to live on just fine. Finally, he was blasted into the sea, where, logically speaking, he should have been attacked and ripped to shreds by the snakes.

Yet, both he and Shui Yanyu appeared before them unscathed. How were they meant to accept this?

Ling Han waved, and said, "Hey, long time no see." He and Shui Yanyu paddled toward Yang Tiecheng and the others.

The others were all wounded to some extent, and it almost drove them crazy to see how relaxed Ling Han and Shui Yanyu were. 'Why do they seem like they're on a holiday?'

Contrary to the others, Yang Tiecheng was fairly delighted to see that they were safe. "You managed to make it out unscathed? That's great!"

Ling Han had killed a large number of Demonic Snakes just then, so he had somewhat avenged the deaths of many of the crewmen. Thus, Yang Tiecheng's impression of Ling Han was much better than his impression of the others.

A chilly look flashed across Ling Han's face as he swept his gaze across Luo Wu and Fan Yong. He had been blasted into the sea by these two people, and, if it weren't for his Black Tower, it was very likely that he would have died.

He was definitely going to kill these two people.

"What are you looking at?" Luo Wu said coldly. Now that it had come to this, he couldn't be bothered hiding his animosity toward Ling Han any longer. After all, it was up in the air whether they could make it back to the shore alive at all.

The main problem was that they were drifting along far too slowly. If they were unfortunate enough to come across some Demonic Beast, there was a strong possibility that they would all lose their lives in this sea.

In Luo Wu and Fan Yong's minds, this was all Ling Han's fault. If it wasn't because of him, why would they have come here in the first place?

Of course, they would never reflect on their own actions. If they hadn't been hell-bent on killing Ling Han, would it ever have come to this?

"I'm looking to see how you'll die!" Ling Han replied icily. He used his body like a bow and his Origin Power as an arrow as he aimed his Annihilating Dragon Star Arrow at Luo Wu.

A cold chill instantly gripped at Luo Wu's heart.

There had been an elite at the Sun Moon Tier leading him and Luo Yu, so killing Ling Han should have been an extremely easy task. However, Luo Senyun had been unable to board the ship, and Luo Yu had suffered a wretched death, being eaten by the gigantic fish. Only he was left out of the initial group of three.

Now, Ling Han's arrow was pointing at him, yet he surprisingly lacked the confidence to defend himself facing this threat.

A major reason for this was because the environment was extremely detrimental to his abilities. Otherwise, he would be able to unleash his movement techniques and completely evade Ling Han's aim. However, the flotsam they were on was only so big, so how could he evade?

Jump into the sea? If he expended all of his energy and sunk to the bottom of the sea, there was a possibility that the seabed would be his eternal burial ground.

Luo Wu was fairly quick-witted, and he immediately skirted behind Fu Tian's back. He was evidently using this youth as his shield.

Fu Tian was infuriated. Like an enraged beast, he roared, "F*ck off!"

"Don't worry, little friend. There's no hostility between you two, so he definitely won't shoot you." Of course, Luo Wu wouldn't give up so easily. If they were on land, he would be completely unafraid of Ling Han. However, he was on the back foot now, and there was also very little room for him to hide. Thus, he naturally wasn't willing to take any risks.

Yang Tiecheng humphed, and scolded, "Absolutely shameless!" He waved and grabbed with his right hand, placing Fu Tian behind himself and leaving Luo Wu in front of himself.

Luo Wu's expression changed drastically. He had become an easy target again!

"Captain Yang, I paid you a fee to board, so you have to ensure my safety!" Luo Wu shouted hurriedly.

"We've already been shipwrecked, so my responsibilities have also become void," Yang Tiecheng said coldly. "I'll naturally refund and compensate everyone when we make it back to the harbor."

"Wrong, wrong, wrong." Luo Wu pointed at his feet as he shook his head, and said, "Look, Captain, we're still on the ship. Even if it's only a fragment, it's still a part of the ship. You're still the captain, so you're obligated to ensure your passengers' safety."

He was indeed a shameless person, yet his words did hold some truth. Moreover, Yang Tiecheng was a sucker for righteousness, and his expression instantly became hesitant.

"Ling Han, don't attack him!" Yang Tiecheng said.

He blocked Luo Wu behind him.

"Hahahaha!" Luo Wu chortled loudly, appearing extremely smug.

There was Yang Tiecheng to protect him on the "ship", and once they made it out of this situation, there would be no need for him to be afraid of Ling Han anymore.

Yang Tiecheng suddenly turned around and grabbed Luo Wu by the neck.

He was an entire minor level above Luo Wu, and he also had a battle prowess of two stars, even though the effects of his secret technique had already disappeared. So, how could Luo Wu block his sudden strike?

"Eh…!?" Luo Wu's smug laughter was instantly caught in his throat. As his neck was being gripped tightly, his face was rapidly becoming beet-red. Although cultivators could stay alive without breathing, the circulation of their Origin Power would also be cut if their necks were to be locked in a tight grip. If they were trapped in such a situation for too long, their spirit would still end up dying.

Luo Wu flailed about as he tried to escape from Yang Tiecheng's stranglehold. However, this was to no avail, and he only felt more and more unwell.

"Although I won't allow Ling Han to kill you, I won't gloss over the fact that you two purposefully blasted him into the sea, either!" Yang Tiecheng reached out and lifted Fan Yong by the neck as well.

The two of them squirmed violently, yet neither of them was a match for Yang Tiecheng. They could only flail about helplessly.

"Humph! When we disembark this 'ship', I'll personally deal with you two first!" Yang Tiecheng said coldly. He forcefully flung his arms outward.


Luo Wu and Fan Yong were both dripping with cold sweat as their bottoms plonked onto the wreckage. They felt as if they had walked to death's doors and back.

Their heads remained lowered as all kinds of cruel thoughts flashed through their minds.
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